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Terms Definitions
A collection of fields that describe a person, place, object, event, or idea
Field value
The specific value, or content, of a field is called the what?
A set of field values
Database, or a Relational Database
A collection of related tables
Common Field
You connect the records in the separate tables through a __________  _________ that appears in both tables.
Primary Key
A field whose values uniquely identify each record in a table
Foreign Key
When you include the primary key from one table as a field in a second table to form a relationship between the two tables, it is called a ________ _________ in the second table.
Database management system (DBMS)
A software program that lets you create databases and then manipulate data in them.
Relational database management system
In a __________ __________ _________ _________, data is organized as a collection of tables.
What four things are used to organize data? And in what order do they go?
A predesigned database that includes professionally designed tables, reports, and other database objects that can make it quick and easy for you to create a database.
1. Choose fields
2. Group fields into tables
3. Choose primary key
What are the steps in creating a database?
Datasheet view
The new blank table that access created is displayed in _________ ______.
Navigation Pane
The area on the left side of the window that lists all the objects in the database, and it is the main control center for opening and working with database objects.
Field Names
When copying records from another access database, you must have the same _______ _______.
Navigation buttons
Provide another way to move vertically through the records.
A question you ask about the data stored in a database
Available fields list box
You need to select fields from the ____________ _________ _______ ______ to include them in the query.
not stored(temporary)
The query results are ______ ______ in the database.
The query _______ is stored as part of the database with the name you specified.
An object you use to enter, edit, and view records in a database (1 at a time).
Form Tool
This creates a form containing all the fields in the table or other database object on which you're basing the form.
Layout view
In _________ ________, you can make design changes to the form while it is displaying data.
Report tool
This places all the fields from a selected table (or query) on a report, making it the quickest way to create a report.
By _________ your databases, you can ensure that they operate in the most efficient way, that the data they contain is secure, and that you can work with the data effectively.
_________ a database rearranges the data and objects in a database to decrease its file size, thereby making more space available on your disk and letting you open and close the database more quickly.
1. Identify all the fields needed to produce the required info.
2. organize each piece of data into its smallest useful part
3. group related fields into tables
4. Determine each tables primary key
5. include a common field in related tables
6. avoid
Guidelines for Designing Databases:
In the ______ data type, the field size is 0 to 255 characters: default is 255.
In the ______ data type, the field size is 1 to 65,535 characters.
2. Positive, 3. Negative
In the 1.________ data type, its field size is 1 to 15 digits and it allows 2.________ and 3.________ numbers.
In the ________ data type, the field size is accurate to 15 digits ont the _____ side of the decimal point and to 4 digits on the _______ side. 
*Answers respectively
In the _________ data type, the field size is 9 digits.
In the _______ data type, the field size is 1 character.
The ________ ______ for a table uniquely identifies each record in a table. (Can't have blank field)
one-to-many relationship
This exists between two tables when one record in the first table matches zero, one, or many records in the second table, and when one record in the second table matches AT MOST one record in the first table.
Referential Integrity
A set of rules that Access enforces to maintain consistency between related tables when you update data in a database.
*the rules are on page AC 83
Find Command
This allows you to search a table or query datasheet, or a form, to locate a specific field value or part of a field value.
all tables you're able to open
What does the query window show?
Access lets you select up to _____ different sort fields.
These sort fields must be in __________ columns in the datasheet.
A set of restrictions you place on the records in an open datasheet or form to temporarily isolate a subset of the records.
Calculated Field
A field that displays the results of an expression.
Wildcard character
A placeholder you use when you know only part of a value or when you want to start or end with a specific character or match a certain pattern
1. *
2. ?
3. []
4. !
5. -
6. #
List of Wildcard Characters:
*There are 6 Characters
*Test Question: Which one IS NOT a wildcard character?
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