ESOL Praxis Prep Flashcards

Language education
Terms Definitions
What Does Lep stand for?
Limited English Profecient
What does TESOL stand for?
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
What does ESL stand for?
English Second Language.
What does ESOL stand for?
English for Speakers of Other Languages
What does EFL stand for?
English as a Foreign Language
What does NABE stand for?
National Association for Bilingual Education
What does TEFL stnad for?
Teaching English as a foreign Language
What does ELL stand for?
English language learner
What is a stand alone Program?
where elp students are grouped together and taught
What is and ESL-plus program?
it contains a component of instruction ina nd abou
What is ESL-pullout
it is generally used in elementary settings
When is ESL class period used?
In the High School and middle school settings
What is the ESL resource center?
it is a pull out design concentrating resources an
Using students home language as well as English an
Bilingual Programs.
What do you call a phase out by 1st or 2nd grade?
Early exit bilingual program.
When a student spends more than 40% of their instr
A late Exit program
When instruction is provided in both languages and
Two way bilingual program.
When studenta nd paras go to content classrooms an
Content based programs
Nonlinguistic visuals, props, gestures coopperativ
Sheltered English methods of Instruction
What is scaffolding?
when the teacher models the desired learning strat
Using English onlyEnglish is taught through conten
Structured Immersion Programs
Lau Vs. Nichols states what?
The same education is not the same for all people
What ae the ESL standards?
to use English to communicat in social settingsTo
What is NCLB?
No child Left Behind
What is Audiolingualism?
repetive, memorization of dialogue, pattern drills
What is often refered to as drill and kill?
What is suggestopedia?
promotes a relaxing, low-anxiety environment of le
What is TPR?
Total Physical Response
An approach that is patterned up counseling techni
Community Language Learning
What did Cushner believe in?
The U curve hypothesis.
What is the honeymoon phase?
everything is new and exciting
What is the Hostility phase?
what looks different truly is different
What is the humor phase?
where you can laugh at previsouly made mistakes.
What is the Home phase?
where on can interput the world from many perspect
What is conversation structure?
follows the convention of stating the main points
What is emphasis?
placed on certain words to get the point across.
What is turn taking?
When opn person talks and then the other and switc
What is Intonation?
When you change a statement to a question.
What is Enculturation?
is the process by which a person learns the requir
What is ethnocentrism?
when you amke false assumptions about cultural dif
What is assimilation?
when children try to compare old information to ne
What is accomdation?
When children take the new informaiton and either
What is cultural assimilation?
a process of consistent integration whereby member
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