11 CAFS REVISION Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What is meant by the term well being?
The level of condition or state of a human being.W
What is meant by the term physical well being?
Well being related toa persons physical condition,
Define a goal
Are ends that individuals, families and groups wis
Which of the following is an example of a long ter
Completing the HSC
What is a global goal?
Goals that are set across the globe to benefit or
What are the steps in the Management Process?
Planning, Organising, Implementing and Evaluating
What are the steps in the decision making process?
Analyse the problemInvestigate the alternatives an
Define a nucleur family
Mother, father and children living together
What is External Change?
A change that occurs outside the family structure
What is a democratic leader?
This is the same as a collaborative leader, that i
Define primary research?
Research that is done first hand
Give 2 examples of a primary research method
interviews, questionnaire, case study, observation
Define quantitative reserach
Is data involving numbers and facts that can be ea
What are some examples of communication networks?
Channel, chain, circle, organisational grapevine
Factors that have a negative impact on communicati
Emotions, poor verbal skills, background noise, la
List 2 advantages of interviews
Can be done face to face or overthe phone• The res
List 2 disadvantages of an interview
Can be time consuming for bothresearcher and inter
Define an individual goal
Personal goals set by an individual
Give an example of an individual goal
To loose weight, to get fit, to achieve a good HSC
Define a group oriented goal
Goal set by a group of two or more people
Give examples of a group goal
A family wishing to buy a new home, a fund raising
Nane 2 factors that influence decision making
- access to resources- complexity of the problem-
Explain 4 reasons for group formation
- locality- gender- shared interest/ common goal-
How does self esteem impact on an individuals deve
Form healthy relationships with others, hold a str
How may self esteem impact on an individual's deve
May not participate in physical activities or spor
What is a sociogram?
A diagrammatic representation of the relationships
Name 5 styles of leadership
task orientedpeople orientedautocraticcollaborativ
What style of leadership would be most effective i
Collaborative/ Shared
When would autocratic leadership be effective?
When decisons have to be made quickly eg in a cris
Define socialisation
The process by which individuals learn how to cond
How may femininity impact on socialisation?
- Stereotypes assocaited with girls include pretti
What is a blended family?
When 2 families come together to make one family,
What is an emotional function?
Encouraging and supporting individuals by positive
Define a formal support network
A formal group with a specific purpose has organis
Define an informal support group
Groups that have no organisation and structure
Give 3 examples of informal support groups
family, friend, neighbours
Give 3 examples of formal support networks
Centrelink, Salvation Army, Red Cross, DOCS, Meals
How does Meals on Wheels support the family?
Provides nutritious meals to elderly or disabled i
How do friends provide support the family?
Baby sitting, emotional support, socially, financi
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