Toledo PT Anatomy Back Muscles Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Iliocostalis lumborum origin
sacrum, iliac cret, thoracolumbar fascia
Splenius cervicis origin
spinous processes of the T3-T6 vertebrae
Origin of splenius capitis
spinous processes of the C3-T3 vertebrae
Splenius Capitis insertion point
lateral superior nuchal line, mastoid process
Splenius cervicis insertion
ttransverse processes of C1-C2
What are the actions of the splenius muscles?
bilateral contraction: extension of the cervical spine. unilateral contraction ipsilateral rotation and lateral flexion.
course between mamillary processes of all lumbar vertebrae.
Trapezius actions
cervical extension, contralateral rotation, ipsilateral side-bending.
Levator Scapulae actions
cervical ipsilateal rotation and side-bending
Rhomboids action
upper limb movement
Latissiumus Dorsi action
upper limb movement
Serratus Posterior Superior Action
elevates ribs 2-4
Serratus Posterior Inferior action
depresses ribs 8-12
What muscles are in the transversospinalis group
semispinalis, multifidus, and rotatores
What muscles are in the deep segmental group?
Interspinales, Intertransversarii, and levatores costarum.
Interspinalis origin and insertions
course between the spoinous processes of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.
what is the action of the interspinales muscles?
Extends the cervical and lumbar spine
Spinalis thoracis muscles origin and insertion
lateral surface of the spinous processes . Check book for thoracis and cervicis details
Rotatores Breves origin and insertion
transerse process and next higher spinous process of
ligamentum flavum
connect the lamina of adjacent vertebrae from axis to the sacrum.
Splenius Cervicis and Capitis action
bilateral: head and neck extensors, unilateral: ipsilateral rotators and lateral flexors
Where is the iliocostalis mos pronounced and palpable?
The lumbar area
Action of the Iliocostalis
Extensor, Ipsilateral Rotator, Lateral Flexor
Longissimus components and origins?
Thoracis- lumbar transverse processes Cervicis- Upper thoracic transvese proc. Capitus- upper thoracic & lower cervical transverse process.
Longissimus Action
extensor, lateral flexor, ipsilateral rotator
Spinalis Components & origin
Capitus- blends with semispinalis capitus Cervicis- spinous processes from lower cervical/thoracic. Thoracis- spinous processes from lumbar
What are the insertions of longissimus?
Capitus- mastoid proc. Cervicis- Cervicial transverse. Thoracis- thoracic transverse processes & lower ribs
Spinalis components and insertions
Capitus- blends with semispinalis, Cervicis- upper cervical spinous processesThoracis- thoracic spinous processes
What is the action of spinalis?
What is the best area to find spinalis?
Thoracic area because it eventually blends with longissimus
What area laterally does the erector spinae occupy?
Area from spinous process to angle of the ribs and extends from sacrum to cranium
Where does the transversospinalis group muscles lay?
They are between spinous and transverse processes. Referred to as the laminar groove or "Gutter".
What is the direction of the fascicles for the transversospinalis group?
Moving upward, it goes lateral to mediial.
What are transversospinalis muscles from most superficial to deepest?
Semispinalis, Multifidus, Rotatores
What is the extent of the semispinalis muscle?
Thorax to Cranium.
What is the origin of semispinalis?
Transverse process of upper thoracic and lower cercvical ver.
Semispinalis Capitus Insertion
What is the semispinalis capitus action?
Head extension and contralateral rotation.
Semispinalis cerivicis & thoracis origins
Cervical and Thoracic transverse processes
Semispinalis Cervicis and thoracis insertion
Cervical and thoracic spinous processes.
Semispinalis thoracis and cervicis action
extension and conralateral rotation of neck & trunk
Multifidus extent
from sacrum to axis
Multifidus attachments
Transverse processes below to spinous processes 2-4 segments above.
T/F. There are regional components for multifidus.
What are the actions of multifidus?
Extension and contralateral roation of spine.
Rotatores extent
thoracic spine(consistently). cervical & lumbar spine (inconsistently).
Rotatores attachments
from transverse process below, to lamina of vertebrae abouve.
Rotatores Actions
Contralateral Rotators of spine. Function in posture control due to high content of proprioceptors.
Where are the transvesospinalis muscles located?
Located in the laminar groove between spinous processes and transverse processes. Smaller and shorter than erector spinae m's
What are the segmental muscles?
Interspinales, Levatores Costarum, Intertransversarii.
What are the attachments for interspinales?
attach to adjacent spinous proc. 2mm on eighter side of interspinous ligament.
Interspinales action
Etend trunk
Levatores Costarum attachments
Posterior Rib Inferior, to transverse process of superior vertebrae.
Intertransversarii attachments
adjacent transverse processes
Levatores Costarum Action
Rib elevation
Intertransversarii action
lateral flexion of spine.
Quadratus Lumborum attachments
Posterior Iliac crest, iliolumbar lig, => 12th rib, and L1- 4 transverse processes.
T/F Quadratus Lumborum is a deep back muscle?
Quadratus Lumborum actions
Ipsilateral flexor; respiration (stablizes diaphragm); contralateral pelvic tilt.
Trapezius Origin
superior nuchal line, external occipital protuberance, ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of CVII to TXII
Latissimus Dorsi origins
spinous processes of T7 to L5 and sacrum, iliac crest, ribs X to XII
Levator scapulae origin
spinous processes of C1 to C4
Rhomboid Major Origin
spinous processes of T2 to T7
Rhomboid Minor
lower portion of ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of C7 to T1
Functions of rhomboids
work together to retract the scapula
Serratus Posterior Superior attachments
lower portion of ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of C7 to T3 and supraspinous ligaments to ribs 2-5 (upper borders)
Serratus Posterior Inferior attachments
spinous processes of T11 - L3 and supraspinous ligaments to lower border of ribs 9-12 lateral to angles
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