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Terms Definitions
transitional poor
Temporarily in poverty because of a change.
marginal poor
barely making enough to meet their needs
residual poor
long term, stereotype
Misconceptions of homelessness
homeless people have a mental illness or are on drugs, Shelter space is always available, people who are homeless are unemployed, the government is meeting the needs of the crisis
Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Assistance Act of 1987
established programs for housing, food, and education
life sustaining programs
meet the needs for people who are homeless
rehabilitative services
programs for education, job training, addiction treatment, domestic violence
Policy and program advocacy
strengthen local, state, and federal responses to homelessness
cyclical unemployment
recessions or economic fluctuations in the demand for workers.
Frictional unemployment
temporarily out of work because of job change
Structural unemployment
people's skills fall short of requirement or discimination occurs
oldest goal, eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
prevention strategy; criminal sanctions for all offenses, guidelines that courts must adhere to
educational and vocational training, parole
upon release people should be able to adapt and restablish themselves in the community
intensive supervision and monitering of offenders' wherabouts in community-based programs
specific roles in criminal justice
police officers, forensic social workers, juvenile court officers, probation and parole officers, social workers in correctional programs, victim assistance programs
public health
social aspects of health and social conditions and wellness
primary health care
common problems treated in community settings
hospital-based services
relationships between the social and phsycal dimensions of medical conditions
Long-term care
continuous health care, personal care, and social services for people who cannot take care of themselves
research on genome projects, it will help to lead to treatment of genetic disorders
People with HIV/AIDs face
dealing with stigma, continueing everyday lives, dealing with losses, planning for survivors, special issues for women
developmental disability
nondiagnostic term to determine someone's eligibilty for federally funded programs
examples of developmental disabilities
mental retardation, cerebal palsy, hearing loss, epilepsy
Psychological theories
emphasize the impact of early childhood, family relationships, and unconscious conflicts on personal structure
organic theories
hormones, biochemical balance, neurotransmitters, genetics, and sunlight
sociocultural theories
emphasizes the influence of social and cultural contexts on human behavior
community-based mental health services
two or more people who regard their relationship as family and who take on the responsibilites of a family
single-parent families
a mother or father taking care of children
blended families
step parents, stepsiblings, etc.
gay and lesbian families
a family with homosexual couples and possibly children
multigenerational families
three or more generations of families in one house
grandparent-headed families
grandparent taking care of children
functions of familes
childbearing, consumers, childrearing, educations, socialization
mandated reporting refers to
those that are professionals are required to report of any suspicion of abuse
1980 Adoption assistance and child welfare act
permancy planning, children should stay in own home with supportive services
The Child abuse and prevention act amendments of 1996
integrates work of social services, legal, health, mental health, education, and substance abuse agencies and organizations
The adoption and safe families act of 1997
emphasizes safetly, permanence and well being of children
keep children and families safe act of 2003
improving organizations that help children and families
supportive services
trying to keep the family together. It is the first step
supplementary services
helps fill some of the missing parts of a family so that they can stay together with outside hlep
substitutive services
substitutes the childs family with a foster home or adoptive parents
role of social work in infertility program
providing supportive counseling and trying to find referrals to help the clients
issues families face in supporting aging parents
stress, financial problems, taking care of too many people
occupational social work
the social workers work with the employees of a business to help with their personal and work needs
cycle of domestic violence
the victim feels like they have a bit of control so they dont' fulfill the demands of the spouse, abuse happens that become intense, there then is love and no tension, and then the victim tries to use skills to cope with the situation such as denial
seven times of elder abuse
neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation (doing something with there finances or assetts that they didn't want done), abandonment, self-neglect
international social work
international organization using social work methods, social work cooperation between countries, and the transfer between countries of social work methods and knowledge of social work
specific resources for older adults
income support, SSI; health care, medicaid, medicare; nutrition, food stamps; housing, public subsidized housing; transportation, reduced bus fares; socialization, adult day care, volunteer programs; legal services, legal aide
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