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Empire State building
Terms Definitions
A switch from the ribbon window to the use of floor to ceiling glazing marked the work of the 1930s of
Le Corbusier
The entrosoyuz Headquarters in Moscow was designed by
Where did Le Corbusier get the idea for linear housing and cities?
Russian Constructivism
Name 2 differences between Corbu's design for the city for 2 mil and his radiant city
city 4 3 mil-kept together and major blockradiant-pulled apart functions and spread apart lines more
FLW's design for the Johnson Wax building can be best described as his interpretation of what style?
the major design innovation in the Usonian houses that influenced the design of post WWII suburban tract homes was
modularity cheap
List 2 major details the Wright used int eh Usonian house to control construction costs
standardized unitsself finished interior materials
the Usonian house was designed by
Broadacre city was a project envisioned by
The client for Wright's Fallingwater house was
List 2 important differences in the american city in 1960 between the actual international style designs and the prediction of Bel Geddes in the 1939 GM Pavilion
roads were dominatn vs pedestrians
List 2 aspects of the design of Rockefeller Center that contribute to its success as an urban space
It incorporates streets /urban circulation and the corners and edges of the lot are held by buildings
the roof terraces int eh Rockefeller Center were said to be influence by what ancient precedent
hanging gardens of Babylon
The trademark image of the 1939 World's Fair was the
perisphere and trylon
List 1 exterior detail that allowed the Empire State Building to be constructed so quickly
windows were brought flush so no detailing of joint
what determined the locations of the setbacks in the RCA building
elevator core
_________ was the American architect whose urban idea of the tower in the park paralleled Le Corbusier's proposal for the city for 3 million
Norman Bel Geddes' trademark motif was the
The designer in charge of the initial planning of Rockefeller center was
"far from being a handicap, the discipline of being obliged to make a project stand on its own financial feet and to submit its details and materials to a constant critical analysis, leads to honesty and integrity of design. Under this stimulation the co
Name 3 major industiral designers who were active in the 1930s
Bel Geddes, Fuller, Loewy
The apparent precedent for the massing of the Empire State building was:
Carew Tower
The designer of the Dymaxion House was
The one word that best described the forms used to style are moderne designs was
_______ was the term used to describe the method of wrapping objects with sheet metal in an attempt to give them a futurist image.
"Why not try nothing" was the rationale of _____ for the design of what building?
Hood; NY Daily News Building
Dymaxion was the term coined by_____ which meant
Fuller; Dynamic Maximum Tension
Briefly describe how Hood developed the massing of the RCA building:
2 stories of the lot extruded and the vertical in knitted into the tower
List 3 differences between Art Deco and Art Moderne buildings
AD-verticals AM-HorizontalsAD-Angled Cuts AM-CurvesAD-hand crafted AM- machine crafted
Art Moderne was symbolized by the use of the
streamline curve
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