4th grade s.s. chapter 2 - levels of government SMG Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What is made up of the rules, or laws, that we follow and the people who run our country?
The Government
What type of government is the U.S.?
What is a Republic?
A type of government in which people elect the leaders to represent them.
What is a democracy?
A system of government in which every citizen has a right to take part in.
What is an official member of a country called?
A citizen
What is the written plan for governing the U.S. called?
The Constitution
What are the three LEVELS of Government?
local, state, and national
Who is the top official of the local government?
Mayor (or village manager)
Who is the top official of the state government?
Who is the top official of the national government?
The President
What is the capital city of the U.S., where our national government meets?
Washington D.C.
What is a federal government?
A system of government in which the national and state governments share power.
What are the three BRANCHES of government?
Legislative, executive, and judicial
What is the main job of the legislative branch?
To make laws
What is the main job of the executive branch?
To enforce laws
What is the main job of the judicial branch?
To interpret laws
Congress is the legislative branch of our government and it has two parts. What are they called?
The Senate and the House of Representatives
Where does Congress meet?
The United States Capitol
How many Senators are from each state?
How many Representatives in the House are from each state?
Depends on the state's population (the more people, the more representatives)
How long are Senators elected for?
6 years
How long are Representatives elected for?
2 years
Who is the head of the executive branch?
The President
How long is the President elected for?
4 years
Can the President be reelected?
Yes, only once
Where does the President live and work?
The White House
Who is in charge of our nation's armed forces?
The President
Who is the head of the Senate?
The Vice-President
What is our nation's highest court called?
The Supreme Court
How many judges serve on the Supreme Court?
How long do the Supreme Court justices keep their jobs?
Rest of their lives
What is an immigrant?
A person who comes to live in a new land
A way of life followed by a group of people including their food, music, clothing, art, religion, holidays, customs, stories, and games are called what?
What is an amendment?
A change to the constitution
Which branch of government would pass an amendment?
legislative (Congress)
The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called what?
Bill of Rights
What are the first three amendments?
1. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition 2. Right to bear arms 3. Quartering of troops
What is a government document used in traveling to foreign countries?
How old do you have to be to vote?
18 years old
What is a panel of ordinary citizens who make decisions in a court of law?
a jury
What are taxes?
Money the government collects to pay for its services, such as parks, roads, and schools
List three rights of U.S. citizens.
Freedom of speech, press, religion...vote, own a passport...
List three responsibilities of U.S. citizens.
Pay taxes, vote, obey laws, serve on a jury, go to school...
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