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Terms Definitions
Business Ethics Leadership Alliance
4 Key ethical principles upheld by members of BELA
Conflict identification
Involves disclosing company information in full, accurately and honestly, and in a timely manner.
behaving ethically involves complying with the letter of the law, as well as with the spirit of the law.
Conflict identification
must be able to identify conflicts of interest and then handle these appropriately.
An oblication to accept responsibility for one's actions, no matter what those actions are.
Applying business ethics can
Prevent internal losses and legal consequences
Improve reputation
Better customer support
Increased profits
Types of ethical dilemma
Forced choice between values
Duties conflict with values
4 Values in project management
Conflict occurs between
Questions to help identify ethical dilemma
Are there rules that apply to situation?
It is a matter of compliance with regulations?
Is there a conflict between values?
Are ther alternatives equally justifiable?
Will stakeholders be affected?
Benefits of ethical management
Awareness of how decisions impact project
Cultivates teamwork and productivity
Supports personal growth and meaning
Helps avoid lawsuits and fines
Promotes positive leadership image
Code of ethics
Promotes responsibility, respect, fairness, honesty
Guides how values translate into policies
Examples of ethical policies
Whistleblowing policies
Harrassment policies
Environmental policies
Gifts and gratuities policies
Code of conduct specifies
what employees can and can't do
Aims of the PMI Code of Ethics and professional conduct
Describe the expectations of project managers
Instill confidence in profession
Apply to global community
Act as a catalyst for others to study ethics
To be applicable to project managers and the profession across the world
What drove PMI's early work in ethics?
The development of project management as an independent profession.
3 key factors that led to a new code of ethics in 2006
Growth in membership
Ethical scandals
Ethics Responsibilites
Act in best interest of society
Accept only those assignments for which you are qualified
Take action when errors or omissions occur
Understand industry regulations and legal compliance
Aspirational standards
To act with respect for others and apply aspirational standards, project managers should try to learn about the norms and customs of others.  This in turn, will enable them to avoid acting disrespectfully due to ignornace
Manditory standards
Project managers should negotiate in good faith.
Should never be abusive towards others.
Must respect the property rights of others.
Acting impartially and objectively
Decisions should not be based on self interest favouritism, or prejudice
Favoritism and discrimination
Avoid decisions based on personal considerations
Apply rules without prejudice
Avoid discriminating against colleagues
Duty to understand the truth and act on that truth
standard for examples relating to honesty
Try to understand the truth
Provide accurate information
Commit to fulfilling promises
Encourage truth telling
Mandatory standards
Avoid deceitful behavior
Avoid dishonesty
Inappropriate behavior
Conflict of interest
Confidentiality breach
False or incorrect reporting
Failure to apply industry standards
Consequences of unethical behavior
Project failure
Loss in confidence
Loss of profit
Faulty product
PMI Ethics Review Committee
Encourage and enforce standards
Does not constitute a formal legal process
Has sole authority to apply the standard
Enforce adherence to the code
Steps in the ethics review process
Submission of ethics complaint form to CEO of PMI
CEO reviews complaint
Accepted complaints referred to Review Committee
Review Committee accepts or rejects complaint
Ethics complaint notice issued to respondent
Respondent submits Ethics Complaint Response Form
Review team determines whether charges should be brought
Disciplinary actions
Denial of membership or certification
Reprimand (private or public)
Prohibition of suspension of membership
Termination of membership
Behaving ethically
Builds trust
Clarifys what is expected of all members
Builds confidence in the profession
Reduces liability
Take ownership of decisions and actions of you and your team
Honor role and act conscientiously
Aspirational standards for responsibility
Base decisions on the best interests of society
Accept assignments consistent with your background
Honestly disclose weaknesses
Fulfill commitments
Take ownership of errors
Protect confidential information
Uphold the PMI Code
Mandatory standards for responsibility
Inform yourself about and uphold laws
Report unethical or illegal conduct
File only complaintes supported by facts
Never take part in illegal activities
our duty to show a high regard for ourselves, others, and the resources entrusted to us.
Aspirational standards for respect
Be informed about cultural norms
Listen to all perspectives
Approach others directly with any issues
Never undermine another's reputation
Conduct yourself professionally
Hold people accountable
belief that your cultures norms are better than others
Mandatory standards for respect
Negotiating in good faith
Not using influence for personal gain
Avoiding abusive manner toward others
Respecting the property rights of others
Unfairness can cause
People to lose motivation & interest
or become difficult to work with
Fairness - definition
make decisions and act impartially and objectively
PM should avoid competing self-interest, prejudice, and favoritism
create a productive and conflict free environment
Aspirational standards for fairness
Demonstrate transparency in decision making
Reexamine objectivity
Provide equal access to information
Make opportunities equally available
5 Mandatory standards for fairness
Disclose conflicts of interest
Withdraw from decision making until full disclosure is made
Not base actions on personal considerations
Refrain from discrimination
Apply rules without favoritism
Actions to take regarding fairness when there is a conflict of interest
Reexamine impariality and objectivity Taking corrective action Refrain from decision-making process
Honesty - definition
...out duty to understand the truth and act in a truthful manner both in out communications and in out conduct.
Aspirational standards for honesty
Try to understand the truth
Be truthful in communications and conduct
Provide accurate and timely information
Keep commitments and promises
Foster environment where truth telling is encouraged
Make commitments and promises, implied or explicit, in good faith
Mandatory standard for honesty
Don't engage in or condone deceitful behavior
Don't behave dishonestly for personal gain or at the expense of others
Integrate ethical standards by
Adhering to and modeling ethical behavior
Including ethical dimensions in decision making
Ensuring a transparent decision-making process
Defining a joint process and mutually agreeable criteria
characteristic of global project management
Cultural diversity
Multiple experiences and languages
Different geographic locations
steps to take to create an ethical environment for a global project
Be aware of differing policies
Be awasr of cultural differences
Know the applicable laws and regulations
Follow PMI and company ethical standards
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Prohibits the bribery of foreign government officials, however, it acknowledges that payments for "routine" government action for permits, licenses, and police protection are normal and acceptable.
4 values most important in a project managers work
Steps to make an ethical decision
Define the dilemma
Identify stakeholders
Determine what standards need to be followed
Consider decision options
Define the dilemma
Clarify what values are involved in the decision. Is it responsibility? Respect? Fairness? Honesty? Or some combination of these? 
Identify stakeholders
Determine who will be affected by the decision and which stakeholders need to be considered. These may include customers, your organization, the public, and the environment. 
Determine what standards need to be followed
Using the values you identified in step 1 to guide you, review the PMI® Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for relevant aspirational and mandatory standards. Which ones need to be prioritized in this case? Why? 
Consider decision options
Draw up a list of the decision options available to you, and then analyze each option to find the course of action that best suits your sense of ethics and what is required and expected of you as a project manager. 
steps to integrate ethical standards in a project
Ensure your own behaviors adhere to the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct
Make ethical decisions in groups and ensure these decisions are made public
Define a joint proces and mutually agreeable criteria for ethical decision making
Incorporate an ethical dimension in all decision-making procedures
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