Vocab Workshop Level H Lessons 1-8, Synonyms and Antonyms Flashcards

Hoi polloi
Terms Definitions
adjunct (syn)
(syn) association, addition, accessory
bellwether (syn)
(syn) ringleader, initiator, barometer
bellwether (ant)
(ant) follower, imitator, emulator
caterwaul (syn)
(syn) whine, wail, screech
chimerical (syn)
(syn) fanciful, visionary, quixotic, pie-in-the-sky
chimerical (ant)
(ant) realistic, down-to-earth, practicable
effete (syn)
(syn) decadent, enfeebled, outmoded
effete (ant)
(ant) thriving, burgeoning, vigorous, dynamic
fait accompli (syn)
(syn) accomplished fact
hidebound (syn)
(syn) intolerant, inflexible
hidebound (ant)
(ant) open-minded, tolerant, liberal, progressive
hierarchy (syn)
(syn) chain of command, pecking order
liturgy (syn)
(syn) ceremony, observance
mirage (syn)
(syn) optical illusion
morass (syn)
(syn) bog, quagmire
morass (ant)
(ant) solid ground, bedrock, terra firma
noisome (syn)
(syn) fetid, noxious, vile, loathsome
noisome (ant)
(ant) wholesome, pleasant, sweet-smelling
oblivious (syn)
(syn) insensible
oblivious (ant)
(ant) aware, mindful, cognizant, alery
poltroon (syn)
(syn) craven, dastard, chicken
poltroon (ant)
(ant) hero, stalwart, gallant
proselyte (syn)
(syn) novice, neophyte
proselyte (ant)
(ant) master, teacher, guide, guru
quasi (syn)
(syn) kind of, semi, as-if
raillery (syn)
(syn) banter, persiflage
ribald (syn)
(syn) bawdy, risque
ribald (ant)
(ant) seemly, proper, decorous
supine (syn)
(syn) prone, prostrate, inert
vignette (syn)
(syn) thumbnail sketch, anecdote
vignette (ant)
(ant) epic, full-length treatment
aegis (syn)
(syn) auspices
apprise (syn)
(syn) acquaint, notify
apprise (ant)
(ant) keep secret, withhold information
bibulous (syn)
(syn) inebrious, alcoholic
bibulous (ant)
(ant) teetotaling, abstemious, temperate
claque (syn)
(syn) fan club, flatterers, hangers-on
deracinate (syn)
(syn) extirpate, eradicate, expunge
eleemosynary (syn)
(syn) philanthropic, beneficient
eleemosynary (ant)
(ant) selfish, self-seeking, uncharitable
indigenous (syn)
(syn) endemic, domestic, homegrown
indigenous (ant)
(ant) foreign, alien, esoteric, imported
lachrymose (syn)
(syn) tearful, doleful, dolorous
lachrymose (ant)
(ant) dry-eyed, cheerful, merry, hilarious
lexicon (syn)
(syn) wordbook, glossary
melee (syn)
(syn) fracas, brawl, scuffle, donnybrook
melee (ant)
(ant) friendly chat, peace and quiet
microcosm (syn)
(syn) epitome, world in little
microcosm (ant)
(ant) universe, macrocosm, cosmos, totality
minuscule (syn)
(syn) infinitesimal, insignificant
minuscule (ant)
(ant) huge, massive, monumental
obfuscate (syn)
(syn) muddy the waters
obfuscate (ant)
(ant) clarify, elucidate, explicate
paternalism (syn)
(syn) benevolence, solitude, fatherliness
polarize (syn)
(syn) split, divide, alienate, estrange
polarize (ant)
(ant) unite, unify, reconcile
purview (syn)
(syn) jurisdiction, orbit
sanguine (syn)
(syn) flushed, rosy
sanguine (ant)
(ant) bloodless, ashless, pessimistic, gloomy
solecism (syn)
(syn) misusage, blunder, faux-pas
solecism (ant)
(ant) correct usage
vassal (syn)
(syn) menial, minion, servile
vassal (ant)
