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Athenian democracy
Terms Definitions
power to the people.
athenian born in Athens
main group of citizen with political power.
born outside of Athens
metics were non-citizens in Athens.
a slave that was freed...then the slave would become a.
Freed slaves were Metics....but
not all metics were freed Slaves.
in times of war, Athenians elected
generals to run the government.
serving one year terms,
the athenians elected archons.
an archon named Draco created the first
Athen's first written laws.
Draco's "Draconian" laws were known to be very
harsh and severe.
An archon names Solon divided the people into
four groups.
Solon made it so
all citizens could sit in the assembly.
Solon set up a court of
citizen jurors.
Peisistratus took power and ruled Athens as a
How was Peisistratus' rule changing Athens?
improed Athens economy and clashed with nobles.
Cleisthenes was a most significant ruler becasue he started
democracy in Athens.
Cleisthenes made 10 tribes and had each choose
50 men to serve in the "Council"
The "council" proposed laws to the
The Assembly is an example of
direct democracy.
The Council also known as the Boule, is an example of
representative democracy.
The Boule was not above the Pyx in overall power, but
was high in dignity.
The Pnyx was different from the Boule becasue the Boule was
only 500 members.
Members of the Boule were chosen by lot,
50 from each of 10 tribes.
Members of the Boule served for 1 year and were paid
5 obels.
The Boule supervised city officials, controlled foreign affairs and
issued executivfe orders-decrees.
One member of the Boule was chose to
preside over the Pnyx
The preside began each day with flags hoisted up on a tall flagpole signaling that
citizens must leave the agora and gymnasium and rush down to the semicircular area of the Pnyx.
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