Xray Physics Quizzes Flashcards

Terms Definitions
As the SID decreases, the magnification?
As the OFD increases, the detail?
Another name for the Edge Effect is?
What is the effect of a larger anode disc angle?
Dissipates more heat (=less heat)
With a wrist xray, how do you position the area of complaint?
Closer to anode side of tube.
What is the function of the line compensator?
Calibrate the kV.
On a single phase xray unit, in what increments does the knob adjust the voltage supply?
Minor = 2 kV; Major = 10 kV
When working on a single phase machine, in what order do you ALWAYS set the factors?
mA, seconds, kV
What is the name of the device which measures the quantity of radiation reaching image receptor?
Automatic Exposure control
On what side is the radiation intensity the greatest?
Cathode side
If you the factors are the SAME but the distance of the tube changes from 40” to 80” what is the effect on the density at 80” in relation to 40”?
Decrease by ¼
What is the effect when tube moves from 40” to 80”:
a. Magnification – Decreases
b. Detail – Increases
With an upright AP lumbar film, which end of the tube should be up?
Anode side
On a table, with a lateral lumbar view, how should the body be positioned?
Head towards the anode.
On a table, with a lateral thoracic view, how should the body be positioned?
Head towards the cathode.
On a table, with an AP thoracic view, how should the body be positioned?
Head towards the anode
When an upright tube is installed, which part of the tube is up?
What is used to adjust for the change in thickness and density of the body?
Compensating Filter
What was roentgen working on when he discovered xray?
Crooke’s tube
When did he discover xray?
Who was first person xray’d for medical purposes?
Mrs. Roentgen
What was first body part xray’d?
Where was first medical xray in US?
Dartmouth college
What is function of tube housing?
a. Reduces intensity of leakage of radiation
b. Prevent electric shock
What is function of focusing cup?
Focuses the electron beam towards the anode
What is the name of the process of “boiling off” of the electrons in the outer shell of the filament atoms?
Thermionic emission
What are three body parts that require a large focal spot
a. thoracic
b. lumbar
c. pelvis
d. hip
If you have 50 kV with 100 mAs and then increase to 100 kV with 100 mAs, what is the result?
More generating power but no change in the density of xray
Which rectifying machine has the smallest voltage ripple?
High frequency
What is the name of the chart which gives a safe kVp and time for a given mA?
Tube rating chart (aka Radiographic rating chart)
With the spinning top test on a single phase rectifying machine, an exposure of 1/10th seconds would result in how many dots?
120 pulse/sec x 1/10 = 12 dots
What is the only advantage to using the highest mA setting with the least amount of time?
Less motion = more detail
What is the only advantage to using the lowest mA setting with the most amount of time?
Less heat
What are the heat units for a high frequency machine if the mA is 100, the time is 1/10th second, and the kV is 80?
1120 HU
What is the rotor made of?
What is the function of the stator?
Series of copper wire loops which create an electromagnetic charge.
What is the name of the chart which gives you the mAs and kVp settings for a specific view?
Technique chart
What xray factor is directly related to the density of the film?
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