(ant) overlord
verisimilitude (syn)
(syn) realism, lifelikeness, authenticity
ancillary (syn)
(syn) auxiliary, subsidiary, accessory
ancillary (ant)
(ant) central, key, primary, principal, main
bowdlerize (syn)
(syn) censor, purge, expurgate
condescend (syn)
(syn) deign
cozen (syn)
(syn) dupe, deceive, beguile, inveigle
enclave (syn)
(syn) island, subgroub
forte (syn)
(syn) gift, aptitude, specialty
forte (ant)
(ant) weakness, shortcoming, foible
gratis (syn)
(syn) on the house, freely
gratis (ant)
(ant) for a price
icon (syn)
(syn) emblem, idol
interstice (syn)
(syn) gap, slot, crevice, interval, lacuna
macrocosm (syn)
(syn) cosmos, entirety
macrocosm (ant)
(ant) model, miniature, microcosm
mountebank (syn)
(syn) impostor, quack
mountebank (ant)
(ant) sucker, dupe, "mark," "pigeon"
paean (syn)
(syn) hymn, ode, anthem
paean (ant)
(ant) dirge, elegy, lament, threnody
persiflage (syn)
(syn) banter, jesting, repartee, badinage
plethora (syn)
(syn) surplus, surfeit, glut, excess
plethora (ant)
(ant) shortage, paucity, dearth, scarcity
pragmatic (syn)
(syn) down to earth, businesslike
pragmatic (ant)
(ant) idealistic, impractical, visionary
quizzical (syn)
(syn) peculiar, perplexed, mystified, derisive
quizzical (ant)
(ant) unequivocal, crystal-clear, unambiguous
rapacity (syn)
(syn) avarice, cupidity, voraciousness
rapacity (ant)
(ant) liberality, generosity, altruism
schism (syn)
(syn) rift, breach
schism (ant)
(ant) united front, reconciliation
therapeutic (syn)
(syn) curative, salutary, salubrious
therapeutic (ant)
(ant) harmful, injurious, deleterious
virtuoso (syn)
(syn) expert, master, prodigy, maestro
virtuoso (ant)
(ant) amateur, beginner, novice, mediocre
affinity (syn)
(syn) inclination, penchant
affinity (ant)
(ant) distaste, aversion
bilious (syn)
(syn) choleric, irascible, peevish, splenetic
bilious (ant)
(ant) sweet-tempered, genial, pleasant, delightful
cognate (syn)
(syn) allied, affiliated, relative
cognate (ant)
(ant) dissimilar, unrelated
corollary (syn)
(syn) deduction, conclusion
corollary (ant)
(ant) axiom, postulate, premise
derring-do (syn)
(syn) audacity, bravado, pyrotechnics
divination (syn)
(syn) prophecy, augury
elixir (syn)
cure-all, nostrum, tonic
folderol (syn)
(syn) hoopla, gibberish
folderol (ant)
(ant) sense, significance
gamut (syn)
(syn) scope, compass, sweep
hoi polloi (syn)
(syn) rank and file
hoi polloi (ant)
(ant) aristocracy, elite, upper class
ineffable (syn)
(syn) inexpressible, indescribable
lucubration (syn)
(syn) burning the midnight oil, deep thought
mneumonic (syn)
(syn) reminder, cue
obloquy (syn)
(syn) discredit, opprobrium, ignominy, dishonor
obloquy (ant)
(ant) praise, acclaim, approbation
pundit (syn)
(syn) expert, authority, savant
pundit (ant)
(ant) layman, amateur, dilettante
risible (syn)
(syn) droll, ludicrous
risible (ant)
(ant) depressing, poignant, heartrending
symptomatic (syn)
(syn) indicative
volte-face (syn)
(syn) turnabout
aficionado (syn)
(syn) devotee, enthusiast
browbeat (syn)
(syn) cow, coerce
browbeat (ant)
(ant) coax, cajole, wheedle, sweet-talk
commensurate (syn)
(syn) comparable, corresponding, coordinate
