CWNA Guide to Wireless LANs Unit 2 Flashcards

Wireless network
Terms Definitions
Both A and B
Why is CSMA/CD unsuitable for wireless networks?
____ IP provides mechanism within the TCP/IP protocol to support mobile computing by using a home agent as a forwarding mechanism to keep track of where the mobile computer is located.
Frame control
The _____ field appears first in a management frame.
____ involves dividing the data to be transmitted from one large frame into several smaller ones.
Which of the following describes a wireless device switching from one AP to another?
continuous aware
When a laptop, either in ad hoc or infrastructure mode, is connected to a standard alternating current (AC) plug for power it is in _____ mode and remains in communication with the AP or other wireless devices.
What is the minimum number of BSS networks required to form an ESS?
The ____ draft defines a superset of features that is intended to provide QoS over WLANs.
foreign agent
With MobileIP, the ____ assigns the mobile computer a new (but temporary) IP number.
A home agent is a forwarding mechanism that keeps track of where the mobile computer is located.
When an ESS is installed it is desirable to configure the areas of coverage much like cells in a cellular telephone system.
the one with the strongest signal strength
On ESS networks that have multiple access points, the wireless device might actually receive beacon frames from several APs. Which AP would a wireless device generally choose in this case?
wireless device sends an authentication frame to the AP
What is the first step in shared key authentication?
check sequence
All frames contain the MAC address of the source and destination device, a frame sequence number, and a frame ____ used for error detection.
a group of wireless devices that is served by a single access point
A BSS is ____.
challenge text
A wireless device sends an authentication frame to the AP. The AP sends back an authentication frame that contains a block of text known as the ____________________.
Frame check sequence
The ____ field appears last in a data frame.
The RTS/CTS protocol is especially taxing when ____ data packets are being transmitted.
open system
What is the default authentication method according to the 802.11 standard?
Intel recommends that once the ROI model is complete, larger organizations should return to step ____.
Only in areas where low bandwidth is acceptable or an ad hoc wireless network will be used should ____ networks be considered.
Several vendors are working on comprehensive network management solutions that integrate wireless networks into the same deployment, operations, and management as a wired network.
____________________ benefits are benefits that can be easily measured or quantified.
In a 802.11b network, how many power users should be associated with one access point?
Wireless ____________________ provide a single mechanism for managing and monitoring the wireless network.
Two adjacent access points that use the same ____ can cause interference and lost frames.
Early adopters of wireless LANs were sometimes called “racehorses”.
Maintaining a help desk
____ is one of the most effective strategies for providing support for a new wireless network.
develop a report
What is the second step in the wireless LAN model developed by Intel?
types of clients
Which of the following should be included when documenting current network setup?
A(n) ____ provides wireless LAN service, for free or for a fee, from a variety of public areas, including coffee shops, public libraries, and airport lounges.
user Power over Ethernet
What should you do when electrical alternating current power is not available near the AP location?
All of the above
____ should be considered when calculating ROI.
personal networked computer
What is the single most important tool in any business?
According to NOP-World Technology, ____ percent of end users said that a WLAN improves their quality of life by increasing flexibility and productivity, and saving time.
According to a study conducted by NOP World–Technology, wireless LANs enable users to be connected to network resources ____ additional hours per day.
1, 6, and 11
Which channels in IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g networks do not overlap?
Cost reduction
____ is considered a hard benefit.
note the objects and layout of the room
What is the first step in collecting RF information?
The industry-standard form for site survey documentation is IEEE 802.11D.
to ensure that the new or expanded wireless LAN will “dovetail” into what is already in place
Why is it important to document existing wired and wireless networks?
What provides the greatest source of RF interference?
data rate boundaries
The term ____ describes the rate of transmission falling as the device moves farther from the AP.
Users need higher data rates for time-bound transmissions, such as audio and video and therefore need higher ____________________.
Token Ring
Which network requires some sort of gateway or interface to be compatible with IEEE 802.11 WLANs?
prior to installing a WLAN
When is the best time to perform a site survey?
A drawback of spectrum analyzers is that the information is displayed in graphical form and not as raw data.
Destination MAC
The ____ setting of a site survey analyzer specifies the AP that will be involved in the test.
inspecting the site
What is the best way to gather site-specific documentation?
In a site survey analyzer, vendors use an algorithm or a lookup table to convert ____ values to dBm, mW, or signal strength percentage.
distance and objects in path
What affects transmission range?
interviewing management
How are business requirements for a WLAN obtained?
The coverage ____________________ is the area in which the signal can be received from the AP.
The transmission ____________________ is the farthest distance at which the signal can be received by the wireless device.
All of the above
You would use ____ in documenting a site survey.
The first step in collecting RF information is to position the access point in what may appear to be the most logical location.
It is important to evaluate the placement of the access points and antennas throughout the proposed site in order to meet the design goals.
Information security involves more than protecting the information itself.
MAC address filtering is vulnerable because there are programs available that allow users to ____ a MAC address.
When the recipient receives the encrypted text, it must be decrypted with the cipher and the key to produce the original ____.
RC4 is a ____ cipher that accepts keys up to 128 bits in length.
In a brute force attack, what key combination would follow 00001?
A ____ attack on WEP involves viewing collisions to derive plaintext values.
Open system authentication and shared key authentication are the only two types of wireless authentication available under the 802.11 standard.
Which aspect of information security does WEP protect?
In a 64-bit packet sent using WEP, how many bits are actually encrypted?
day zero
While most attacks take advantage of vulnerabilities that someone has already uncovered, a(n) ____________________ attack occurs when an attacker discovers and exploits a previously unknown flaw.
Access ____________________ is intended to guard one of the three CIA characteristics of information, namely the availability of information.
In WEP, the CRC generates a(n) ____ based on the contents of the text.
A ____ is not malicious but often seeks to expose security flaws.
A standard personal computer can easily create over ____ possible password combinations per second.
A wireless DoS attack may involve an attacker sending a series of ____ frames to a wireless device.
On wireless networks, ____ attacks are commonly done by attackers setting up a “fake” access point.
All of the above
Which type of attacker typically has a high skill level?
What disadvantage of wireless networks provides the biggest stumbling block to the adoption of wireless technology?
Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (CERT/CC)
____ was initially founded by the U.S. Department of Defense and is now part of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.
limit a user’s admission to the access point
person who uses his or her advanced computer skills to attack computers but not with a malicious intent
default key
key value that is used to encrypt wireless data transmissions when they are sent
encryption algorithm
person who violates system security with malicious intent
attacker floods the radio frequency spectrum with noise
script kiddies
unskilled or novice users who break into computer systems with malicious intent
series of 1’s and 0’s equal in length to the text plus the ICV
computer spy
person who has been hired to break into a computer and steal information
transmission range
the farthest distance at which the signal can be received by the wireless device
frame is sent from one sender to multiple receivers with a single “transmit” operation
coverage pattern
area in which the signal can be received from the AP
frame is sent from one sender to a single receiver
network analyzer
used to pick up any packets that are being transmitted by other WLANs in the area and can provide additional information on transmissions
spectrum analyzer
scans the radio frequency spectrum and provides a graphical display of the results
site survey analyzer
measurement tool that is specifically designed for conducting a wireless LAN site survey
data rate boundary
range of coverage for a specific transmission speed
packet throughput
number of packets sent and received and the data rates for each
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