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In a unitary gov. system most of the power is in the hands of
the central goverment
which of the following countries would be a good example of a unitary gov. system?
Saudi Arabia
In a confederation gov. system, most of the power is in the hands of the
local goverment
What is the weakness of a confederation goverment system?
The central goverment has only as much power as the local goverment is willing to give them.
Which southwestern Asian country would be a good example of a federal system of goverment?
Who makes most of the important goverment decisions in an autocracy?
the ruler
Which soutwestern Asian contry could be discribed as an autocracy?
Saudi Arabia
Who makes most of the important government decisions in an oligarchy?
small group of powerful leaders
Why do individual voters have more power in an democracy than they do in a autocracy or oligarchy?
the voters get to choose the people that make the laws.
Which southwest Asian country has a democratic system of government?
Which type of gov. is discribed in the passage?
Which BEST discribes the government of Saudi Arabia?
Whcich branch of goverment is responsible fro making and carrying out laws in a parliamentary system?
The leader of a parliamentary system is often called the
Prime Minister
The leader of the parliamentary system is chosen by
the political party with most representitives in the legislature
The Head of State in a parliamentary system is often a person who has
a ceremonial role without much actual power
In a presidential system of government, how is the president chosen?
in a seperate vote from the one that chose the legislature?
What is the role of the president regarding the laws passed by the legislature?
the president must enforce these laws
The Ireali parliamentary is called the
What role do religous leaders play in the Isreali government?
They have some inflence in making laws
Who is allowed to vote in Isreali elections?
all citizens 18 and older
How often are elections for the national government held in Isreal?
Every four years unless the ruling party calls for them sooner.
Saudi Arabia is ruled by a
How long does the monarch rule?
until he dies or gives up power
What role do the people play in a gov. that is a monarchy like that of Saudi Arabia?
They have little influence, the leader makes most decisions.
What is Shariah Law?
laws based on the teachings of the Quaran
What is the deffinition of Theocracy?
A government that sees god as the ruler`
Why is Iran sometimes called a theocratic republic?
Iran's gov. is lead by both parliament and religous leaders.
What is an Ayatollah?
a Shia religous leader
Who is the most powerful official in Iran?
How does the Guardian Council affect elections?
they approve candidates that will be placed on the ballots in elections
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