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Terms Definitions
a. Rate, Volume, Force, Pitch
What are the four components of a person's voice?a. rate, volume, force, pitchb. rate, tone, force, pitchc. rate, volume, tone, pitchd. tone, volume, force, pitch
1.Build rapport2.Ask questions3.Lsten4.Position the product5.Communicate the benefits6.Ask for the Sale
What are the 6 techniques in selling?
a. Building a first good impression
What is the real key to building rapport?a. building a first good impressionb. Take detailed notesc. Pay close attention to voiced. Ask Closed-ended questions
b. Using a positive tone of voice, positive body language, personalization
What are the three components of an effective rapport building?a. ask open-ended questions, ask close-ended questions, ask for the saleb. using a positive tone of voice, positive body language, personalizationc. Ask questions, listen to the customer, upselld. talk softly, stare, listen
1.Remember the audience is your friend2.Memorize what you're going to say3.Practice positive self-talk4.Breathe5.Check your appearance
What are the five ways to minimize Anxiety?
b. Visual,Auditory,Tactile
What are the three adult learning styles?a. staring, listening, feelingb. visual, auditory, tactilec. positive talk, good body language, and by osmosisd. none of the above
c. Features
This is what makes the product greata. Benefitsb. both a & cc. Featuresd. Salesperson
a. Benefits
This is how the features meet the customer's needsa. Benefitsb. Featuresc. The right equipmentd. both a & b
d. Closed Ended Questions
Questions that prompt a "yes or no" answera. Personal questionsb. Open-ended questionsc. Unrelated questionsd. Closed-ended questions
c. Open-Ended Questions
Questions that prompt a wide variety of answera. Closed ended questionsb. Personal questionsc. Open-ended questionsd. unrelated questions
d. Video Codec
What is a device or software that enables a compression and or decompression for digital video?a. DIVXb. .wavc. pdf filed. video codec
What is the name of a family of standards used for coding audio-visual information?a. DIVXb. Flashc. MPEGd. Quicktime
d. MPEG-1
What is the Codec Application used in video CDs?a. MPEG3b. MPEG2c. MPEG4d. MPEG1
a. MPEG-2
What is the Codec used in DVDs,CATV, and HDTV?a. MPEG2b. MPEG4c. MPEG3d. MPEG1
b. MPEG-4
What is the Codec used in Internet streaming, cell phone video and interactive TV?a.MPEG1b.MPEG4c.MPEG3d.MPEG2
b. I-pictures, P-pictures, B-pictures
What are the three kinds of encoded pictures?a. .jpeg, .bit, .gifb. i-picture, p-picture, b-picturec. MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4d. a-frame, g-frame, n-frame
a. I-picture(intra-coded frame)
It is encoded as a single freestanding image with no reference to preceding or subsequent picturesa. i-pictureb. b-picturec. p-pictured. jpeg picture
c. P-picture(predictive frame)
Calculated by comparing the previous and successive pictures and recording only the changes in the picturea. i-pictureb. b-picturec. p-pictured. n-picture
d. B-picture(bi-directional frame)
Uses both past and sunbsequent pictures as references to calculate the compressed picture datea. g-pictureb. p-picturec. i-pictured. b-picture
d. DTCP(Digital Transmission Content Protection)
Standards specification to provide protected digital entertainment in the homea. ACPb. Macrovisionc. DHCPd. DTCP
c. Macrovision
-Video Copy protection that prevents copy of DVD,VOD,PPV to a VCRa. CAb. DTCPc. Macrovisiond. ACP
a. ACP(Analog Copying and Piracy Technology)
What technology prevents or distorts copies made over and analog connection between a source player and a DVD recorder, DVR, PC or VCR?a. ACPb. DTCPc. Macrovisiond. CA
b. CA-(Conditional Access)
The protection of content by requiring certain criteria to be met before granting access to contenta. DTCPb. CAc. ACPd. Macrovision
d. Network Speed
Refers to how quickly computers on a network can communicate and share informationa. Powerboostb. Operating Systemc. Network ranged. Network speed
b. 100Mbps
What is the maximum transfer speed of a wired network?a. 150 Mbpsb. 100 Mbpsc. 54 Mbpsd. 11 Mbps
a. AP (Access Point)
This device contains a transmitter and receiver and operates in either 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio banda. APb. switchc. hubd. gateway
b. Clients/Stations
These devices refer to other wireless nodes in a networka. hubsb. clients/stationsc. modemsd. switches
d. 25-125ft
