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The Civil War
Began at Fort Sumpter after the Condeferacy fired on the union fort.
South Carolina
seceded first from the union.
Means to withdraw from the Union
Union states
Did not support slavery. the states are above the mason-dixon line. BE ABLE TO NAME THREE STATES FROM THE UNION
the confederate
states believed in slavery and were located in the South
three advantages
the union army had were : more men , more factories and more weapons
2 advantages
the confederate army had were : stronger military leader and a belief that they were fighting for a way of live they belived in.
Abraham Lincoln
was the president during the civil war
Harriet Tubman
was a Union spy during the civil war
Genaral Ulysses S. Grant
was a Union officer
Genaral Robert E. Lee
was a confedarate officer
The Emancipation Proclamation
ended slavery in the confederate state.
A plantation was a
large farm in the south where crops of cotton and tobacco were grown and slaves labor was used.
are people who fought to end slavery and helped slaves escape
the underground railroad was a secret
network organized by people who helped men women and children ESCAPE SLAVEry
Slaves were often sold
in auctions held on a public street.slave families were split apart during these auctions
had their names changed, were not allowed to learn to read and write and were severly punished for attempted escapes.
Harriet Tubman
is one of the underground railroad's most famous "conductors" also known as the "Black Moses".
Henry Brown
traveled in a box on a train to Philidelphia to become a free man.
Fredrick Douglas, an escaped slave
became a strong voice against slavery. He published a newspaper called the North Star.
A conductor
on the underground railroad guided and transported escaping slaves.
A passenger
on the underground railroad was a slave
Follow the Drinking Gourd
is a song that was used as a signal to plan an escape. The Drinking gourd refered to the little dipper constellation. Slaves were to follow the North Star to lead them North to freedom.
was the place slaves wanted to travel because Canada outlawed any type of slavery.
The Civil War Lasted
from 1861-1865
The Fuguitive slave act
said that even escaped slaves in the north must be caught and returned to their owners.
Northerners/ abolotionists would be fined
$1000.00 dollars and jailed if they helped a slave or failed to return an escaped slave to its owner.
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