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Linnaeu's 2 word system
binomial nomencalature
taxononmy is
scinece of nameing and classifying organisms
all scientific names must have
two latin words
the basic biological unit
an advantage of scienticic naming system
common names mean same in all countries
largest division
protista is an example of
similar genera are grouped into a
a species
is narrowly defined group of organisms
each level of classicication is based on
all of the above
a biological species
is isolated reproductively
dogs and wolves are members of
all ofthe above
similar featheures evolved through convergent evolution are called
analgous characters
evolutionary systematics emphasizes the importance of
unique characteristics
four of the kingdoms include eukaryotes and other two include
four fot eh kingdoms include eukaryotes and the toehr two include
which of the following is NOT a characteristics used to differentiate kingdoms
the kingdoms eubacteria and archaebacuteria were once frouped in a kingdom called
which of the folloing is NOT a characteristic used to classify bacteria
the major kinds of archaebacteria include
non-morile unicellular parasites that form spores and are responsible for malaria are called
witch of the following are nOT protists
amoebas move using extensions of cytoplasm called
diatoms have doublle shells made of
slime molds can be found
all fo the above
chitin is a tough material found in the cell walls of
all of the following are phyla of fungi except
distinct croups of cells witha similar structure and function are called
organ systems
tissues organized into specialized structures with specific fun ctions are called
the major gas that is released to the atmosphere by plants is
the most common seedless vascular plants are
vascular plants that reproduce by making seeds, but that do NOT produce flowers are called
angiosperms produce seeds in
most plants are
the plant tissue that transports water and dissolved nutrients is called
vascular tissue
we know viruses are NOT alive because
all of the above
the sudy of viruses is a part of biology because
they are active inside living cells
the tobacco mosiac virus
is able to be crystallized
are cellular organisms
a viral disease that causes paiunful swlling of a salivary gland is
viruses are
a typical virus consists of
a protein coar and a cytoplasm core
biologists now know that viruses
are the smallest organisms
a membranous envelope surroiunding some viruses may be composed of
all of the above
the capsid of a virus is the
protective outer coat
all viruses have
none of the above
an animal virus enters its host cell be
being injected into the cell
the cycle of viral infection, replication, and cell destruction is called the
lyctic cycel
a pathogen is an agent that is
harmful to living organisms
HIV can be transmitted
all of the above
the chromosomes of bacteria
contain a single circular picece of DNA
One difference between the cells in a human body and bacterial cells is that bacteral cells have
an outer cell wall made up of polysacharides and proteins
structures found in eukaryotic cells but NOT in a bacterial cell are
all of the above
which of the following might be found in the vytoplasm of a bacterial cell
bacterial walls have
botha cell membrane and an outer cell wall
bacterial endospores
allow certain species to survive harsh enviornmental conditions
bacteria can be classified according to their
all of the above
nitrogen fixing bacteria
converts ammonia in the sil into nitrogen
cell organelles that escherichia coli and other bacteria have in common with eukaryotes are
bacterial cells such as ESCH COLI transfer pieces of genetic material in a process called
ESCH coli is an example of a bacterium that has short thin hairlike prjections called
bacteria that causes botulism may survive in canned food for a long time because
the bacteria may form endospores
alexander fleemming is creditd with the deiscovery of
all ov ehte above
antiobiotics are ineffective against viral infections because
antibiotics interfere with metabolic processes that viruses do not perform
cholera is usually transmitted by
contaminated water
a bacterial disease carried from rodents to humbans by flea is
bubonic plague
a protist may be
all of the baove
the kingdom protista includes
all of the above
protists are found almost everywhere there is
eukaryotes that lack the freatures of animals, plants, or funi are placed in the kingdom
yoan organism is uncicellular and has a cell wall which must it also have
one of more flagella
when chlamydomonas reproduces asexually it divides by mitoses producing
zoospores are
produced as a result of mitosis
the haploid gamete-producing phase int the life cycle of some protists is known as the
zygospore generation
the marine green alga ULVA reproduces sexually by
alternation of generations
pseudopodia are used for
movembet by amoebas
amoebas capture food by
engulfing it
when an individual diatom gets too small beacause of the repeated division it