What is the operating radius of a wireless network?a. 100-300ftb. 20-75ftc. 50-100ftd. 25-125ft
b. Hotspots
This is a term uses for areas where wireless networks are open the publica. MANb. Hotspotsc. WANd. WPA
a. 802.11n
What wireless technology is backwards compatible to b/a/g, operates in 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequency and has a data speed of 160-300+Mbps and distance rating of 160-300+ft?a. 802.11nb. 802.1xc. 802.11fd. 802.12n
c. 802.11g
What wireless standard operates in 2.4GHz radio frequency, with data rates of up to 54Mbps, and a distance range of 100-150ft range and is compatible with 802.11b?a. 802.11ab. 802.1xc. 802.11gd. 802.11n
b. 802.11a
What wireless standard uses 5GHz radio band, with data speeds of up to 54Mbps, distance range from 25-75 ft, and is commonly used in offices?a. 802.11nb. 802.11ac. 802.12ad. 802.11b
d. 802.11b
What wireless standard uses 2.4GHz radio band, with a distance range from 100-150 ft, and data rates of up to 11Mbps?a. 802.11gb. 802.11gc. 802.12bd. 802.11b
What are the eight common network security threats?
a.Executable, Email, Worms, Trojan horse
What are the four main types of viruses?a. executable, email, worms, trojan horseb. Spam, email, worms, trojan horsec. Executable, Pop ups, worms, trojan horsed. Replication, event watching, camouflage, deliveryd. executable, email, worms,
b.Replication, Event Watching,Camouflage,Delivery
What are the four actions of a virus?a. spyware, popups, spam, trojan horseb. replication, event watching, camouflage, deliveryc. executable, email, worms, trojan horsed. none of the above
c. Replication
When a virus inserts itself into other programs and files, this action is known as________?a. event watchingb. deliveryc. replicationd. camouflage
a. Event Watching
When a virus checks for conditions at a specific time then delivers its destructive payload, this action is known as______?a. event watchingb. camouflagec. replicationd. delivery
d. Camouflage
What is the action called when a virus disguises itself to avoid detection?a. replicationb. deliveryc. event watchingd. camouflage
What is the action called when a triggering condition is met, the virus unleashes its payload?a. replicationb. deliveryc. camouflaged. event watching
d. Firewall
What is the device that filters out intrusions by shutting down non-essential ports?a. switchb. gatewayc. anti-spyware softwared. firewall
a. Packet Filtering,Proxy, Stateful Inspection
What are the three types of firewall rules? a. packet filetring, proxy, stateful inspectionb. port triggering, port forwarding, port blockingc. packet filtering, port triggering, port blockingd. packet filtering, port forwarding, port triggering
c. Heuristic Detectors
looks for sections of the code triggered by time or date events routines to search for files formatted in .exe, .vbs, .bata. spamb. virusc. heuristic detectorsd. hackers
b. Spyware
What is a program that sends information about the user and sends the data to marketers and advertisers?a. virusb. spywarec. spamd. pop ups
a. Spyware scanner,Pop up blocker, Anti-spyware program
What are the three ways in preventing spyware?a. spyware scanner, pop up blocker, anti-spyware programb. spyware scanner, hire a hacker, pop up blockerc. packet filtering, port triggering, port forwardingd. none of the above
c. Executable
This type of virus piggybacks on real programsa. wormsb. trojan horsec. executabled. spyware
d. Email virus
This type of virus replicates itself then automatically mails itself to the victim's global address listsa. spywareb. pop upsc. trojan horsed. email virus
b. Worms
This type of virus uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itselfa. spamb. wormsc. pop upsd. spyware
a. Trojan Horse
This type of virus claims to be one thing and unleashes its payload when rana. trojan horseb. email virusc. pop upsd. worms
c. Hackers
This individuals exploit weaknesses in a network or computer then gains unauthorized access for malicious intenta. IT guyb. person seating next to youc. hackersd. crackers
c. control+c
How do you end a continuous ping?a. type stopb. -tc. control+cd. control+s
a. Spamming
This is the term used when someone receives unsolicited bulk-email.a. spammingb. IMc. textingd. twittering
b. Adware
This is a program that plays/displays advertisementsa. spywareb. adwarec. pop upsd. virus
d. Hijacking
This is the term used to describe a range of malicious software that changes a browser's setting.a. hackeringb. adwarec. spammingd. hijacking
