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United States Navy
Terms Definitions
civilian in charge of policies and control of DON
who is senior Naval Officer; principle Naval advisor to President
Navy rep to JCS
who is commanders of operational forces
exercise admin and operational control of assigned NCF units
exercise admin and operational control of assigned NMCBs
Navy’s senior enlisted member, assigned to Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP) for three years
senior rep of the Navy
senior enlisted advisor to CNO and CNP
senior enlisted representative for all enlisted in the operational command
Fleet Master Chief
senior enlisted representative for all enlisted in force ratings
Force Master Chief
Who does the NMCB 11 fall under in homeport
The 22nd NCR
What are the Responsibility of CO
organizes unit
moral of the troops
ensures inspections/drills
What are the responsibilities of the XO
Ensure good order and discipline
Supervise company commanders and unit staff
Supervise training programs
Function as Chief Staff Officer
What are the responsibilities Command Master Chief
Serve as principle advisors to unit commanders and commanding officers
Keep commanders up to date on all situations and practices that affect the welfare, morale, and well being of the enlisted personnel
Counsel subordinate petty officers and chief petty officers
S1 Administrative Officer
Senior assistant to the XO
Prepares admin reports, maintains tickler file on recurring reports
Maintain legal office
S2 Intel Officer
Maintain library of contingency plans and maps
Supporting plans for combat support and disaster recovery
Operate the armory
S3 Operations Officer
Planning, scheduling, and managing of battalion construction, combat, and disaster recovery Ops
Construction quality
Evaluation of received OPORDS, prepare internal OPORDS for battalion
S4 Supply Officer
Procuring, receiving, storing, issuing, and accounting for all equipment, repair parts, and construction material
Disburses funds for purchases, pay, and allowances
Operates dining facility, barber shop, central store room, central tool room
Operates mail system
S6 Comms/ADP officer
Responsible for tactical communications training, equipment, and procedures
Responsible for installation, training, and maintenance of all ADP equipment
S7 Training Officer
Scheduling and monitoring technical and military training
Schedules classrooms, ranges, and spaces for training
Prepares homeport training plan
who is NMCB's equipment company
Alpha Co.
who is NMCB's shops/utilities Co.
Bravo Co.
Alpha Company is made up of what 3 platoons
Equipment Operation Platoon
Equipment Construction Platoon
Equipment Support Platoon
What Co. is Responsible for prime contracting, subcontracting, and maintaining and operating the unit's camp
What Companies are the NMCB's general construction companies.
What companies are responsible for prime contracts and an occasional subcontract; normally equal in strength and capabilities; they function as prime contractors for vertical construction.
What company provides support to the line companies in construction and disaster recovery operations
HQ company
Who is responsible to provides support to the line companies in construction and disaster recovery operations
Company Commander
admin responsibilities of company
assistant company commander
Company Chief
admin responsibilities
tactical control of platoon
project superintendents
Platoon Commander
timely resupply of platoon
Right Guide
control, discipline, and conduct of squad
tactical control of the squad
Squad Leader
control, discipline, and conduct of fire team
tactical control of the fire team
fire team leader
who maintains command and control of battalion in tactical environment
Combat Operations Center (COC
What is FEX
real time tactical scenario which exercises battalion’s embark, tactical, and command and control functions
NMCB Rapid Response Force
89 personnel, 35-45 pieces of CESE, but usually task organized
ready to fly in 48 hours from receipt of a warning order
can accomplish all missions of a battalion, but on a smaller scale
Air Det.
What is the NCF's mission
(Naval Construction Force)
to support Marine Air-Ground Task Forces (MAGTFs) and Navy ashore forces as required
How many NMCB's are there
08 active, 12 reserve
Who Exercises administrative and operational control of two or more NCF units operating in a specific geographical area or operating in support of a specific military operation
Engineering support of Amphibious Readiness Forces and Naval Beach Group and immediate over-the-beach support to Marine Forces during amphibious landing
Provides a construction unit contingency augment capability to fleet hospitals and naval construction force units
Wartime Mission: prepare to mobilize either as contingency augment for active Naval Mobile Construction Battalions (NMCBs) or as Fleet Hospital public works support units.
