Lab 15 Human Origin, Insertion, Function Flashcards

pubic crest
Terms Definitions
ORIGIN: Zygomatic arch/Maxilla. INSERTION: Ramus of the mandible. ACTION: Closes jaw
ORIGIN: Mandible and mastoid process INSERTION: hyoid bone ACTION: elevate hyoid bone, open mouth
ORIGIN: Mandible INSERTION: Hyoid bone ACTION: Elevates and retracts hyoid bone
Pectoralis Major
ORIGIN: Clavicle, sternum, cartilage of ribs 1-6 INSERTION: Converge into humerus ACTION: arm flexion. Rotates arm. Pulls up chest.
Serratus anterior
ORIGIN: Ribs 1-8 INSERTION: scapula ACTION: moves scapula forward, rotates scapula, abduction and raising of arm.
ORIGIN: Clavicle, scapula INSERTION: humerus ACTION: primary mover of arm abduction
Pectoralis minor
ORIGIN: ribs 3-5 INSERTION: scapula ACTION: pulls scapula foward and inferiorly. Pulls up ribcage
Rectus abdominis
ORIGIN: Pubic crest and symphysis INSERTION: Xypoid process and ribs 5-7 ACTION: flexes and rotates vertebral column. Increases abdominal pressure. Fixes and depresses ribs. Stabilizes pelvis during walking.
External oblique
ORIGIN: last 8 ribs INSERTION: pubic crest, iliac crest ACTION: same as rectus abdominis plus helps back muscles in rotation and lateral flexion.
Internal oblique
ORIGIN: Lumbar fascia, iliac crest INSERTION: pubic crest, last 3 ribs ACTION: Same as ab rectus. Also supports back muscles in rotation and lateral flexion
Transverse abdominis
ORIGIN: iliac crest, last 5-6 ribs, lumbar fascia INSERTION: pubic crest ACTION: compress abdominal contents
ORIGIN: occipital bone, C7 and thoracic vertebrae INSERTION: scapula, clavicle ACTION: extend head, raise, rotate and retract scapula, elevate scapula
Latissimus dorsi
ORIGIN: lower six thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, last 3-4 rbs, iliac crest INSERTION: humerus ACTION: prime mover of arm extension. adducts and medially rotates arm, depresses scapula, brings arm down in power strokes
Levator Scapulae
ORIGIN: C1-C4 INSERTION: scapula ACTION: Elevates and adducts scapula. Flexes neck to the side.
Triceps Brachii
ORIGIN: glenoid cavity, humerus INSERTION: ulna ACTION: Forearm extension, antagonist of forearm flexors
Biceps brachii
ORIGIN: scapula INSERTION: radius ACTION: Flexion of the elbow
ORIGIN: humerus INSERTION: ulna ACTION: forearm flexion
ORIGIN: iliac spine INSERTION: tibia ACTION: flex, abduct and laterally rotate the thigh
Adductor magnus, longus, brevis
ORIGIN: M: ischium and pubis L: pubis B: pubic INSERTION: M: linea aspera and femur, LB: linea aspera ACTION: adduct and medially rotate and flex thigh. M: thigh extension
ORIGIN: pubis INSERTION: femur ACTION: adducts, flexes and medially rotates thigh
ORIGIN: pubis INSERTION: tibia ACTION: adducts thigh, flexes and medially rotates leg
Rectus femoris
ORIGIN: iliac spine, acetabulum INSERTION: tibia, patella ACTION: extend knee and flex thigh at hip
Vastus lateralis
ORIGIN: fermur, acetabulum INSERTION: tibia, patella ACTION: extend knee and flex thigh at hip
vastus medialis
ORIGIN: linea espera, intertrochanteric line INSERTION: tibia, patella ACTION:extends knee, stabilizes patella
Vastus intermedius
ORIGIN: femur INSERTION: tibia, patella ACTION: extend knee
tensor fasciae latae
ORIGIN: iliac crest, iliac spine INSERTION:iliotibial tract ACTION: flexes, abducts and medially rotates thigh, steadies trunk
Gluteus maximus
ORIGIN: dorsal ilium, sacrum, coccyx INSERTION: femur, iliotibial tract ACTION: complex and powerful thigh extensor, antagonist of iliopsoas, laterally rotates and abducts thigh
Gluteus medius
ORIGIN: ilium INSERTION: femur ACTION: abducts and medially rotates thigh, steadies pelvis during walking
biceps femoris
ORIGIN: ischial tuberosity, linea aspera, distal femur INSERTION: fibula, tibia ACTION: extends thigh, laterally rotates leg, flexes knee
ORIGIN: ischial tuberosity INSERTION: tibia ACTION: extends thigh, flexes knee, medially rotates leg
ORIGIN: ischial tuberosity INSERTION: tibia, femur ACTION: extends thigh, flexes knee, medially rotates leg
Fibularis longus
ORIGIN: fibula INSERTION: metatarsal 1, medial cuneiform ACTION: plantar flexes and everts foot, helps keep foot flat on ground
fibularis brevis
ORIGIN: fibula shaft INSERTION: metatarsal 5 ACTION: plantar flexes and everts food
tibialis anterior
ORIGIN: tibia INSERTION: phalanges 2-5 ACTION: toe extension, dorsiflexes foot
fibularis tertius
ORIGIN: fibula INSERTION: metatarsal 5 ACTION: dorsiflexes and everts foot
ORIGIN: femur INSERTION: calcaneus ACTION: plantar flexes foot when knee is extended
ORIGIN: tibia and fibula INSERTION: calcaneus ACTION: plantar flexion
Flexor digitorum longus
ORIGIN: tibia INSERTION: big toe ACTION: flexes big toe, plantar flexes and inverts foot. Push off muscle in walking.
ORIGIN: humerus INSERTION: ulna ACTION: flexion of forearm
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