Constitutional Democracy - Lesson 4, Chpt 4, 5th Grade Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Laws allow for peaceful way of settling
Purpose of a democratic government is to
protect the rights of its citizens and to promote the common good.
The Constitution empowers the federal goverment which means
gives it enough power to govern the nation.
3 branches of goverment that share its power
legislative, executive, and judicial branches
Separation of the power between the 3 branches keeps the federal government from becoming
too powerful.
The 3 branches of government must often work together to
pass laws, make treaties, and use military power to defend the nation.
The federal goverment takes care of the following issues
military properly trained and equipped, protect national parks and environment, protect children and people who are ill or elderly.
Constition limits and empowers the federal goverment by having
3 branches of government that must work together.
This system keeps any one branch from becoming too powerful or misusing authority.
Checks and Balances.
President can check or eliminate a bill from Congress by
Congress can check the president's power by
overriding the veto or refusing to give money for programs.
Supreme Court can check Congress' bills by
Declaring them unconstitutional.
An alliance that works to reach common goals. This is the purpose of the Checks and Balances between the legislative branches.
Tenth Amendment
preserves the rights of the states and its people by declaring that anything not specifically spelled out in the Constitution cannot take away rights of the states or its people
State goverments are responsible for
build state highways, protect state parks, oversee public schools and state universities. And they provide many services to help the people in their state if they do not have enough money for food, shelter, health care, or other basic needs.
The Constitution says states cannot
print money, raise armies, or make treaties with other countries. Trade agreements between states must be approved by Congress.
What are the 3 levels of government
federal goverment, state goverment, and local goverment.
State governments also have 3 branches
legislative branch, executive branch, and judicial branch
Local governments call their executive
Local goverments call their legislative branch
City Council
In a county legislative branch is
Board of Commissioners
Principles of Democracy include
justice, equality, responsibility, and freedom.
Government derives its power from the people
Popular Sovereignty
In a republic, power is given to representatives when they are voted in by their
Democratic responsibility
to vote
Public Agenda
writing letters to representatives keeps leaders on track with what people want from the government
Democratic responsibility
to vote
Public Agenda
writing letters to representatives keeps leaders on track with what people want from the government
The right to vote was not given to women-- this right is called
Edna Purtell
protested to get women the right to vote
Civic Virtue
to act with qualities that add to a healthy democracy. Obey laws, serve on juries, pay taxes, males register for military.
Immigrants become US legal citizens if they are 18 years old, have lived in the country for 5 years, or marry a US citizen. And they must pass a test on US government and history, be able to speak and write English.
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