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Palette of King Narmer
Hierakonpolis. ca. 3150-3125 BCE
Step Pyramid and Funerary Complex of King Djoser. 3rd Dynasty. ca. 2681-2662 BCE
Papyrus-shaped half-columns, North Palace, Funerary Complex of King Djoser
ca. 2681-2662 BCE
The Pyramids of Menkaure
ca. 1533-2515 BCE. Khafra ca. 2570-2544 BCE. Khufu ca. 2601-2528 BCE
The Great Sphinx
Giza. ca. 2570-2544 BCE
Sculpture of Khafra
Giza. ca. 2500 BCE
Sculpture of Menkaure and His Wife, Queen Khamerernebty II
Giza. ca. 2515 BCE
Sculpture of Prince Rahotep and His Wife, Nofret
ca. 2580 BCE
Relief Panel od Hesy-ra
Saqqara. ca. 2600 BCE
Sculpture of Seated scribe
Saqqara. ca. 2400 BCE Wood
Sculpture of Ka-Aper
Saqqara. ca. 2450-2350 BCE Wood
Ti Watching a Hippopotamus Hunt
ca. 2510-2460 BCE
Sculpture of Senwosret III (fragment)
ca. 1850 BCE
Sculpture of Lady Sennuwy
ca. 1920 BCE
Rock-Cut Tombs at Beni Hasan
11th and 12th Dynasties. ca. 1950-1900 BCE
Feeding the Oryxes
Beni Hasan. Tomb of Khnum-hotep. ca. 1928-1895 BCE Detail of a wall painting
Female Figurine
Thebes. 12th-13th Dynasties
Temple of Hatshepsut
Deir el-Bahri. ca. 1478-1458 BCE
Kneeling Figure of Queen Hatshepsut
Deir el-Bahri. ca. 1473-1458 BCE red granite, 1 of 8
Hypostyle Hall of Temple Amun-Ra
Karnak, Thebes. ca. 1290-1224 BCE
Seti I's Campaigns
Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak, Thebes. ca. 1280 BCE
Temple of Ramses II
Abu Simbel. 19th Dynasty. ca. 1279-1213 BCE
Interior of Temple of Ramses II
Abu Simbel. 19th Dynasty. ca. 1279-1213 BCE
Sculpture of Senenmut with Nefra
Thebes. ca. 1470-1460 BCE
Musicians and Dancers
Tomb of Nebamun, Thebes. ca. 1350 BCE fragment of a wall painting
Mai and His Wife, Urel.
Tomb of Ramose, Thebes. ca. 1375 BCE
Sculpture of Akhenaten
Karnak, Thebes. ca. 1353-1335 BCE
Akhenaten and His Family
ca. 1355 BCE
Sculpture of Queen Tiy
Kom Medinet el-Ghurab. ca. 1372 BCE
Sculpture of Queen Nefertiti
ca. 1348-1336/5 BCE
Cover of the coffin of Tutenkamen
18th Dynasty
The Weighing of the Heart and Judgment by Osiris
ca. 1285 BCE from The Book of the Dead of Hunefer
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