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Who introduced the first play with a plot?
Livius Andronicus
Who introduced the first play with a plot?
Born in Tarentum in 284 BC.
Died in 204 BC
Where and when did Livius Andronicus debut the first Latin comedy and the first Latin tragedy?
Ludi Romani, 240 BC
How many tragedies did Livius Andronicus write?
8 tragedies, molded on Greek originals.
What Roman author was exiled to Utica because of a quarrell with the Metelli?
Gnaeus Naevius
Who wrote the Bellum Punicum?
What was its meter?
Gnaeus Naevius
What was a Fabula Palliata?
A comedy in Greek dress
What was a Fabula Praetexta?
A play on a historical Roman subject
How many Fabulae Praetextae did Gnaeus Naevius write?
How many Fabulae Palliatae did Gnaeus Naevius write?
Who was the father of Latin Poetry?
Quintus Ennius
What Latin poet was born in Rudiae in Calabria?
Quintus Ennius
Who was said to have had "three hearts"? Why?
Quintus Ennius
How many books were in the Annales?
18 books
How many books of satire did Quintus Ennius write? How many comedies?
Who wrote the "Rape of the Sabines"?
Quintus Ennius
How many tragedies did Ennius write?
Who wrote the Scipio, a poem about Scipio Africanus?
Quintus Ennius
Who was the nephew of Ennius?
Marcus Pacuvius
What respected painter was also a tragedian?
Marcus Pacuvius
About how many tragedies did Pacuvius write?
What Roman tragedian was born at Pisaurum?
Lucius Accius
Name two Roman authors whose parents were freedmen
Lucius Accius and Horace
Around how many tragedies did Lucius Accius write?
40 or 50, from Greek models
Who wrote the Decius, about the self-immolation (devotio) of Decius Mus at the battle of Sentinum in 295 BC?
Lucius Accius
Who wrote the Brutus, whose subject is the downfall of the Tarquins?
Lucius Accius
Who wrote the Atreus?
Lucius Accius
In what work of Latin Literature do we find the line "Oderint dum metuant"?
Atreus, by Lucius Accius
What Roman author was born in Sarsina in Umbria?
What type of Greek comedy did Plautus adapt his works from?
New Comedy
What author greatly influenced Plautus?
How many comedies did Plautus probably write?
Which comedy of Plautus could be translated as "The Ass Comedy"?
Which comedy of Plautus involves a double plot, with two Bacchises?
Which is the only play of Plautus that has no women involved?
What is the most obscene of Plautus' plays?
What play of Plautus is probably his latest?
What play of Plautus is called in English "The Casket"?
Who wrote the Circulio?
What play of Plautus was the basis of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors
What play of Plautus is called "The Merchant"?
Which play of Plautus involves a swaggering soldier?
Miles Gloriosus
Which play of Plautus involves a haunted house
Which play of Plautus is called "The Girl from Persia"?
Which play of Plautus is exceedingly long and boring?
Which play of Plautus deals with a Carthaginian?
Who wrote the Epidicus?
What was (one of) Plautus' favorite play in old age?
What Plautine play's title is translated as "Rope"?
What play of Plautus premiered at the Plebeian games in 200 BC?
What play of Plautus is different from his other works in that it has no plot?
What play of Plautus is called "Threepenny day"?
Which play of Plautus, a favorite of his, is rather unfunny and very grim?
What play of Plautus is called "The Chest"?
What Roman author, born around 220 BC, was an Insubrian Gaul?
Caecilius Statius
How many comedies did Caecilius Statius write in both Latin and Greek?
around 40
What Roman comedian was born as a slave in Carthage?
What circle was Terence a member of?
The Scipionic Circle (Scipio Africanus the Younger).
Which literary circle included Laelius and the satirist Lucilius?
The Scipionic Circle (Scipio Africanus the Younger)
What Roman author died on a journey to Greece?
Give the author and meaning of the phrase:

Dictum sapienti sat est
A word to the wise is enough
Author and meaning:

Fortis fortuna iuvat
Fortune helps the brave; Terence
Quot homines tot sententiae
As many opinions as men; Terence
Tacent, satis laudant
They are silent, they praise enough (their silence is praise enough); Terence
Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto
I am a man, I think nothing human alien to me; Terence
What was the earliest of Terence's plays?
