16 Major Events in Chiropractic History Flashcards

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Who disaffected faculty at PSC in 1910?
Joy M. Loban
What year did Joy M. Loban disaffect faculty at PSC?
What did Joy M. Loban teach at PSC?
Joy M. Loban was chosen by who to teach a philosophy course at PSC?
BJ Palmer
Where did Joy M. Loban take 50 students?
University CC
Who pioneered research in the early 20's using upright full spine xrays?
Joy M. Loban w/J. Steinbach
What does PSC stand for?
Palmer School of Chiropractic
Who stated,"I was fortunate in knowing DD Palmer and having the fundamentals from Dr. Carver. I was in position to compare their thinking patterns. I believe their thinking was more similar than any of the other school men." However, from 1913 u
Tullius deFlorence Ratledge in California
Who regarded BJ Palmer as the President of the Chiropractic World?
Tullius deFlorence Ratledge
Who was Tullius deFlorence Ratledge in regards to Carver and DD Palmer?
a student of Dr. Carver and an employer of DD Palmer
Tullius deFlorence Ratledge moved Ratlege College from ____________ to ____________.
Los Angeles
When and for how long was Tullius deFlorence Ratledge put in jail?
75 Days
Who was active in statewide public referendum which won chiropractic licensure?
Tullius deFlorence Ratledge
Who pardoned all DC's in jail?
Governor F. Richardson
Why did Governor F. Richardson pardon DC's in jail?
he thought them "unjustly accused"
When was the NCM debacle?
Who developed the neurocalometer?
Dossa Evans
What is the neurocalometer?
a diagnostic instrument used to measure heat differentials on skin b/t 2 sides of a vertebrae. Used to identify "hot boxes" caused by subluxation.
The Big Four left PSC and formed what?
Lincoln College
What happened 5 years after the Big Four left PSC?
PSC 90% decreased enrollment to 400.
Lyceum attendance from 8000 high to 700 low in 1926.
Who began the vitriolic anti chiropractic campaign?
Morris Fishbein editor of JAMA
Who was the editor of JAMA in 1926?
Morris Fishbein
What does HIO stand for?
When did BJ Palmer die?
When did BJ finally increase curriculum to 4 years?
What did BJ Palmer do in 1935?
developed chiro clinic for difficult, referred patients for chiro research
Who developed HIO?
BJ Palmer
Year of organization of NCA?
NCA stands for?
National Chiropractic Association
Where did the NCA come from?
Early ACA (1922 Margetts)
Remnants of UCA (BJ 1926 starts CHB)
What did the NCA do?
Defended arrested DCs
improved education
work for better licensing laws and public relations
What year did the Sid Wms campaign attempt to merge ICA & ACA?
Which two associations were attempted to merge by Sid Wms Campaign?
List some organizations which have emerged out of NCA efforts.
When did 4 yr programs exist in DC colleges?
Who saw chiropractors as physician-scientists and pushed for more research?
Head of NCA Community Education Standars, C. Watkins
When did C. Watkins push for more chiro research?
When did John Nugent approve 12 colleges under Nugent criteria?
Who chaired the committee and approved 12 colleges under Nugent criteria?
John Nugent
Who was considered chiro's Flexner?
John Nugent
What did John Nugent do for chiropractic?
traveled and encouraged colleges to go to 4 years, be non-profit, strengthen faculty, facilities, and clinics
Who wrote Sixteen Major Events in Chiropractic History?
Walter Wardwell
When was 16 major events in chiro history written?
Who discovered chiropractic?
Daniel David Palmer
When was chiropractic discovered?
What did DD Palmer have detailed knowledge about?

astute observations in practice
Who developed theory and philosophy to explain clinical successes in chiropractic?
Daniel David Palmer
What was DD Palmer's Magnum Opus?
Chiropractor's Adjustor: Textbook of Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic for Students and Practitioners (1910)
What does Wardwell feel is the most important event in chiropractic history?
DD Palmer's Magnum Opus - Chiropractor's Adjustor (1910)
What does BJ stand for in BJ Palmer?
Bartlett Joshua
Who was the developer of chiropractic?
BJ Palmer
Who developed Palmer School of Chiropractic?
BJ Palmer
What did BJ Palmer develop into the largest health practitioner college in the nation?
Palmer School of Chiropractic (PSC)
Without ___________ chiropractic might not have survived.
BJ Palmer
When was the trial of Shegataro Morikubo?
Where was the trial of Shegataro Morikubo?
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
What was Shegataro Morikubo charged with?
Practicing medicine and osteopathy without a license.
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