slips out of its shell, grows to a full size and regenerates a new shell
algae are
found in bothe fresh and salt water
kineto plastids
all fo the above
euglena is an example of a protist hat
is both autotrophic and heterotrophic
the process in which two paramecia come together afer meiosis to exzchange parts of their genetic material is called
protists also affect humans through
all of the above
giardiasis is a disease that is spread t
thourhg contaminated food and water
african sleeping sickeness is spread by
tsetse flies
whihc of the following are human diseases casused by protists
all fo the above
the protozaoan that causes malaria reproduces int teh
red blood cells of a human
malaria is caused by several species of
the stage in the lify cycele of plasmodium in which it lives in mosquitos and is ingected into humans is called the
the symptoms of malaria
all of the above
cure for amlaria
fungi obtain energy
by absorbing organic molecules
chitin is found in fungi and in
the oter shells of insectes
all of the above
the individual filaments that make up the body of a fungus are called
fungi obtain food by
digesting food externally befrore absobing it
fungi digest food
outside their bodies
fungi are improtant to an ecosystem as
most funal spores are formed by
the fusing of hyphae
an economicallt important use fo fungi is
all of the above
mushrooms puffballs and shelf fungi are examples of
club fungi
mushrooms and toadstools are members orf the phylum
an example of a fungus is
all aTO
the haploid game producitn phase int he life cycle of some protists in kinosn as the
sygospore gerneration
the marine green alga ulva repofurdud eces sexually by
alternations of generatoins
amoebas capture ofod by
engulfing it
when an individual diatom gets too small because of rep. divion it
slips out of its shell grous to full size and regernatrates and a new shells
all of the above
euglena is an example of a protsit
that is both autoptrophis and heterotruphic
the process in which two paramecia come together oafter meosis to exchange parts of their genetic material is called
in addition to causing disease protists allso affects humans through
all of the above
giardiasis is a diosease that is spread
thru contaminated food and water
african sleeping disease is spread by
tsetse flies
which of the following are human disdaeses caused by protists
all of the bovw
the protozaon that causes malaria reproduces in the
re blood cells of a human
the stage in the life cycele of plasmodium in which it lives in mosguitoes and is injected into humans is the
fungi obrain enervy
by absorbning organic moecules
the ind. filaments that make up the body of a fungus are called
most fungal spores are formed by
the fustinf of hyphae
an economically important use of fungi is
all of the above
shrooms puffballs and shel ffungi are
club fungi
mushrooms and toadstools are members of
all of the following ar true of ascomycetes except
no sexual stage has been seen
the group of fung that includes the molds hta often grow on bread is the
zygospores allow molds to
remain dormant until conditions are favorable
in a symbiotic assoc. a fungus provides mineral nutrients to a
photosynthetic partner
aid in the transfer of minerals from the sil to a plant
som mycorrhizae do NOT penetrate the host plant but rther wrap around the
consists of a fungus and an alga in a symbiotic relationship
the challenges that faced early alnd plants included
the ancestors of today's land plnats were prally
the cuticle
helps reduce the evaporation fo fluids from a plant
the diploid from in a plant's life cycle is called the
the haploid stage following a dipoid stage in a plant's life cycle is called
alternation of gen.
the seed coat
protects the seed from drying out
a flower is a
reproductv struct.
the dominant generation in cascular plants is the
the xylem in a plant
transports water and minerals
what function do fruits produced by angiosperms perform
monocots have
leaves with parallel vains
flowering plants are calssified as monocots or dicots according to the number of their
the primary purpose of the fruits is
seed dispersal
mosses hornworts and liverworts all possess
spore capsules
fiddleheads are produced by
which of the following is NOT a nonvascular plant
clifornia rewoods are some fo tee tallest members of the phylum
approx. 90 percent of all living plants are
all of the foll. are derived from angiosperms and used by humansEXCEPT
baker;s yeast
soybeans are a globally important crop because 45 percent of this legum is
all living things are grouped into one of the tree
homo habilis homo erectus and hom sapies
a model dev. by tax.
protecvtice cover. that some bacteria may from under harsh cond.
some protists undergo sex onlay times of envir.
some protists have ________ that contain light sesntive pvigments
disease causing protsits transmited by
true roots stems leaves are
many fruts are spread by __attracted to swwet fruirs
sseed plants whose seeds do not develop within a sealed container are called
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