b. Network
This is a system of computers, peripherals, terminals and databases connected by communication linesa. hubb. networkc. serversd. none of the above, this is a trick question
a. LAN
defined as a geographically close set of computers on a single network using the same connection devicea. LANb. WANc. MANd. server
b. WAN
a network that is geographically far aparta. LANb. WANc. MANd. a & b
c. VPN
Uses a public network to establish a secure connection within an organization's networka. LPNb. WAPc. VPNd. WPA
d. NAT
This is a technique by which several hosts or computers share a single ip address for access to the internet-provides a type of firewall that hides internal ip addressesa. PATb. NASc. VPNd. NAT
b. PAT
forwards request for a particular IP port pair to another IP port paira. NATb. PATc. NASd. VPN
c. Subnetting
This is the concept of partitioning large networks into smaller segmentsa. networkingb. hackeringc. subnettingd. spamming
a. Subnet mask
Combined with the IP address,this number allows a device to know which other addresses are local and be reached through a gateway or router. This number explains which part of an IP address comprises the network address and which part is the host address.a. subnet maskb. network IPc. gateway IPd. broadcast IP
15uv/m from 54Mhz to above 216MHz
What is the signal leakage limit at 30 meters?
20uv/m from 54-216 Mhz
What is the signal leakage limit at 3 meters?
d. 2 years
How long should CLI data be kept at a minimum?a. 5 yearsb. 1 yearc. 3 yearsd. 2 years
a. CLI
defined as a figure of merit derived mathematically from the number of signal leaks in a cable systema. CLIb. SLMc. MERd. BER
b. 64 or less
What is the figure of merit that the FCC requires on a CLI?a. 64 or moreb. 64 or lessc. 32 or mored. 59.2
c. Packet Filtering
This is a firewall function where packets that belong to a banned internet site are blocked.a. Proxyb. Stateful inspectionc. Packet filteringd. port forwarding
d. Proxy
This is a firewall function where all traffic is sent to a file server to be examined and then forwards the packets that obey the firewall rules.a. Port blockingb. Stateful Inspectionc. Packet Filteringd. Proxy
c. Stateful Inspection
This is a firewall function where packets that fail the test are discarded.a. Proxyb. Packet Filteringc. Stateful Inspectiond. Port Triggering
a. Stop Errors, Memory Dump
What are the two common types of a system errors in a PC?a. stop errors, memory dumpsb. stop errors, virusc. virus, spywared. pop up, adware
b. Stop Errors
This type of system error normally indicates a device or driver issue.a. memory dumpb. stop errorsc. stop dumpsd. memory errors
c. Memory Dumps
This type of system error displays a blue screen along with a cryptic set of hexadecimal addresses.a. stop errorsb. memory errorsc. memory dumpsd. stop dumps
1.Hardware issues2.Configuration issues3.Signal issues
What are the three common types of network issues?
1.Incorrectly configured DHCP address2.Incorrectly configured encryption key3.Incorrectly configured mac address filters
What are the three types of configuration issues?
a. Ringer Equivalency Number
REN stands fora. Ringer Equivalency Numberb. Ringing Equipment Numberc. Ring Equalizing Numberd. Ringer Equalizing Number
b. 5
What is the maximum REN per phonea. 10b. 5c. 12d. 24
1. 66 block2. 110 block3. NID(screw in terminal block)
Name three different types of ILEC connections
-also known as Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter
This is an interface between the eMTA and a 66 or 100 block demarc point
a. POS
a device used by merchants to accept payment for merchandize and services rendereda. POSb. DOSc. RENd. CASH
b. 9600
What is the baud rate recommended by Comcast for a POS machine?a. 5000b. 9600c. 1000d. 2000
a. Incorrect baud rate, wrong polarity
What are the two common problems found in a POS service call?a. incorrect baud rate, wrong polarityb. signal problem, defective POSc. damaged drop, defective splitterd. signal issue, line problem
d. local power supply unit
LPSU stands fora. Live Power Supply Unitb. Long Power Supply Unitc. Large Power Supply Unitd. Local Power Supply Unit
b. 60 watts
What is the maximum power consumption of an ARRIS 8 line eMTA?a. 50 wattsb. 60 wattsc. 48 vdcd. 90 vdc
c. 48vdc
What is the maximum voltage of an Arris eMTA?a. 90 vdcb. 60 vdcc. 48vdcd. 60 watts
White, brown, blue,orange,green, black and red
What is the color sequence of an LPSU telemetry and power cord?