Which of Terence's plays is called the "Self tormentor"?
Hauton Timorumenos
Which play was Terence's greatest financial success?
Which was the poorest of Terence's plays?
What play is considered Terence's masterpiece
Who wroe the Phormio?
What Roman author's mistress was Collyra?
Gaius Lucilius
Who is considered the inventor of satire?
Gaius Lucilius
What Roman author's sister was the grandmother of Pompey the Great?
Gaius Lucilius
How many books of satire did Lucilius write?
30 books
What Roman author died at Naples between 103 and 101 BC?
Gaius Lucilius
Give the name for plays with Roman backgrounds
Fabulae Togatae
What kind of plays did Titinius write?
Fabulae Togatae
What kind of plays did Titus Quinctius Atta write?
Fabulae Togatae
What kind of plays did Lucius Afranius write?
Fabulae Togatae
Name three writers of Fabulae Togatae
Lucius Afranius,
Titus Quinctius Atta
In what kind of Roman literary form would we find the clown Maccis, Pappus the simpleton, Bucco the fat boy, Dossennus the hunchback, and Manducos the Glutton?
Attellan Farce
Name two writers of Fabulae Atellanae
Lucius Pomponius
Give the Latin term fro mimes where performers wore no masks
Fabula Riciniata
Name the two prominent writers of mimes
Decimus Laberius
Publilius Syrus
Who ordered the contest between Decimus Laberius and Publilius Syrus? Who was the elder of the two? Who lost?
Julius Caesar
Decimus Laberius
Publilius Syrus
Who wrote:

Satura tota nostra est?
Who was the father of Latin Prose?
Cato the Elder
What Roman author was born in Tusculum?
Cato the Elder
What Roman author fought in the Second Punic War, and was the leader of the "popular" movement against the aristocratic group headed by the Scipios?
Cato the Elder
What Roman author supposedly learned Greek when he was 80 years old?
Cato the Elder
Give the full name of Cato the Elder
Marcus Porcius Cato
How many speeches did Cato write?
150, around
Who wrote an an encyclopedia on medicine, rhetoric, agriculture, military science, and law for his son Marcus?
Cato the Elder
What is the name of Cato's encyclopedia on medicine, rhetoric, law, agriculture, and military science?
Ad Filium
How many books are in the Origines?
Who wrote the Origines?
Cato the Elder
What Roman historian wrote seven books on the Punic Wars?
Lucius Coelius Antipater
What Roman historian wrote 23 books of Annals starting with the sack of Rome by the Gauls?
Quintus Claudius Quadrigarius
Describe Valerius Antius.
Unreliable historian who makes up numbers and stories.
Who was the most highly regarded Roman historian of early historical writing?
Lucius Cornelius Sisenna
Who was the first Roman philologer?
Lucius Aelius STILO Praeconinus
Who taught Cicero and Varro about philology?
Lucius Aelius STILO Praeconinus
What Roman author wrote about astronomy and foretold a lunar eclipse at Pydna in 168 BC?
Gaius Sulpicius Gallus
Who taught Cicero law?
Quintus Mucius Scaevola
How many books of law did Quintus Mucius Scaevola write?
Who was the first person to write a universal history?
Cornelius Nepos
What was the title of Cornelius Nepos' 3 volume universal history?
What collection of odd facts and tidbits, written by Cornelius Nepos, did Pliny the Elder use a lot?
How many books are in Nepos' De Viris Illustribus?
How many pairs are the books of Nepos' De Viris Illustribus divided into?
8 of 2 books each
Who chronicled the lives of Hamilcar, Hannibal, Datames, and Atticus in his De Viris Illustribus?
Cornelius Nepos
What is the most important biography in Cornelius Nepos' De Viris Illustribus?
What Roman scholar was born in Reate?
Marcus Terrentius VARRO Reatinus
Whose wife was Fundiana?
What Roman author was proscribed by Antony but saved?
Who wrote the Antiquitates Divinarum et Humanarum?
Who wrote the De ora maritima, a work on geography?
Who wrote the Hebdomades vel de imaginibus? How many biographies of famous Romans and greeks does it contain?
700 biographies
Who write the Res Rustica, a work on agriculture, cattle, and poultry, in an attempt to reawaken interest in country life?
