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cells that can be easily scraped from the lining of the mouth are
epithelial tissue
the dna of a cell is found mainly in its
the reaction between sodium metal and water can be classified as
single replacement
the beneficial relationship between termites and the protozoa that inhabit their digestive system is called
which subtance can be used to treat drinking water of questionable purity
the end product of protein digestion consist of
amino acids
a amgnetic compass points in the direction of
the local magnetic field
compounds that include fat and oils found in foods and the human body are
the kinetic energy of a l kg mass dropped from a height of 1 meter just before it hits the ground is
10 joule (m x g x h )=1kg x 9.8 x 1m
a 120-v electrical power supply produces 1/2 A to the load the pwr delivered is
120 watts
most cells without a cell wall would also lack
a magnifying glass is what kind of lens used on objects how far away
concave lens used closer than one focal length
the glucose content of blood is regulated by
insulin and adrenaline
frictional forces usually do not
increase potential energy
for a solar wclipe to take place the
moon must be between the sun and the earth
the function of an enzyme is to
speed up chemical reaction
the most accurate description of the earths atmosphere is that it is made up of
21% oxygen,78%nitro,.03%carbon dioxide trace rare gases water vapor
a vibating tuning fork placed in a vacuum under a bell jar will
be inaudible
3 ingredients found most often in commercial fertilizers are
nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
to which organism is the whale most closely related?
what is the correct formula for dry ice
in a vacuum radio waves and visible light waves have the same
which structure in the human eye performs the same function as the film in a camera
parallel rays of light after reflection from a plane flat mirror will be
which of the following determines the sex of a human baby
sperm cell
isotopes of the same element have the same number of
erosion and depletion are problems associated with
soil conservation
an isulator is amaterial with
few free electrons
light from the sun takes aproximately how long to reach earth
8 min.
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