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procurement planning
Terms Definitions
What is e-procurement?
E-procurement is a Web-based process that enables enterprises to manage their purchases across the entire requisition-to-payment cycle online.  It creates specialized networks of suppliers on the Internet where one can place Request for Proposals (RFPs), exchange specifications, and receive and approve quotes.  With the web enabling one of the critical areas of business process, companies can now have access to new strategic partners, uncover new suppliers and streamline purchasing processes while simultaneously lowering the costs. Adopting an e-procurement solution could save money, time and labor that are wasted on sieving through reams of paper. The tremendous cost reduction, strengthening of customer relationship and opportunities to generate revenue have been contributing factors in the growing optimism among companies to adopt e-procurement strategies.
What are two methods of Procurement?
Competitive and non-competitive
What is another name for non-competitive procurement?
sole source...must have significant justification to use this form of procurement
What is competitive Procurement?
Sealed Bidding (sealed responses submitted by certain type; typically lowest bidder, or some other criteria, wins) – most common form
Small purchases (calling around)
Competitive proposals (including price and technical proposals) – typically a multi-step process that includes negotiations
What are the six major processes that encompass Procurement Management?
Procurement Planning
Solicitation Planning
Source Selection
Contract Administration
Contract Closeout
Which process in procurement management covers what to procure?
Procurement Planning
What is the primary focus of Contract Administration?
Managing relationships with the sellers
What are the six inputs to Procurement Planning?
Scope Statement
Product/Services Description
Procurement Resources
Market Conditions
Best Practices Checklist
Which input to Procurement Planning causes contract modification after award?
Scope Statement
What does the scope statement do?
Describes the current project and contract boundaries
Which contract type presents the highest risk for the contractor
Firm Fixed Price
Which type of contract presents the highest risk to the customer
Time and Material
Why is procurement management plan so important to the IT manager?
Protects you by providing audit ability, legality, and protection from protests, and documents what you did for procurement planning.
What makes up the procurement management plan?
Type of contract, Evaluation Criteria, Effective procurement management, documentation location, how to manage multiple providers, and procurement coordination
What is a contract?
legally enforceable agreement between 2 or more competent parties.  It consists of an offer and an acceptance and should be in writing.
What are the 7 steps in the contract management life cycle?
Define Requirements
Acquisition Strategy
Develop RFP
Manage Execution
Succession Planning
What is "Defining Requirement" about?
Determines what you want with expected specific outcomes
What is "Selecting Acquisition Strategy" about?
Market research/existing contract evaluations, Development non-competitive or competitive strategy, the need for an RFI vs. RFP, best strategy
What do you compare evaluation responses against?
Evaluation Criteria
What is the purpose of the kickoff meeting?
to review and understand terms and conditions and requirements
Who cannot enter into a contract?
minors or mentally incompetant persons who may not understand the nature or consequences of the transaction
What are considerations?
what one party to a contract will get from the other  party in return for performing contractual obligations
Termination clauses should be included in all contracts
should be 2-sided, and describe how termination will be executed
What are intellectual property rights?
processes/thoughts brought to the table (before contract begins)
What is protection of proprietary information about?
protection of the data/information based on who owns the data/information
What is software licensing requirements about?
who has the rights to use the software
can corporations enter into contracts?
yes, through agents, officers, and employees
is there anything after succession planning?
Maybe...contract may be extended or it may spawn new contracts
What's the difference between a PWS and a SOW?
A PWS must have performance standards.  A SOW may have performance standards.
What is the main purpose of a Statement of Objectives (SOO)?
The bidding contractors develop the requirements for you
What is a Statement of Objectives (SOO)?
provides maximum flexibility to vendor to propose innovative approaches to satisfy objectives.  Places the burden of developing requirements on the vendors.
Describe what the Requirements Analysis Attributes do...
provides the "what" without prescribing "how." 
Defines what the system must do, the environment in which the system will exist, the objectives the system must satsify, and design requirements and constraints
What are 6 of the many requirements analysis tasks?
1  Customer expectations
2  Project and enterprise constraints
3  External constraints
4  Operational scenarios
5  Measures of Effectiveness
6  System Boundaries
7  Interfaces
8  Utilization environments
9  Life cycle process concepts
10 Functional requirements
11 performance requirements
12 modes of operation
13 technical performance measures
14 design characteristics
15 human systems integration
What are the elements of an RFP?
Cover Letter
Evaluation Criteria
What is the Procurement Management Plan?
Describes how the remaining procurement processes will be managed.
What does the procurement management plan include?
Type of contract
who creates independent estimates
who/what actions ensuring effective procurement
where procurement documentation will be kept
how multiple providers will be managed
how procurement will be coordinated
What is "Sui Juris?"
Parties must have capacity to understand terms of the contract they are entering...legally competent to enter into a binding agreement
what is the purpose of a termination clause?
Ensure that either/both parties have the right to terminate the contract under certain circumstances
What is the purpose of a merger clause
What are intellectual property rights?
Any combination of ideas, concepts, techniques, software, documentation, diagrams, specifications, schematics or blueprints that define a product of property of a product
What is the purpose of evaluation criteria?
Preclude protests, enable manager/evaluation committee to choose best provider
What are you looking for in evaluation criteria?
What is important to you makes you believe they can do what you want
What are the different types of criteria used in evaluations criteria?
Past performance
technical approach
management approach
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