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what are the 5 inherited bone disorders
osteogensis imperfecta
gardner syndrome
cleidocranial dysplasia
onset age 2-5
mandibular boney expansion and tooth spacing
regression at puberty
bilateral and mutlilocular
what are the 4 dzs that histologically look like each other?
aneursymal bone cyst
what is a synonym for osteogenesis imperfecta?
brittle bone dz
osteogenesis imperfecta
problems with bone formation: osteopenia, blue sclera, dentinogenesis imperfecta;
radiographs look like florid COD
gardner syndrome
colon polyps
desmoid tumors
epidermoid cysts
thyroid cancer increased 100 x in females
ocular fundus ...
supernumerary teeth
osteopetrosis is also called & what is the dz
marble bone dz
albers-schronberg dz
impaired osteoclasts fxn results in very dense bone
clediocranial dysplasia
missing/no clavicles
supernumerary teeth
high arched palate
depressed nasal bridge
what are synonyms for massive osteolysis?
gorham, vanishing, phanton bone dz
massive osteolysis
vascular/fibrous tissu replaces bone!!! (vanishes)
children-young adutls
perceded by trauama usually
pelvis most common lesion site
obstructive sleep apnea
paget's dz is also called?
osteitis deformans
paget's dz
abnormal remodeling
40, w, m, maxilla
lion face
mosaic pattern
cotton wool
alveolar expansion
simple bone cyst
empty or fluid filled cyst maybe from trauma
long bones
pm-m region
scalloped radiolucencies fill in by roots
teeth are vital & asymptomatic
what does CGCG stand for?
central giant cell granuloma
T/F: aneurysmal cyst is a true cyst
aneurysmal cyst
blood soaked sponge
long bones most common
posterior mandible involvement rare
30 and under
high recurrence rate
what are signs of aneurysmal bone cyst?
rapid swelling
cortical expansion
blow out ballooning of bone contour
central giant cell granuloma
30 and under females
anteiror 2/3rds of mandible
5mm>lesions; lesions> 10cm
how does CGCG differ from aneurysmal cyst?
aneurysmal is painful and in posterior mandible
CGCG is asymptomatic and in anterior 2/3rds
what is the replacement of normal bone by excessive proliferation of cellular fibrous CT itnermixed w/ irregular bone trabeculae
fibrous dysplasia
what is unique about fibrous dysplasia?
max predilection
narrowed pdl
superior displacement of IA canal
chinese characters
what are teh two forms of fibrous dysplasia?
what are the 2 syndromes associated with polyostotic fibrous dysplasia?
jaffe-lichenstein cafe au lait
mccune albright cafe au lait + endocrinopathies
both have "chinese characters' in histology
what is cemento-osseous dysplasia?
fibro-osseous alteration of bone in tooth bearing area
what are teh three types fo cemento-osseous dysplasia?
focal COD
young/middle aged white women
lesions smaller than 1.5 mm in POST. mand
periapical COD
30-50 black women
anterior mandible
less than 1 cm in size
lesiosn begin as lucent and get opaque over time
florid COD
middle aged to older black women
anterior mandible
mized lucency
what do you need to do with cemento osseosu dysplasia?
pulp test teeth b/c the yare vital!
what are teh 2 bone malignancies from this section?
ewing sarcoma
ossifying fibroma....
COF (cemento-ossifying fibroma)
mixture of fibrous tissue, bony trabeculae, cementum sphercules or both
20s -30s females; post mand
radiolucent lesion
looks like COD
how does juvenile ossifying fibroma differ from ossifying fibroma?
affects juveniles
very aggressive/recurrent
what syndrome are osteomas associated with?
gardner syndrome
what is the primary non-hematopoietic  malignancy of bone
what is osteosarcoma associated with and what is is seen in the radiographs and what age predilection?
pagets dz
sun rays in bone
what is the proposed histogenesis of ewings sarcoma?
who does ewing sarcoma affect?
young males
what is unique about ewings sarcoma and where is the worst lesion?
onion skinning lesions
what is the difference between osteoblastomas and cementoblastomas?
cementoblastomas are attached to the root of a tooth (usually mand m1)
what do xrays of osteoblastomas or cementoblastomas look like?
chondromas are lesions are what kind of neoplasms and seen in what syndrome?
benign neoplasms of hyaline cartilage
seen in ollier disease or muffucci syndrome
what are the only three bone dzs with a predilection for the maxilla?
juvenile ossifying fibroma
paget's dz
fibrous dysplasia
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