NAVPERS 15560 Navy Military Personnel Manual; ART 1741 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What instruction does the evidence of insurance need to meat for issuance of a permanent permit to operate a private motor vehicle on a military installation
Which form is the Certificate of release of discharge from active duty
Which form is dependency application/record of emergency data
NAVPERS 1070/602
what form is NAVPERS 1070/613
administrative remarks
what form is SGLV 8285A
request for family coverage
what form is SGLV 8286
SGLI election and certificate
what form is the family coverage election
SGLV 8286A
what form is the application for Veterans group life insurance
SGLV 8714
what form is VA 29-336
designation of benificiary-government life insurance
what form is VA 29-353
application for reinstatement
when are NROTC midshipmen ONLY covered under SGLI
while on training cruises
when are navy acadamy midshipman covered under sgli
true/false: members of the selected reserve, and those assigned to a nonpay unit scheduled to perform at least 12 drills annually are covered on a part-time basis
False: they are covered on a full-time basis
other members of the IRR are ONLY covered during what period
ACDUTRA (active duty for training)
when is a member eligible for Accelerated Benefit Option (ABO)
when the member has been certified by a physician as "terminally ill"
when does termination of SGLI occurr after separation from ACDU or ACDUTRA under calls, or orders that specify a period of 31 days or more unless the member returns to an active status in the naval reserve
120th day
when is SGLI forfeited
Guilty of:
refuses because of conscientious objections to perform service in the armed forces of the U.S. or refuses to wear the uniform of the US armed forces.
when will insurance not be payable for death
when the death is inflicted as a lawful punishment for a crime or for military or naval offense except when inflicted by an enemy of the US
How long does a member have to convert SGLI to VGLI
1year and 120days
when is coverage for VGLI effective
on the 121st day
if an application for VGLI is not submitted within the alloted days, what evidence is required with the application
medical evidence of insurability
what form should be used to request FSGLI
SGLV 8285A
What is VGLI
Veterans Group Life Insurance is a 5-year renewable term policy which has no cash, loan, paid-up, or extended values
when can a person carry a combined amount of SGLI and VGLI in excess of $250,000
for now...never
what is the policy under NSLI
Service Disabled Veteras Insurance (SDVI)
what is the policy number prefixed with for SDVI
/ 26

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