Ch. 25, 26, 27, 28 Flashcards

health care reform
Terms Definitions
Ralph Nader
"Unsafe At Any Speed"; Green Party
Pat Robertson
The Christian Coalition
Ross Perot
3rd party candidate Election 91; 19% of pop vote
Bill Clinton
gov. AR; "It's the Economy, Stupid."; Whitewater
Manuel Noriega
Pannama General tried in FL
Hillary Clinton
led panel on health care reform
Saddam Hussein
Iraqi dictator
Newt Gingrich
"Contract with America"; conservative from GA
Janet Reno
first female Attorney General
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
pro choice in Supreme Court
Charles Murray
"The Bell Curve"- innate intellectual inferiority of non-white
Monica Lewinsky
affair w/ Bill; White House intern
The concept of the 1990s was said to be...
The velvet revolution was...
peaceful and swift downfall of communism
After Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, GHW Bush sent American troops to...
Saudi Arabia
Who did Clinton appoint to head the panel on health care reform?
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton's foreign policy centered on...
human rights
What spurred the new economy?
The Computer Revolution
By 2000, the unemplyment rate was...
Which country received permanent favored trade status under the Clinton administration?
What was the fate of the chief officers of Enron?
convicted of fruad; Lay died
Who made a contract with America?
Newt Gingrich
By the start of the 21st century, the largest minority group in the US was...
George W Bush
TX gov; conservative
John Kerry
senator from MA; lost to Bush 2004
Karl Rove
Bush's chief politival advisor; wanted to spread Repub. message
John Ashcroft
Bush's Attorney General; warned against criticism of govt
Alberto Gonzales
White House counsel turned Attorney General; said Geneva accords obsolete
Colin Powell
Secretary of State; critical of war
John McCain
senator from AZ; anti-torture policy in Defense Appropriations Act
Nancy Pelosi
first female Speaker of the House
Jack Abramoff
Republican lobbyist; guilty of defrauding and bribing
Michael Brown
head of FEMA; inexperienced
Sandra Day O'Connor
Justice; for affirmative action in schools
John Roberts
Chief Justice that replaced William Rehnquist
The Patriot Act...
gave unprecedented powers to law enforcement agencies that violated liberties
2 landmark Supreme Court cases in 2003 dealt with...
affirmative action and gay rights
The Kyoto Protocol of 97 dealt with...
global warming
Who was America's only ally in the initial phase of the Iraq War?
Great Britain
Who was left behind in the flood of new orleans?
poor African Americans
The Republican Congress response to Hurrican Katrina was...
cut funding to Medicaid, food stamps, and rebuilding rather than raise taxes
Which city saw the highest growth of immigrants from 1990 to 2005?
Nashville, TN
Hamdan vs. Rumsfield ruled that...
Geneva Convention rules could not be broken on account of terrorism
In 2003, Senator Robert Byrd of W. Va warned the Senate about...
consequences of preemptive war in Iraq
Operation Enduring Freedom was launched in Oct 2001 aginst...
Taliban in Afghanistan
In waging Operation Iraqi freedom, the US had the full support of...
Great Britain
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