Glencoe's The American Republic Since 1877;Ch 14-1: The United States Enters WWI Flashcards

Terms Definitions
leader of a Mexican guerilla group
Pancho Villa
an armed band that carries out surprise attacks and sabotage rather than open warfare
an intense pride in one’s homeland
the ideas that people who belong to a nation should have their own country and government
the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne
Franz Ferdinand
the alliance of France, Russia, Great Britain, and Italy in WW I
the alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria in WW I
Central Powers
information designed to influence opinion
prohibited material
German submarines
German promise not to sink merchant ships without warning
Sussex Pledge
letter sent by German official to Mexico to ally itself with Germany against the United States in exchange for regaining its territories lost earlier to the U.S.
Zimmerman telegram
Woodrow Wilson opposed _____
Woodrow Wilson believed _____
a) Democracy was essential to a nation’s stability and prosperity
b) U.S. should promote democracy to ensure peaceful world
1. Who seized power in Mexico shortly before Wilson took office?
General Victoriano Huerta
Wilson’s reaction to Huerta seizing power-
1 He was repulsed and refused to recognize the new government
2 Prevent weapons from reaching Huerta
3 Permit Americans to arm other factions
3. What was the result of Mexico’s refusal to apologize for arresting American sailors?
He sent Marines to seize the Mexican port of Veracruz
4. Why was international mediation necessary?
Anti-American riots broke out and international mediation was required to settle the dispute
5. Why did guerillas raid the U.S.?
Wanted US intervention to overthrow Carranza
6. What was the result of General Pershing’s Expedition?
Pershing failed to capture Villa and was recalled
Factors contributing to WW I
Balkan Crisis, Alliance System, Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Naval Race
How was the new surge of nationalism evident in Europe in the late 1800s?
Each nation viewed the others as competitors, and many people were willing to go to war to expand their nations at the expense of others.
How did nationalism cause unrest in the Balkans?
Different national groups within the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires began to press for independence
Who was behind the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and what did they want?
“Black Hand” supported by the Serbian government in the hopes that war would start and bring down the Austro-Hungarian Empire
What were the initial countries in WW I?
Austria, Serbia, Russia, Germany, France
Why did Great Britain become part of the Triple Entente?
When German forces advanced through neutral Belgium Britain declared war on Germany
What was American sentiment toward the war?
Many new immigrants supported their homeland. Public opinion favored the Allies cause
What was the British Blockade?
1. navy blockaded Germany
2. mined the North Sea
3. forced neutral ships to port for inspection
What was Germany’s response?
Deployed U-boats that would sink vessels around Great Britain
What was the Lusitania?
British ship sunk by German U-boats. More than 1200 people died including Americans
How did the Sussex Pledge keep the US out of the war?
Germany promised with certain conditions not to attack merchant ships without warning
What two events caused the US to enter WWI?
Unrestricted submarine warfare, and Germany’s attempt to ally with Mexico
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