Telemetry and backup battery is bypassed if AC power is connected to the eMTA
Why shouldn't you connect AC power to the eMTA when using 48vdc power?
Channel Deletion Filter/Combiner
It is a device that deletes unwanted channels and inserts local feed in place of the deleted channel
Network Patch Bay
This is where data wiring connects to an Ethernet switch
This is the focal point in connecting multiple computers within one LAN
-also known as Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
also known as Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
c. Network IP
This IP is the lowest in value and encompasses the entire networka. broadcast IPb. routable IPc. network IPd. gateway IP
a. Routable IP
This IP is used on the customer's equipmenta. routable IPb. gateway IPc. network IPd. broadcast IP
b. Gateway IP
This IP is assigned on the gateway.a. network IPb. gateway IPc. routable IPd. broadcast IP
d. Broadcast IP
This IP is the highest in value and identifies all hosts/devices on the LANa. network IPb. routable IPc. gateway IPd. broadcast IP
/30 subnet
This subnet is used for customers that have 1 routable static IP address
What is the subnet mask of a /30 subnet?
What is the subnet mask of /29 subnet?
What is the subnet mask of a /28 subnet?
How many routable static IP addresses are in a /29 subnet?
How many routable static IP addresses are in a /28 subnet?
also known as Private Branch Exchange
also known as Demilitarized Zone
also known as Media Access Control
also known as Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
-also known as trace route-it is a command tool used to determine the route taken by packets across an IP network
also known as Fully Qualified Domain Name
1.Firewall Protection2.User Access Management3.Advanced Security Features
What are the three features that a Business IP Gateway provides?
1. Port Forwarding2. Port Triggering
Name two of the Advanced Security Features in Business Class IP Gateway
30 hops
How many hops does a traceroute fail to complete before its considered a routing issue?
What is the primary DNS server address used in a Comcast Business Gateway?
What is the secondary DNS server address used in a Comcast Business Gateway?
What is the default username for the Business Gateway login?
What is the default password for the Business Gateway login?
What is the default username for the customer login on a Business Gateway?
What is the default password for a customer login on a Business Gateway?
How many routable static IP addresses are in a subnet of /24
also known as Routing Information Protocol
also known as Trivial File Transfer Protocol
Port Forwarding
This is a firewall rule that allows direction of inbound internet traffic to connect to a specific application to a predefined port
Port Triggering
This is a firewall rule that provides ability to dynamically open a specific inbound port based on a request from a local computer
True Static IP Port Management
This is a firewall rule that allows opening and closing of specific inbound ports to connected computers/firewalls configured with a public routable IP address
Port Blocking
This firewall rule enables restriction of specific local hosts from accessing particular internet applications.
What is the internet address of a Business Gateway?
What is the command for a continuous ping?
*63 Activate*83 Deactivate
Call Forward Selective
*72 Activate*73 Deactivate
Call Forward Variable
Cancel Call Waiting
Speed Dial 8
Speed dial 30
*77 Activate*87 Deactivate
Anonymous Call Rejecton
*60 Activate*80 prompt 3 to Deactivate
Call Screening
Caller ID blocking per call
*230 Activate*231 Deactivate
Terminal Make Busy
*232 Activate*233 Deactivate
Group Make Busy
*66 Activate*86 Deactivate
Repeat Dialing
Call Hold
2 +last 3 digits of phone number
Private Numbering Plan
*71 Activate
Directed Call Pick up without barge in
Directed Call Pick up with barge in
*97 then extension
Directed call pickup
Direct to Voicemail
Call Pickup
Park a Call
Retrieve a Parked Call
Flash Hold
1. Starter2. Business3. Commerce4. Professional
What are the four types of web hosting packages?
also known as New Global Telecom-pre provisions, ports pones numbers, sets up soft switch, voicemail and passwords for business class voice
loop lengths up to 1500 ft of 26AWG
What are the telephony requirements for an 8-line Arris eMTA?
Monitored Alarm system with line seizure
What is an RJ31x used for?
