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What functional requirements of the Naval aviation Maintenance Program (NAMP) are satisfied by the organizational maintenance activity's NALCOMIS
to improve mission capability, improve aircraft maintenance and supply support. to satisfy DOD program requirements and modernize management support
What functional requirements of the NAMP are satisfied by the intermediate maintenance activity's NALCOMIS
provides maintenance and supply functions and processes. enter, collect, process, store and report info
Describe the purpose of the following organizational maintenance activity's NALCOMIS subsystems:
collect and process maintenance related data
collect and process flight related data
establish and maintain profiles for engines, aircraft, and any aero equipment service record
reserved for future use. used to monitor quals
processes inventory and inspection criteria for SE and aviation life support systems
Data analysis
approves or disapproves MAF'S naval flight records for upline submission
selects and produces various reports
Ad hoc query
creates user-specific needed or requested reports
Describe the purpose of the following intermediated maintenance activity's NALCOMIS subsystems:
Maintenance activity
document maintenance actions, order parts, request inquiries
Configuration status accounting
contains 3 sections: aircraft engines, SE, and technical directives
Personnel management
contains info on personnel for workload management
Asset management
contains functions required to maintain inventory and utilization data for SE and IMRL items
Material requirement processing
covers material requirements for repairables/consumables
System support
permits user to see messages that are waiting action
Data off-load/on-load
used to generate files, reports, and documents
Technical publications
provides automated technical library tracking system
Explain the purpose of a Maintenance Action Form (MAF) as applied to NALCOMIS documentation
used to document maintenance actions, preventative maintenance and removal/installation
Explain the following blocks on a MAF to be utilized as data fields in NALCOMIS
Work Unit Code (WUC)
identifies system of subsystem being worked on
Job Control Number (JCN)
9,10,11 characters. base for maintenance data reporting
Maintenance Action Form (MAF) Control Number (MCN)
7 character alpha/numeric. base for maintenance data reporting
Discrepancy block
narrative description of a reported discrepancy
Corrective action block
narrative description of corrective action taken
When Discovered (W/D) code
single alpha character when maintenance was discovered
Type Equipment (TYPE EQUIP) code
identifies equipment being worked on
Type Maintenance (T/M) code
1 character alpha or numeric type of work being performed
What is a Special Maintenance Qualification (SMQ)
screen security to determine which parts of NALCOMIS individual has access to
Discuss the security considerations that apply to an individual's NALCOMIS log in and password
protect password, don't share password
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