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Terms Definitions
Hormone increases body's physiological responses to emergencies?
Theory of emotion emphasizing importance of cognitive activity?
2-factor theory (schatcher-singer)
Event > Reaction > Emotion
James-Lange theory of emotion.
Moderate Level
Physiological arousal level recommended to complete a task successfully?
Part of nervous system that slows heart rate & speeds up digestion?
Adrenal Glands
Secrete norepinephrine.
Level of arousal necessary for task performance?
Which situation mobilize the sympathetic nervous system?
Emotionally stressful situations.
Spill-over effect
Persons emotions change dramatically.
Area of brain is active during pleasure?
Nucleus accumbens.
Area of brain for disgust? Joy?
Right prefrontal cortex; Left frontal lobe.
Technique used to detect lies.
Area of brain connected to fear?
Expressing emotion helps survivability.
Evolutionary persepctive.
Guilty knowledge test.
Using known information to uncover emotional responsiveness.
Pay attention to ___ in order to understand someones true feelings?
Facial expressions.
Passionate love is communicated by prolonged ____?
Feel-good-Do-good phenomenon.
People are happy, they are more willing to help others.
Carroll Izard
Love is a combo of interest, excitement and joy.
Catharsis hypothesis.
Using a fantasy to release anger.
Perspective used to explore emotional expressivness?
Social-cultural level.
Type of learning used to study fear?
Diminishing returns phenomenon.
Insufficient rewards fail to motivate.
Subfield that contributes to the prevention & treatment of illness?
Health psychology.
Principle that refers to the tendency for our personal happiness to be heavily influenced by other's attainments?
Relative deprivation principle.
Factor that helps produce happiness or life satisfaction.
Meaningful religious faith.
Adaptation level phenomenon.
Tendency for our judgments of objects and events to be heavily influenced by previous experiences.
Problem focused coping.
Attempt to alleviate stress directly by changing the stressor.
3 stages of General adaptation syndrome.
Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion.
-/+ environmental stimulus that motivates behavior.
Inborn/innate action.
Helps lower rate of heart disease.
Laughter :D
What is food deprivation, and what is hunger an example of?
Need ; drive.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Basic needs (water,air,sleep,food) met first.
Area of brain controls hunger?
Arousal theory.
Likely to explore when mildly stimulated.
Anorexia nervosa.
When personnel psychologist develops a scripted set of ?'s for job applicants.
Structured interviews.
Binge-eating disorder.
Excessive eating, followed by remorse (purging).
Importance of interviewers preconceptions of the interpretation of interviewees responses.
Interviewer is attracted to interviewee, shines + light on answers.
Women relate their emotional distress too__?
Sexual disstress.
Achievement test.
Assess what an individual has learned.
Halo Errors.
Praising a work, based on how well you like the person.
Being able to maintain a sense of calm & keep others comfortable during stressful situations?
Emotional intelligence.
Equation for IQ.
(mental age/chronological age) x 100
A person pursues high standards and significant accomplishments.
Acheivement motivation.
Best example of a category of objects, people, events.
Functional fixedness.
Used for one purpose, no other functions.
Test measuring what its suppose to measure.
Test validity.
Strategy used to solve a problem quickly.
Searching for information to confirm your belief.
Confirmation bias.
Belief perseverance.
Despite contrary evidence, still believing in youre right.
Representative heuristic.
How good something matches a prototype.
How readily something comes to mind.
Availability heuristic.
Rules by which we derive meaning from morphemes, words, and sentences.
Framing effect.
Wording that effects responses.
Ah-ha moment, sudden realization.
Contemporary psychologist criticize the over-estimation of the impact of thinking on language in whose hypothesis?
Whorf's linguistic determinism hypothesis. (Cant think without language)
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