diaphanous (syn)
(syn) translucent, gossamer
diaphanous (ant)
(ant) opaque, coarse, dense
emolument (syn)
(syn) pay, wages, compensation
foray (syn)
(syn) sally, sortie
foray (ant)
(ant) retreat, strategic withdrawal
genre (syn)
(syn) species, sort, school
immure (syn)
(syn) incarcerate, mew up
immure (ant)
(ant) release, liberate, emancipate
insouciant (syn)
(syn) nonchalant, blase, devil-may-care
insouciant (ant)
(ant) worried, careworn, agitated, distraught
matrix (syn)
(syn) pattern, mold
obsequies (syn)
(syn) last rites, funeral services
panache (syn)
(syn) style, verve, elan, eclat, flamboyance
persona (syn)
(syn) personality, image, role
philippic (syn)
(syn) harangue, tirade, diatribe
philippic (ant)
(ant) encomium, panegyric, tribute
prurient (syn)
(syn) lascivious, salacious, lewd, titillating
prurient (ant)
(ant) prudish, demure, innocent
systemic (syn)
(syn) extensive, comprehensive, system-wide
systemic (ant)
(ant) localized, specific, isolated, confined
tendentious (syn)
(syn) partial
tendentious (ant)
(ant) fair, impartial, equitable, disinterested
vicissitude (syn)
(syn) fluctuation, vacillation
vicissitude (ant)
(ant) sameness, evenness
abortive (syn)
(syn) miscarried, fruitless, premature
abortive (ant)
(ant) successful, realized, consummated
bruit (syn)
(syn) noise abroad, broadcast, blazon
bruit (ant)
(ant) cover up, conceal, hush up
contumelious (syn)
(syn) vituperative, scurrilous, excoriating
contumelious (ant)
(ant) laudatory, commendatory, deferential
dictum (syn)
(syn) maxim, precept, aphorism, axiom
ensconce (syn)
(syn) nestle, lodge, entrench
ensconce (ant)
(ant) unseat, displace, oust
iconoclastic (syn)
(syn) image-breaking, irreverent, heretical
iconoclastic (ant)
(ant) orthodox, conservative, reverent
internecine (syn)
(syn) murderous, savage, ruinous
internecine (ant)
(ant) peaceful, harmonious, constructive
maladroit (syn)
(syn) inept, awkward, clumsy, gauche
maladroit (ant)
(ant) skillful, dexterous, deft, tactful
maudlin (syn)
(syn) mushy, mawkish
modulate (syn)
(syn) adapt, moderate
portentous (syn)
(syn) foreboding, ominous, pretentious
portentous (ant)
(ant) auspicious, propitious, encouraging
prescience (syn)
(syn) foreknowledge
prescience (ant)
(ant) hindsight
quid pro quo (syn)
(syn) swap, trade
salubrious (syn)
(syn) beneficial, healthy, invigorating
salubrious (ant)
(ant) harmful, unhealthy, deleterious, noxious
saturnalian (syn)
(syn) dissipated, debauched, orgiastic
saturnalian (ant)
(ant) sedate, prim, decorous, seemly
touchstone (syn)
(syn) criterion, yardstick, benchmark
traumatic (syn)
(syn) jolting
traumatic (ant)
(ant) soothing, comforting, agreeable, pleasant
vitiate (syn)
(syn) degrade, undermine
vitiate (ant)
(ant) purify, fortify, strengthen, enhance
waggish (syn)
(syn) whimsical, jocular
waggish (ant)
(ant) serious, grave, grim, dour, humorless
abeyance (syn)
(syn) deferment, postponement, suspension
ambivalent (syn)
(syn) equivocal, ambiguous, of two minds
ambivalent (ant)
(ant) unequivocal, unambiguous, clear-cut
beleaguer (syn)
(syn) besiege, encircle, pester
carte blanche (syn)