This is the term for unwanted signal entering the network.
1.modulation content2.strength3.frequency
Name three factors that affect appearance of beats.
Leading Ghost
Appears when ingress allows a locally broadcast tv channel's signal to enter the tv along with the channel's signal supplied by the network-Appears to the right of the picture
Following Ghosts
Caused by reflection on the cable system due to poor return loss at the reflecting device and poor directivity at the tap or device feeding set-Appears on the left of the picture
ZERO beat
This is a method of reception using an RF current of the proper magnitude and phase relation so the received voltage is of the same nature as the orignal wave.
Co Channel Interference
Caused in one channel by the carrier of another transmitter operating from the same channel
Return Path Interference
Caused by ingress from transmitters operating in the upstream frequency bandwidth (CB radios,Amateur Radio transmitters) entering the tap or customer tv set.
Thermal Noise
Defined as noise produced from changes in voltage as a result of temperature changes above absolute zero.
Carrier to Noise RatioC/N
Defined as the difference in peak carrier level in relation to the noise floor. Both are measured in dBmv
Also known as Cross ModulationVertical bars are created from crossing of modulation from one channel to another
Also known as Composite Triple Beat
Defined as an undesired change in the waveform of a signal
1.XMOD2.Discrete 2nd Order3.Discrete 3rd Order4.CTB5.CSO
List the five types of distortions
True or FalseFor every dB levels of an amplifier are raised, the carrier to cross modulation ratio gets 2 dB worse.
What are the FCC STD and HRC specs for minimum coherent distortion?
no worse than 54dB STD and 49dB HRC
What is Comcast recommended performance for minimum coherent distortion for STD and HRC?
Chan 5 & 6
What two channels are not affected by CTB distortions?
60 Hz Hum modulation
Appears as a horizontal bar moving from the bottom to the top of the picture
120Hz Hum
Appears as two horizontal hum bars in a picture
30dB or better less than or equal to 3% hum)
What is an acceptable ratio for a carrier to hum
Power Passing Chokes
Defined as amplifier circuit paths that allow AC voltage to be directed onto specific distribution cables.
What is the unit of measuremtn for RF signals?
Also known as Radio Frequency-defined as an electromagnetic signal above the audio and below the infrared frequencies
How many states does QPSK have?
also known as Quadrature Phase Shift Keying-defined as a phase modulation algorithm wherein a carrier is shifted in 90 degree steps.
45,135,225,315 degrees
What are the four phases in which a carrier is sent in QPSK?
Phase Modulation
This is a version of frequency modulation where the phase of the carrier wave is modulated to encode bits of digital information in each phase change
Phased Shift Keying
This is a form of phase modulation which is accompanied by the use of a discrete number of states
Constellation Diagram
This is a graphic depiction of the four phase states of a QPSK signal
Also known as Quadrature Amplitude Modulation-defined as a digital modulation scheme that allows 2 channels of information to be transmitted at the same time on a particular frequency by changing the phase and amplitude
also known as Signal to Noise Ratio-defined as a measure of signal strength relative to background noise in analog and digital communications
s/n=20 log10(vs/vn)
What is the formula for SNR?
uv (microvolts)
What is the unit of measure for SNR?
Also known as Noise Power Ratio-Calculates the activity levels in an unused channel of a multi-channel system when there is random activity on the other channels
also known as Modulation Erro Ratio-measures the ratio of the error power to the average power in an ideal QAM signal.
also known as Bit Error Rate-measures how often an error occurs in a given amount of data
also known as Forward Error Correction-defined as method where additional data bits are added to the digital video bit stream to help identify and correct any errors that may be caused by the transmission system
also known as Transmission Access Point
1. Identify2. Isolate3. Repair4. Verify
What are the 4 steps to troubleshooting?
Also known as Quality of Service-prioritization of voice packets during data transmission
also known as Converged Regional Area Networks
1.Private View2.Public View
What are the 2 types of Business Class tv?
also known as Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
Also known as Wired Equivalent Privacy
also known as Cable Modem Termination System
also known as Wi-fi Protected Access
Basic, Information & Entertainment, Standard and Preferred
Name the packages available to Business Class TV Private View
Basic, Digital Basic Plus, Digital Standard, Sports and Entertainment Standard,Digital Deluxe and Sports and Entertainment Deluxe
Name the packages available to Business Class TV Public View
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