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Italian wine
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What does Piemonte literally mean?
at the foot of the hills
What are the key red wines produced in Piemonte, varietals, and their classifications?
Barolo DOCG (Nebbiolo)
Barbaresco DOCG (Nebbiolo)
Barbera d'Asti DOC
Barbera d'Alba DOC
Dolcetto d'Alba DOC
What are the key white wines(1) produced in Piemonte, varietals, and their classifications?
Gavi DOCG (Cortese)
What is the climate of Piemonte?
The climate is severe in the winter, but there is a long ripening season in the summer and into the autumn, when fogs are frequent
What are the two most important DOCGs of Piemonte?
Barolo and Barbaresco
Which region has the largest area under the vines in Italy?
What are the two catch-all classifications in Piedmonte
Piemonte DOC
Langhe DOC
like IGT
producers use for some of best wine. May be in the style of Barolo and Barbaresco, at a lower price, or they can be made in a more international style with new oak sometimes in premium prices. The wines can also include Barbera and Dolcetto as well as red international varieties in the blend
How many wine regions are there in Italy?
What are the most important regions in Italy in the international market(14 out of 20)?
Trentino-Alto Adige
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
What is Barolo?
* It is DOCG.
* It is made solely from the Nebbiolo grape and considered by many to be the finest of all Italian wines.
* It takes it name from the village southwest of Alba
* The wines have great concentration of fruit and flavor with high tannin, acidity and alcohol.
How is Barolo aged?
Traditionally, Barolo is aged for long periods in large oak casks(a minimum of two years, plus a further one in bottle, to have the designation)
Modernists are now moving towards ageing in barriques. Because of high tannin, acidity and alcohol=these benefit with further age in the bottle.
What are the characteristics of a mature Barolo?
These wines show very complex aromas, ranging from floral(rose/violet) through strawberry fruit to notes of mushroom, autumn leaves, tar and leather
What is Barbaresco?
* Barolo's sister wine, it is DOCG
* though the wines may lack some body and concentration of Barolo.
* lesser minimum ageing requirements
* prices are similar to Barolo
* Some producers release special bottlings(sometimes specifying an individual vineyard site)--these top bottlings are among the most expensive and highly sought after in the world.
Where do the best Dolcettos come from?
What is the most famous white grape of Piemonte?
Piemonte is the most important region for which fortified wine?

What are the the main centers of production?
Turin, Canelli and Asti in Italy
What are the key wines produced in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige?
Alto Adige--Schiava, Lagrien reds
Riesling, Gewurztraminer, other whites
Trentino-- Pinot Grigio white
Teroldego Red
What is Italy's most northerly region?
Trentino-Alto Adige
What is Refosco(Friuli Grave)?
Is a red, acidic wine,with red berry flavors and rather harsh tannins that can develop into mellow plum and bitter chocolate with age
Describe the white wines of Fruili Grave.
The white wines from the hills have the highest reputation. Single varieties are made, but the best wines are often blends. Crisp fruitiness from the climate and depth of flavor from cask ageing
What is the second most important red DOC of Italy as far as quantity is concerned?
Valpolicella DOC
What is the main grape of Valpolicella?
* has sour cherry or herbal flavor. Often blended with Rondinella and Molinara in Valpolicella
Describe Valpolicella DOC wines.
basic wine is light and fruity, best drunk young and comes from high-yielding vines grown in hot fertile valley floor sites.
Describe Valpolicella Classico DOC.
The very best straight Valpolicellas, come from lower-yielding hillside sites in this zone. It is common for a portion of the grapes used to make better Valpolicella wines to have gone through a drying process(recioto)to increase fruit concentration, alcohol and viscosity.
What is the most distinguished wine of the Veneto Region?
Amarone della Valpolicella DOC
It is produced entirely from semi-dried grapes which, fully fermented give an intense and long on the palate.
styles vary widely,
What are the factors contributing to the different styles of Amarone della Valpolicella DOC
styles vary depending on the extent of concentration that has taken place during the drying process; whether botrytis has been allowed to affect the grapes and the degree of oxidation that has occured during the drying, vinification and ageing.
Describe old fashioned style Amarones.
wild, uncompromising port-like wines with high alcohol. 14-15%abv and many strange aromas chocolate, dark rum, leather
Describe modern style Amarones
many producers are now aiming for purer cherry fruit style, still with the classic full body, seemingly sweet on the palate yet with a long bitter finish
What is Recioto della Valpolicella DOC?
is made entirely from semi-dried grapes; however, the fermentation is stopped early, which gives a full-bodied red wine with a hint of sweetness
What is Ripasso della Valpolicella DOC?
a wine where the unpressed skins from an Amarone or Recioto vinification are added to a basic Valpolicella. The re-fermentation that follows will give it additional viscosity and tannins, as well as some of the complex flavors of Amarone.
What are the key wines of the Veneto region?
Valpolicella DOC
Amarone della Valpolicella DOC
Recioto della Valpolicella DOC
Soave DOC
Bardolino DOC
Veneto IGT
Describe Bardolino DOC(Veneto)
typically a light, uncomplicated wine made from the same grape varieties as Valpolicella. It is increasingly found as a ROSE. Some producers are making wines with more concentration and complexity--Bardolino Superiore DOCG
What is the second best selling DOC wine in Italy after Chianti?
Soave DOC. Wine that doesn't offend anyone because it is non discript. Now quality has improved considerably elevating it to DOCG for superiore. Main grape is Garganega, which as delicate flavors of almonds and some acidity, and when yields are low can display floral notes and grapey fruit. Can be blended with Trebbiano di soave or Chardonnay.
What is Veneto IGT?
Source of varietally labelled Merlot and some valpolicella style wines which are made in non-traditional ways.
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