Who wrote a 25 book treatise on the Latin Language called De Lingua Latina
Who wrote a series of philosophical and historical essays in dialogue form, called the Logistorica
Who wrote an encyclopedia of the liberal arts (grammar, astrology, medicine, music architecture, etc.) called the Disciplinae?
Who wrote the Menippean Satires (Saturae Menippeae), where verse intermingles with prose?
For whom were the Menippean Satires named for?
Menippus of Gadara
What scholar wrote about grammar, theology, and natural science? He was superseded by Varro
Nigidius Figulus
What great jurist wrote 180 books about law?
Servius Sulpicius Rufus
Name the three most competent treatises on oratory.
Tacitus: Dialogus de Oratoribus
Quintilian: Institutio Oratoria
Cicero: Brutus
What was the only work Rome preserved from the fall of Carthage?
Mago's 28 book work on agriculture.
What is the oldest book on Latin rhetoric and style?
Rhetorica ad Herennium -- 85 BC, 4 books, unknown author
Who edited Lucretius' works?
Who was Lucretius' patron?
Gaius Memmius
How many books are in the De Rerum Natura?
Whose atomic theories formed the basis of the De Rerum Nature?
Leucippus and Democritus
Who was born in Verona (Cisalpine Gaul) and called his poems nugae?
Whose wife was Clodia?
Quintus Caecilius Metellus
What meter is also known as Phalaecian?
What was Catullus' favorite meter?
How many syllables per line are in Hendecasyllabic meter?
11 syllables per line
Who traveled with Memmius to Bithynia where he visited his brother's tomb?
What roman author had an estate at Sirmio?
How many poems did Catullus write?
Who wrote a poem which (sarcastically, perhaps) praised Cicero as the most eloquent of the Romans?
Odi et Amo
I hate and I love
Frater, ave atque vale
Brother, hail and farewell
Ille mi par esse deo videtur
He seems to me equal to a god
Which poem of Catullus is a miniature epic (epyllion) involving the marriage of Peleus and Thetis?
Poem 64
What lengthy ecphrasis do we find in Catullus' Poem 64?
The story of Theseus and Ariadne
What work of Catullus deals with the followers of the cult of Cybele?
What Roman author and general was the nephew of Marius' wife?
In what year was Caesar pontifex maximus?
63 BC
In what year did Caesar become praetor?
62 BC
Give the year of the first triumvirate
60 BC
Give the year of Caesar's consulship with Bibulus
59 BC
Where was the first triumvirate renewed? When?
Luca, 56 BC
Where and when was Crassus killed?
53 BC, the battle of Carrhae
Where and when did Caesar say "Alea Iacta Est?"
Rubicon River, 49 BC
Where and when did Caesar destroy Pompey's forces?
Pharsalus, 48 BC
What king did Caesar defeat at Zela? What did he say?
Pharnaces II
Veni, Vidi, Vici
47 BC
Where/when did Caesar defeat the remains of the senatorial army under Cato?
Thapsus, 46 BC
Where and when did Caesar defeat the sons of Pompey in Spain?
Munda, 45 BC
What did Caesar say upon his victory at Munda?
Hoc voluerunt
How many books of the Comentarii de bello Gallico did Caesar write?
Who was Caesar's most trusted lieutenant in Gaul?
Titus Labienus
Who wrote the eighth book of the Gallic War?
Aulus Hirtius
Who wrote the Bellum Civile, an unfinished and unrevised work?
Who wrote the De Analogia, a work about Grammar and word choice?
How many books were in the De Analogia?
2 books
Who wrote two political pamphlets directed toward Cicero intended to counteract Cato's influenced, entitled the Anticatones?
Who wrote the Iter, a poem about his journey to Spain before the battle of Munda?
Who wrote the De Astris, a work about astronomy?
What town were Cicero and Marius born in?
What Roman historian wrote monographs, and served Caesar in many campaigns?
What Roman historian was born in Amiternum?
Who wrote the Bellum Catilinarium, a monograph about the Catilinarian conspiracy of 63 BC (Cicero consul)
Who wrote the Jugurtha, a monograph about the Jugurthine war?
Who wrote the Historiae, a masterpiece covering 78-76 BC?
How many books of the Historiae remain?
5 books
Who probably wrote an invective against Cicero and two pamphlets addressed to Caesar called the Suasoriae?
