Seinfeld Trivia Flashcards

Elaine Benes
Terms Definitions
In the episode "The Stall" Elaine's rock
Peanut Butter
In the episode "The Pothole", Elaine goe
Supreme Flounder
In the episode "The Muffin Tops", Elaine
The Maestro, Bob Cobb, is the conductor of which o
Policeman's Benevolent Association Orchestra
On their first ever meeting, Jerry refers to Krame
What score did Elaine originally get on the IQ Tes
When George, Elaine and Jerry are waiting for a ta
Mr. Cohen
In "The Little Jerry", Marcelino tells J
Third Round
In order to save the life of a squirrel that Georg
El Paso
What is the Bubble Boy's full name?
Donald Sanger
Who is Tobias Lehi Nagy better known as?
The Smog Strangler
What was the brand name of the tip calculator that
The Willard
Kramer adopted a one-mile stretch of which roadway
Arthur Berkhardt Expressway
Elaine's neighbour kept an unusually large amount
Elaine once unwittingly stole an idea for a cartoo
George once impersonated O'Brien to get a ride in
George once bought a car on the mistaken impressio
Which Seinfeld character does not appear in the pi
What is the Soup Nazi's favorite expression?
No Soup For You!
When it originally aired on May 31st 1990, "S
The Seinfeld Chronicals
What is Jerry's Dad's first name?
George gets caught eating what ot of the trash?
In season two "The Deal" What does Georg
What did George Steinbrenner eat for lunch from 19
Turkey Chili in a Bread Bowl
What had George worn on his jacket for six years?
Ski Lift Pass
What is Kramer's first name?
Who is Kramers never seen friend?
Bob Sacamano
Through one of his connections, Newman was able to
The Former Yoguslavia
What profession does George say he's always wanted
Kramer once worked for a bagel company, but went o
H & H Bagels
After Elaine asks Puddy to not paint his face for
Paints His Chest
What is wrong with the Christmas card photo that E
Her Nipple is Showing
What country does George call to cure his baldness
Who gave Kramer the balm to heal his coffee burns
The Maestro
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