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Systems Development Life Cycle
Terms Definitions
As opposed to program development, system development is:
Information systems are never off-the-shelf because they involve:
People and Procedures
the risk associatied with developing large, new information systems can e usually characterized as:
As a system development team become larger, the average contribution per worker:
the______approach is the oldest process used to develop information systems
Systems development life scycle (SDLC)
Large complex information systems such as for order entry or inventory management were most likely to be development using the___approach.
systems development life cycle (SDLC)
The four phases of the SDLC approach after the initial system definition phase are:
Requirements analysis, system design, implementation, and system maintenance
the first stem of the system definition syage of the SDLC is to :
define the goals and scope of the new system
the initial system definition document is the main input into the ____phase of the SDLC approach
requitements analysis
Because it is defficult to estimate the time it will take to create and build a system, managemnt should consider the__
Schedule feasibility
to determine if the proposed information system is justified economically, organizations must assess the:
cost feasibility
a(n)____contract will require that the developer eat any additional expenses involved in the development of the system.
fixed cost
____refers to whether existing information technology is likely to be able to meet the needs of the new system
techinical feasibility
the primary purpose of the____phase of the SDLC approach is to determine and document the specific features and functions of the new system
requirements analysis
____concerns whether the new information system will fit with the organization's culture, charter, or legal requirements
organization feasibility
alternative system designs are evaluated against the system requirements in the____phase of the SDLC
system design
Teams of systems analysts and users determine the job descriptions and functions of people who will use the new system in the____phase of the SDLC
system maintenance
In a____installation, the new system runs alongside the olf one until it has been tested and is fully operational
a___installation is the riskiest because the old system is turned off and the new system is turned on
The approach to system conversion whereby a new system that is to be used in more than one business is first implemented in a single unit so that is may be tested and debugged byfore implementing it in the other business units is called:
software vendors often bundle large bunvhes of fixes for low-priority problems into groups called:
service packs
the problem with SDLC is with the___
waterfall nature
The___approach is recommended if the system is complex and consists of many modules, becuase extra care must be applied in documenting requirements and the manner in which components will be integrated to ensure smooth and successful development
systems development life cycle (SDLC)
the main problem of the SDLC approach to systems develpment is the____nature of the process. this refers to the fact that each phase is ment to be completed and not repeaed as the project moves on to the next phase.
if system requirements are vague or changing rapidly, it is not easy to adapt the project using the___approach
systems development life cycle (SDLC)
a mock-up of an aspect of the new system is a___
CASE tools have a___, which is a special database.
Many CASE products have a___program for commonly performed tasks
code generator
___tools are used in RAD projects to improve developer productivity
visual development
Typical problems faced by software developers when estimated project schedules include:
(all of the above)
the CIO reports to the___
___is another, more common title given to the VP of information systems
the CTO often heads the___group
CTO stands for:
Chief Technology Officer
The operations group usually reports to the:
The purpose of the____group within the IS department is to manage the computing infrastructure
the purpose of the___group within the IS department is to manage the process of creating new information systems as will as maintaining existing ones
Because of the movement towards outsourcing, some companies have started a separate group in the IS department for:
outsourcing relations
though it may seem obviou, one of the hardest things to do when planning how your organization will use IT is to:
align IS with organizational strategy
In a centralized IS infrastructure, it is likely that local managers will be___develop their own purchasing applications
not allowed to
in order to install software upgrades, IS departments prefer to:
automate the process
to accommodate the variations in users' needs, most IS departments will have a set of three or four different___computer configurations
because the IS department essentially finctions as a__organization, it must have a way of monitoring user problems and how they are resolved
one key indicatior of the user help desk performance might be the number of___in the queue
unresolved problems
the help desk function is usually part of the___group within the IS department
in order for IS personnel to remain up-to-date and perform well, it is crucial that they have the opportunity to get___as the industry keeps changing
Despite being old and out of date, it is often crucial for IS departments to maintain___systems because it is too expensive to replace them
because enterprices application___requires knowledge of many different systems including legacy systems, companies usually conduct this work in-house rather than outsource it.
Developers who work on maintaining existing applications typically have___years of experience than those who work on new applications
Data___vary in scope
____is not a risk associated with outsourcing
obtaining needed expertise
an outsourcing alternative is:
all of the above
Because the outsourcing company and the vendor can become so tightly integrated,____the agreement can be very costly and risky
a major concern with outsourcing is that ithe company may lose___by being forced to reveal proprietary trade secrets
intelectual capital
a risk of oursourcing is that a problem may occur that is critical to the company, but which would be a(n)_____to the outsource vendor
low priority
outsourcing vendors have an advantage over in-house IS personnel in that it is easier for them to:
say "no" to management demands
As a user you have a right to:
all of the above
which of the following is a threat to security?
all of the above
which of the following is NOT a human error or mistake?
which of the following is not considered malicious human activity?
poorly written application programs
a____is someone who pretends to be a ligitimate company and sends email requesting confidential data
___is a techinique for intercepting computer communications
___is when someone deceives by pretendign to be someone else
soem unauthorized programs are able to____the ligitimate system and substitute their own processing
a hacker can launch a denial of service attack against a Web server by___it with millions of bogus service requests
security programs have___components
management should compose a security___in order to communicate the goals and specifications of the organization's security program
one of the most important security tasks for management is___management
___consequences of security attacks are those whose financial impacts can be measured
a weakness in a security system is known as a system:
a(n)____card has a microchip on it that is loaded with identify data
passwords have weaknesses because useres often choose simple passwords, which____systems can easily guess
in order to intercept communications on___networks, drive-by sneffers simply drive or walk around with computers with wireless connections
which of the following is a wireless security standard?
all of the above
because they kept giving out passwords to users who claimed to have forgotten them,the___were a serious security risk in the organization
because encryption slows processing, most messages are sent over the internet as:
firewalls produce____of their activities, which include lists of all dropped packets, and attempts to gain unauthorized access
about ninety percent of all viruses are spread via___
organizations should protect sensitive data by storing it in___form
computing infrastructure should be located in___buildings designed to house expensive and critical equipment
organizations should store at least some of the back ups of the database contents___, possibly in a remote location.
off site
a____is a remore processing center run by a commercial disaster-recovery service that provides all the equipment needed to continue operations after a disaster.
hot site
T/f: Systems analysis and design is the process of creating information systems
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