What Roman historian was indicted for corruption?
What is the meaning of Virga?
Wand, staff
What Roman author is said to have assumed the toga virilis the same day that Lucretius died?
Give the date and place of Vergil's birth
October 15 70 BC
Andes, near Mantua
Who introduced Horace to Maecenas?
Who was the patron of Propertius, Horace, and Vergil?
Where did Vergil die?
Where was Vergil buried?
Parthenope (Naples)
How many Eclogues are there?
Whose works (and what specific work) are the basis of the Eclogues
Theocritus; Idylls
Which eclogue is the "messianic" eclogue?
Who was the first patron of Vergil?
Gaius Asinius Pollio
Whom did Virgil dedicate the Eclogues to?
What is the model for the Georgics?
Hesiod's Works and Days
How many books are in the Georgics?
4 books
How many books are in the Aeneid?
What two men broke an oath to Vergil by publishing his Aeneid, as ordered to by Augustus?
Plotius Tucca and Varius Rufus
What group of poems is sometimes attributed to Vergil?
Appendix Vergiliana
Which Appendix poem is called the Gnat?
Which Appendix poem is about a farmer making a salad, and called "salad"?
Which appendix poem is called "curses"?
Which appendix poem is the story of Minos and Scylla and Nisus, and the purple lock of hair?
Which Appendix poem is called "The Cabaret Girl"?
In what body of poems do we find the Lydia?
Appendix Vergiliana
In which poem of the Appendix does Priapus speak?
In what body of poems do we find the Catalepton?
Appendix Vergiliana
What work in the Appendix is called "Trifles"?
How many short poems are there in the Catalepton, most likely of all the Appendix Vergiliana to be a work of Vergil's?
15 short poems
What Roman author was born in Venusia in Apulia?
Who thanks his father for raising him correctly in his Satires?
What Roman author fought for Brutus and Cassius in the battle of Philippi in 42 BC?
What Roman author was a secretary (scriba) in the treasurary?
What was Maecenas' gift to Horace?
A Sabine farm
What was Horace's name for his Epodes?
The "iambi"
How many poems are in the Epodes?
17 poems
How many books are in Horace's Sermones (Saturae)?
2 books
What are the two best known poems in Horace's Sermones?
The Bore and Journey to Brundisium
Whose works did Horace model his Journey to Brundisium on?
What meter are the Sermones (Saturae) written in?
Dactylic Hexameter
Who wrote a 4 book collection of lyric poems on various subjects called the Odes?
In what work do we find poems on the fountain of Bandusia, the golden mean, carpe diem, ship of state, the victory over Cleopatra, patriotism, and a monument more lasting than bronze?
Odes by Horace
In what year did Horace write the Carmen Saeculare to celebrate the new century?
17 BC
What work of Horace is two books of informal verse letters to 20 different people?
What is the longest work of Horace?
Ars Poetica (Epistulae ad Pisones)
What work of Horace is a central document in ancient literary criticism
Ars Poetica (Epistulae ad Pisones)
Who was born in 55 BC to an equestrian family, and had his patron as Messala?
Albius Tibullus
What is the literary term for a serenade before the locked doors of a mistress?
How many books of love elegies did Tibullus write?
3 books
What Roman author wrote to Delia and Nemesis?
Who wrote to Neaera?
Whom did Sulpicia write to?
Whose niece was Sulpicia?
What two other authors do we find in Tibullus' three books of elegiac poetry?
Lygdamus and Sulpicia
How many elegies did Lygdamus write in Tibullus' work?
6 elegies
What Roman author loved Lycinna in his youth?
Sextus Propertius
What Roman author was born in Umbria around 50 BC?
Who was Propertius' patron?
What Roman author wrote an elegy for the death of Corenlia, the daughter of Augustus' wife Scribonia?
Who wrote love elegies to Cynthia?
What was Cynthia's real name?
What was Cynthia's stage name
What Roman author said about the Aeneid: "Something greater than the Iliad now springs to birth!"
What was the title of Propertius' first group of poems?
What Roman author was said to have been made insane by a love potion?
What late author says that Cicero edited Lucretius' works?
What is the meaning of Ovid's cognomen?
Sheep herder
What Roman author was born in Sulmo?
