Anaerobic exercise
Terms Definitions
The ATP/PC system is commonly called this.
Alactacid system
The aerobic energy system is dependent on this.
In the alactacid system, ATP is resynthesised thro
Creatine Phosphate
CP supplies are exhausted in 10-12 seconds. How lo
Two minutes
The process of using glycogen or glusose as fuel i
Anaerobic means that the reaction occurs in the...
Absence of oxygen
Name a sporting event that predominantly uses the
400 metre sprint (running)Typical long rally in te
The point at which lactic acid accumulates rapidly
Lactate threshold
What is the consequence of lactic acid accumulatin
The lactic acid system can only use this as a sour
Trained athletes begin using fat as a fuel earlier
Glycogen sparing
The point at which the body changes its main fuel
Hitting the wall
Name the four major types of Aerobic training.
ContinuousFartlekAerobic interval trainingCircuit
The two types of continuous training are...
Long, slow distance trainingHigh intensity, modera
The two main factors differentiating aerobic inter
Intensity and rest period
List six examples of how to achieve progressive ov
Increase the number of stationsIncrease the time a
List the four types of flexibility training.
An involuntary muscle contraction that prevents fi
Stretch reflex
Provide three examples of athletes that may benefi
DancersMartial artsGymnastsSprinters
How many times can an athlete lift a weight that i
6 times
What is the repetition range for an athlete trying
2-5 repetitions (85-95% of 1RM)
List the principles of training
ReversibilitySpecificityVarietyProgressive overloa
An training technique designed to develop power wh
The anaerobic threshold is more accurately known a
Lactate Inflection Point (LIP)
What are the upper and lower limits of the target
What are the major physiologicl adaptations in res
Decreased resting heart rateIncreased stroke volum
Name the four types of motivation.
Give three examples of extrinsic motivation.
TrophiesSocial statusMoney
Psychological strategies to enhance motivation and
FocusingMental rehearsal/ imagery/visualisationGoa
What is the major difference between anxiety and a
Anxiety is psychological whereas arousal is physio
Trait anxiety is primarily dependent on the athlet
Personality/ genetics
A technique used when setting goals.
What types of food should be consumed prior to per
Complex carbohydrates
The technique of loading muscles with glycogen in
Carbohydrate Loading
Is a depletion phase required in order to carbohyd
NO! However, tapering of training AND an increase
Thirst is the best indicator an athlete can use to
FALSE- by the time the athlete is thirsty, dehydra
During performance, how much fluid should be consu
What type of food should be consumed immediately a
High GI (Gycemic Index) foods. Rehydration of lost
Give two reasons why an athlete would choose to us
To overcome a nutritional deficiencyAs an ergogeni
Two neural strategies used to enhance recovery are
List the three stages of skill acquisition.
What are the 5 important heredity characteristics
Relative percentage of fast-twitch and slow-twitch
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