Chapter 5 The Integumentary System ( Skin & Hypodermis) Flashcards

Stratum lucidum
Terms Definitions
Epidermis & Dermis
Superficial Layer
Deeper Layer
Dermis - 2 Layers:
Papillary & Reticular
Fatty Layer that lies on dermis, not part of the intergumentary system
Function of Skin
Protects, Body Temp., Mini Excretory, Vitamin D, Sensory Receptors
4 Cells in Skin
Keratinocytes, Melanocytes, Merkel, Langerhuns'
Thin Skin 4 Layers - Stratum :
Basale, Spinosum, Granulosum,Corneum
Think Skin 5 Layers - Stratum :
Basale, Spinosum, Granulosum,Lucidum,Corneum
Keratinocytes Cell
Produce fibrous protein keratin, mitosis, poduce antibodies & enzymes
Melanocytes Cell
Produce Melanin - Protect nuclei from UV damage
Langerhans' Cell
Kill Bateria, Help Activate the Immune
Merkel Cell
Sensory Nerve
Layers of Epidermis contain living cells
Basale, Spinosum, Granulosum
Layers of Epidermis contain death cells / death skin
Lucidum & Corneum
Striatum Basale
(Basal Layer)- Youngest Keratinocytes, Make New Cells
Basal Layer Contain 2 Cells:
Melanocytes (Protect UV Damage) & Merkel (Sensory)
Stratum Spinosum
(Prickly Layer) - Intermediate Filament, Make more cells & Kill bateria
Prickly Layer contain 2 cells:
Melanin Granules (Protect from UV Damage), Langerhans' (Kill Bateria)
Stratum Granulosum
(Granular Layer)- Change in Keratinocytes appearance Occur ( Flatten)
Granular Layer contain 2 Granules:
Keratohyaline (Help form keratin), Lamellated Granules (water proofing glycolipids)
Stratum Lucidum
(Clear Layer)= Transition Zone
Stratum Corneum
(Horny Layer)- Keratinized cells, glycolipid (Block Water) between cells
Dermis - Cell type include:
Fibroblasts, Macrophages, occasionally mast(immune) cell & white blood cell
Papillary Layer Contain Tissue:
Loose Areolar Conncetive Tissue:Collagen & elastic
Papillary Layer
Superficial Layer of Dermis
Papillary Layer - Superior Surface Contain:
Dermal Papillae (Peg-like Projections)
Dermal Papillae Contain:
Loops & Meissner's Corpuscles
Meissner's Corpuscles
Pain & Touch Receptors
Reticular Layer Contain Tissue:
Dense Irrigular Conncetive Tissue:Collagen & elastic
Reticular Layer
Deeper Layer of Dermis
Hypodermis Contain Tissues:
Loose Areolar & Adipose Connective Tissue
3 Pigments of Skin Color
Melanin, Carotene, Hemoglobin
Black & Brown
Yellow & Orange
Reddish & Pink
Sweat Glands
Originating in dermis
Filtrate of Blood, Dermicidin
Secrete Dermicidin to Kill Bateria
Ceruminous Glands
Modified Sweat
Mammary Glands
Specialized Sweat
Ceruminous Glands - Function:
Ear canal that secrete Cerumen (Ear Wax)
Ear Wax
Mammary Glands - Function:
Secrete Milk
Sebaceous Glands
Sebum (Oil) - Collect dirt, soften and lubricate hair & skin
Oil of hair & skin
Arrector Pili Muscle
Smooth muscle, arrector pili contractsReact itself
Horny Layer
Stratum Corneum
Clear Layer
Stratum Lucidum
Basal Layer
Stratum Basale
Granular Layer
Stratum Granulosum
Prickly Layer
Stratum Spinosum
Stratum Germinativum
Stratum Basale
Dendritic Cell
Stratum Spinousum also call:
Sweat Glands; 2-4 Glands:
Eccrine Glands, Apocrine Glands, / Ceruminous Glands, Mammary Glands
Eccrine Glands
Sweat on Palms, soles & forehead
Apocrine Glands
Sweat on Axillary, Anal & Genital Area
Epidermis Contain Tissue:
Epithelial Tissue
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