(syn) blank check, free reign
cataclysm (syn)
(syn) disaster, catastrophe
debauch (syn)
(syn) carouse, spree, orgy
debauch (ant)
(ant) elevate, uplift, inspire, purify
eclat (syn)
(syn) celebrity
eclat (ant)
(ant) dullness, insipidity, mediocrity
fastidious (syn)
(syn) precise, meticulous, exacting, finicky
fastidious (ant)
(ant) careless, sloppy, messy, untidy, slovenly
gambol (syn)
(syn) frolic, romp, cavort, caper
gambol (ant)
(ant) lumber, trudge, plod
imbue (syn)
(syn) infuse, instill, inculcate
imbue (ant)
(ant) remove, expunge, eradicate, erase
inchoate (syn)
(syn) incipient, embryonic, rudimentary,
inchoate (ant)
(ant) mature, developed, complete
lampoon (syn)
(syn) burlesque, parody
lampoon (ant)
(ant) compliment, flattery, homage
malleable (syn)
(syn) pliable, impressionable, adaptable
malleable (ant)
(ant) rigid, inflexible, unyielding, intractable
nemesis (syn)
(syn) comeuppance, avenger
nemesis (ant)
(ant) guardian angel, ally, patron
opt (syn)
(syn) choose, select, decide
philistine (syn)
(syn) boorish, lowbrow, yahoo
philistine (Ant)
(ant) refined, cultivated, esthete, highbrow
picaresque (syn)
(syn) roguish, rascally, rakish
queasy (syn)
(syn) unsettled
queasy (ant)
(ant) calm, untroubled, confident
refractory (ant)
(ant) docile, tractable, dutiful, obedient
refractory (syn)
(syn) unruly, disobedient, willful, mulish
savoir-faire (syn)
(syn) tact, finesse, suavity, sophistication
savoir-faire (ant)
(ant) tactlessness, gaucherie, boorishness
aberration (syn)
(syn) deviation, anomaly, irregularity
ad hoc (syn)
(syn) makeshift
ad hoc (ant)
(ant) permanent, longstanding
bane (syn)
(syn) spoiler, bete noire
bane (ant)
(ant) blessing, comfort, solace, balm
bathos (syn)
(syn) mawkishness, mush, schmaltz
cantankerous (syn)
(syn) cranky, testy, peevish, irascible, ornery
cantankerous (ant)
(ant) good-natured, sweet-tempered, genial
casuistry (syn)
(syn) sophistry, quibbling
de facto (syn)
(syn) in actuality, in point of fact
de factor (ant)
(ant) de jure, by right
depredation (syn)
(syn) looting, pillage, outrage
empathy (syn)
(syn) sympathy, compassion
empathy (ant)
(ant) insensitivity, callousness, detachment
harbinger (syn)
(syn) precursor, presage
harbinger (ant)
(ant) aftermath, epilogue, sequel
hedonism (syn)
(syn) pleasure seeking, sensuality, sybaritism
hedonism (ant)
(ant) asceticism, puritanism, self-denial
lackluster (syn)
(syn) vapid, insipid, drab, flat
lackluster (ant)
(ant) brilliant, radiant, dazzling
malcontent (syn)
(syn) dissatisfied, disgruntled, a grumbler
malcontent (ant)
(ant) satisfied, contented, complacent, smug
mellifluous (syn)
(syn) euphonious, musical
mellifluous (ant)
(ant) shrill, strident, harsh, grating
pander (syn)
(syn) indulge, pimp, procurer
peccadillo (syn)
(syn) indiscretion
peccadillo (ant)
(ant) felony, mortal sin, enormity, atrocity
piece de resistance (syn)
(syn) centerpiece, chef d'oeuvre
piece de resistance (ant)
(ant) preliminary, hors d'oeuvre
remand (syn)
(syn) remit, return
remand (ant)
(ant) forward to, send on, release
syndrome (syn)
(syn) complex, pattern
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