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Terms Definitions
Primary agency for the regulation of pesticides in
Texas Dept of Agriculture ( TDA )
Structural Pest Control Service ( SPCS ) issues f
Three types of Agricultural Licenses?
CommercialNon CommercialPrivate
TDA SPCS 7 categories?
Termite ControlPest ControlLawn and OrnamentalStru
Twelve TDA Categories?
Agricultural ForestOrnament and TurfSeed Treatment
State lead agency for the regulation of pesticides
Texas Dept of Agriculture TDA
The 1971 Texasx Structural Pest Control ACt is enf
SPCS - Structural Pest Control Services
You are required to keep records for how long?
2 years
What agencies are involved in the regulations of p
TDA - lead agencyTexas Commission of Enviromental
Which agency enforces the Texas Solid Waste Dispos
Texas Commission on Enviromental Quality TCEQ
The Texas Structural Pest Control Act requires a c
48 hours
What is the full name and acronym for the Federal
Enviromental Protection Agency - EPA
What is the full name and acronym of the Law used
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
A substance or mixture of substances used to contr
The ____________of a substance is its capacity to
Two Types of Toxicity?
Acute ToxicityChronic Toxicity
What is Acute Toxicity?
Refers to how poisonous a pesticide is after one s
What is Chronic Toxicity?
Refers to delayed poisonous effect after either co
What are the three routes by which a pesticide can
Dermal routeInhalation routeOral route
Dermal route refers to?
Skin, passage through your skin.
Inhalation route refers to?
Inhale into your lungs.
Oral route refers to?
Drink, through the mouth.
______ is a rating of chemical toxicity that descr
LD 50
LD 50 refers to the amount of pesticide that?
Kills half the animals in a laboratory test.
The ________the LD 50 value, the less chemical req
SmallerLD 50 of 25 is much more poisonous than LD
Pesticide LD 50 values are measured in units of we
Milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg)
A kilo-gram contains _________ milligrams?
1,000,000 and equals about 2.2 pounds.
Another way of measuring pesticides is referred to
PPM - parts per million.For every milion parts of
The ______ is a chemical toxicity rating describin
LC 50 - Lethal Concentration Fifty
Four Toxicity Categories of a pesticide?
I Highly ToxicII Moderately ToxicIII Slightly
Signal Words
In general, specific pesticide formulations pose a
emulsifield concentrate - most hazardouswettable p
What signal word must be on label for pesticides c
What signal word must be on label for pesticides c
What signal word must be on label for pesticides c
What signal word must be on label for pesticides c
What margin of safety ( safety factor ) does the E
100 times
Pest can be placed into four main categories
Insects and related animalsPlant DiseasesWeedsVert
Insects can be divided into three groups
Adult insects have _____ pairs of jointed legs and
Three , Three
These three insect body regions are?
What are the three types of insect mouthparts?
Chewing: toothed jaw (beetles, cockroach, ant)Pier
The middle body part of insect, has three pairs of
An insects ___________ is built of segments, with
Abdomen , Spiracles
Insects go through a series of changes as they dev
After hatching from an egg, the young insect is ca
No metamorphosis is?
Insects change very little except for size. (silve
Simple or Gradual Metamorphosis is?
Insects mature through three distinct stages ( egg
Incomplete matamorphosis is?
Pass through three stages of development (egg, nai
Complete Metamorphosis is?
Four stages called ( egg, larva (caterpillars, mag
Spiders, ticks, mites, sowbugs, millipedes and cen
True, insects have six legs
Arachnids consist of?
Spiders, mites, ticks, and scorpions. Eight legs a
Diseases are caused by biological agents called?
What does the term vertebrate mean?
Animals with jointed backbones
A ___________ is any chemical used to control pest
Abbreviations used on labels to describe type of f
FlowableGranularDustLiquidSoluble LiquidSoulble Po
An ____________ (A) is a pesticide formulation tha
How many ounces in a gallon?
128 oz
How many ounces in a quart?
32 ounces
How many pints in a quart?
2 pints
How many ounces in a pint?
16 oz
How many square feet are in an acre?
44,000 sq ft
Chemicals that kill insects
____________________ are general purpose insectici
Broad Spectrum
________________ insecticides kill only a few kind
Narrow Spectrum
______________ and ______________ are chemicals us
Multicides and Acaricides
______________ control fungi that causes molds, ro
___________________ are chemicals used to control
____________ are chemicals used to control pest sp
Parts of the Label
Brand NameClassificationNet contents and ingredien
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