What Roman author wrote to the possibly imaginary mistress Corinna?
Where was Ovid banished?
Tomis, on the Black Sea
When and why was Ovid banished?
8 AD, carmen and error
How many books and short poems are in the Amores by Ovid?
3 books, 49 short poems
Who wrote the Heroides, a series of imaginary letters from mythological heroines to their lovers?
Who wrote a 3 book treatise on seducing women called the Ars Amatoria?
How many books were in the Ars Amatoria?
3 books
What was the title of Ovid's apology for the Ars Amatoria?
Remedium Amoris
Who wrote the Medicina Faciei?
How many books are there in the Metamorphoses?
15 books
Who wrote an unfinished poetical calendar of religious festivals in elegiac verse called the Fasti?
How many books are in the Fasti?
6 books
How wrote the Tristia, a series of elegiac letters lamenting exile and asking for forgiveness for his carmen et error?
How many books are in the Tristia?
5 books
Who wrote a catalogue of poets in the Augustan age, and letters writtend during exile called the Epistulae ex Ponto?
What was the title of Ovid's treatise on fishing in the Black Sea?
Who wrote a curse against some enemy in Rome while he was in exile? What was it called?
Ibis, Ovid
Who wrote a lost tragedy called Medea while he was in exile?
What meter are almost all of Ovid's works written in?
Elegiac couplet
What is the makeup of elegiac couplet
One line of dactylic hexameter/one line of dactylic pentameter
What nationalistic Roman historian was born in Patavium (Padua)?
Livy (Titus Livius)
How many books were there in the Ab Urbe Condita?
How many books of Ab Urbe Condita are extant?
What author, born in Cordova, wrote the Controversiae and the Suasoriae?
Seneca the Elder (Annaeus Seneca)
Who wrote a ten book treatise on architecture known as the De Architectura?
Who wrote a two book history under Tiberius which provides the only continuous account for which we have no Livy?
Gaius Velleius Paterculus
Who wrote 9 books of Memorable Deeds and Sayings under Tiberius?
Valerius Maximus
Who wrote a history of Alexander the Great?
Quintus Curtius
Who wrote the earliest extant Latin work on georgraphy, the De Chorographia?
Pomponius Mela
Who wrote a treatise about medicine under Tiberius called the De Medicina?
Aulus Cornelius Celsus
Who wrote a ten book treatise on agriculture called the De Re Rustica?
Lucius Junius Columella
Who wrote a five book work on astronomy called the Astronomica?
Marcus Manilius
How many books are in Manilius' Astronomica?
5 books
What Roman author was the uncle of Lucan?
Seneca the Younger
What Roman author was born in Cordova, Spain?
Seneca the Younger
Where and why was Seneca the Younger Banished?
Corsica; adultery with Julia Livilla, sister of Caligula
Who recalled Seneca the Younger to Rome?
Agrippina the Younger
How did Seneca the Younger die?
Pisonian conspiracy; forced to commit suicide
Whose wife Paulina was saved though her husband was implicated in the Pisonian conspiracy?
Seneca the Younger
How many books of correspondence did Seneca the Younger write?
20 books
While in exile, who wrote the Consolatio for his mother Helvia?
Seneca the Younger
What work of Seneca the Younger is a satire depicting the deifications of emperors, especially Claudius?
Who wrote seven books on physics known as the Quaestiones Naturales?
Seneca the Younger
Who wrote 12 dialogues on moral precepts while on his deathbed, known as the Quaestiones Morales?
Seneca the Younger
How many books were in the De Clementia? Who were they written by?
three by Seneca the Younger
What tragedy of Seneca the Younger was modeled on Euripides?
Hercules Furens
What Roman tragedian wrote the Trojan Women?
Seneca the Younger
What work of Seneca the Younger deals with Hippolytus?
Who wrote the Medea, a work which sympathizes with Jason?
Seneca the Younger
What is the only surviving tragedy of Seneca the Younger?
What Roman author was the teacher of the stoic Cornutus?
Who wrote a ten book poem on the civil war known as the Bellum Civile or the Pharsalia?
How many books were in the Pharsalia?
10 books
Whose nephew was Lucan?
Seneca the Younger
Who wrote a poem based on Apollonius of Rhodes, describing the adventure of Jason and the Argonauts? What was it called?
Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica
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