Chapter 6 Flashcards

right margin
Terms Definitions
You can click the ____ button on the Quick Access Toolbar to cancel your most recent action.
With desktop publishing software, it is possible to ____, as shown in the accompanying figure.
all of the above
The horizontal lines in the nameplate in the accompanying figure are called ____.
 rules or ruling lines
To change all margin settings, use the Margins button on the ____ tab.
Page Layout
A ____ on the first page of a newsletter may consist, for example, of the information above the multiple columns.
The button used to create the WordArt shown in the accompanying figure is located on the ____ tab.
Applying a gradient color to a WordArt drawing object like the one shown in the accompanying figure is done by using the Gradient command available on the ____ gallery.
shape fill
To delete a WordArt graphic like the one in the accompanying figure, right-click it and then click ____ on the shortcut menu.
When you press the ENTER key in a bordered paragraph, Word ____.
carries the border forward to the next paragraph
To place text at the right margin of a left-aligned paragraph, ____.
 set a tab stop at the right margin
The Symbol button is available on the ____ tab.
To add dashes or hyphens, you can use the ____ tab in the Symbols dialog box.
Special Characters
The ____ floating option wraps text in a box around an object.
The ____ floating option wraps text around the shape of the object.
A floating object ____.
both a and b
To format a graphic as floating, first select it and then use the ____ button on the Format tab.
Reset Picture
The message at the end of the article on the first page of the newsletter is called a ____ line
Reset Picture
The message at the end of the article on the first page of the newsletter is called a ____ line.
As you put body copy into columns, try to have between ____ words per line
five to fifteen
The font size of text in columns should be no larger than ____ point.
To create a drop cap, display the ____ tab on the menu bar and then click the Drop Cap button.
You specify a column break in the ____ gallery.
Insert Page and Section Breaks
Word inserts a column break at the ____.
location of the insertion point
Pressing ____ repositions the insertion point at your last editing location.
A point is approximately ____ of an inch.
When an object is pasted, the item being copied is the ____ object.
When you position the mouse pointer on the split box at the top of the vertical scroll bar, the mouse pointer changes to a ____ pointer, which has two small horizontal lines each with a vertical arrow.
To balance columns, a ____ is inserted at the end of the text on the page
continuous section break
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