Peacetime Mission: Assist the Public Works department of the naval station by organ
Provides operational construction support for an NCR of up to four NMCBs
Inventory Management of construction materials (including requisitioning, expediting, receipt control, issue, and delivery)
Naval Construction Force Support Unit
Maintains a self-defense capability
Conducts Disaster Control and Recovery operations
approximately 333 personnel
Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
Provides a responsive, military capability for the construction, inspection, and repair of ocean facilities in support of Navy and Marine Corps operations (including engineering, construction, inspection, maintenance, and repair of underwater waterfront a
Underwater Construction Team
(48 personnel)
Small, highly mobile, air transportable construction unit
Constructs roads, dams, and bridges
Clear forests and jungles
Drill water wells
Dig irrigation canals
Build, repair, improve schools
Medical and dental care
On-the-job training for local civilians
Civic Action Team (CAT)
Provide responsive engineer construction capability to Navy, Marine Corps and other forces in military operation
Maintain base facilities
Repair battle damaged facilities
Conduct defensive operations as required by the circumstances of the deployment situ
Mission of an NMCB
Authority to direct forces to accomplish a specific mission or task;
A command relationship;
Specified in OPLAN /OPORDER “Chop
Operational Control
Authority to maintain the capabilities to accomplish any task within the units mission statement; coordinate training, logistic support, project selection
Parent command usually retains when OPCON is chopped;
Rule of thumb: Who pays the bills?
Administrative Control
What Describes the missions areas we should be able to perform; what tasks in each mission area; and in what environment we should be able to perform them.
Required Operational Capabilities
What are the two symbols used for the ROC's level of readiness
F-fully achieved capability
L- limited/ capability only partially realized
ROC's are reported under how many readiness conditions
Condition I- Battle Readiness
Condition II-Modified Battle
Cond. III- Wartime/Deploted Readiness
Cond. IV-Peacetime Deployed Readiness
Cond. V- Homeport Readiness
What is maximum expected continious endurance for condition I readiness
24 Hours
What is maximum expected continious endurance for condition II readiness
10 Days
What is maximum expected continious endurance for condition III readiness
60 days
What are the three types of orders
OpsOrd-puts OPLAN in effect
Warning Order-advance notice for unit to move
Execution-initiate supply personnel and administrative procedures required for a unit move
Whats an EDVR
all enlisted personnel in command
summary of present and future manning
numerical summary of an activity’s personnel account
How do you get and EDVR
Distributed monthly by the Enlisted Personnel and Management Center (EPMAC)
Describe the naval message precendence codes
R: routine, 6 hours
P: priority, 3 hours
O: immediate, 30 minutes
Z: flash, fast as possible (<10 minutes target
What is the naval correspondance manual instruction
SecNav 5216.5D
When performing personnel counseling when are referrals mandatory
Behavioral Disorders
Pyschological Problems
What rights does the member have on personnel counseling
To give input
To make a statement
What is an OPREP
An event likely to draw national attention
(ex: fatality)
What is a SITREP
An event not likely to draw national attention
(ex:auto accident)
What is a LOGREQ
reports logistics requirements to higher HQ
What is SORTS
Status of Requirement and Training Support
summarizes unit readiness using C4 to C1 system
What is the Seabees Skills Assessment Program
Continuous updating of a member’s skills
individual general skills (related to two or more ratings)
individual rating skills
individual special skills
military skills
crew skills (construction skills)
combined arms force of varying size made up of Fleet Marine Force and Naval Elements, and includes infantry, artillery, armor, engineer, reconnaissance, aviation and logistics components.
MAGTF is broken down how
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