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Terms Definitions
What are the three basic functions a computer performs?
Processing, Input, Output
What executes instructions provided by computer programs?
When a CPU is composed of two or more processors, each one is referred to as what?
What is considered long term storage?
a. Flash Drive
b. RAM
c. Working Storage
d. Hard Drive
Flash Drive, Hard Drive
Which motherboard component controls data transfers between memory, expansion slots, I/O devices and the CPU?
Which type of connector should the CPU have to install a new high-performance graphics card?
The time it takes for read/write heads to move to the correct spot on the platter is:
a. Rotational Delay
b. Seek Time
c. Transfer Time
d. Access Time 
Seek Time
What tasks are performed by the BIOS?
Initializes the motherboard hardware, performs a power-on self test (POST), and beginning the boot procedure.
What is the computer boot procedure sequence?
 Power is applied to the mother board
The CPU starts
The CPU carries out the BIOS startup routines, including the POST.
Boot devices, as specified in the BIOS configuration, are searched for an OS.
The OS is loaded into RAM.
OS services are started.
Which of the following is a critical service provided by the OS?
B. Memory Management
C. Web Browsing
D. File System
E. Storage
Memory Management, File System
An OS's capability to run more than one application or process at the same time is referred to?
What additional software must be installed to allow the OS to communicate with a new NIC?
Device Driver
Which of the following requests information stored on another computer?
B. Network Client
C. Network Server
D. Network Protocol
E. Device Driver
B. Network Client
What is the order process for user's attempting to access network resources?
Network Client
Network Protocol
NIC Driver
TCP/IP is an example of what?
Network Protocol
What address is used to deliver a frame to the correct computer on the network?
MAC, Physical
What message is used to determine whether a computer is listening on the network?
What does TCP/IP use to look up a computer's IP address, given it's name?
DNS (Domain Name Server)
The unit of information containing MAC addresses and an error-checking code that's processed by the network interface layer is referred to as what?
Data is processed from the time an application creates it to the time it reaches the network medium is known as what?
Which of the following characteristics is associated with a peer-to-peer network?
A. Inexpensive
B. Centralized Control
C. Decentralized data storage
D. User-managed resources
E. Uses a directory service
Decentralized data storage, Inexpensive, and User-managed resources.
A device interconnecting five CPU's and a printer in a single office creates what network configuration?
Local Area Network (LAN)
When LAN's are connected via a third party telecommunications company, this network configuration is known as what?
Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
What uses high-speed networking technologies to give servers fast access to large amounts of disk storage?
Storage Area Network (SAN)
Which of the following is a limitation of early networks that used a daisy-chain method of connecting computers?
A. Total number of computers that could be connected.
B. The processing speed of the computers connected
C. Cable length
D. No Internet ac
What is the job of a repeater?
A network device that takes incoming signals and regenerates, or repeats them to other parts of the network. (Strengthens them)
What are characteristics of HUBS?
Operates in half-duplex mode
Usually has four or more ports
Transmits regenerated signals to all connected ports
What is the unit of measurement by which a hub's bandwidth is usually specified?
Bits per second
What describes how devices connected to a hub use the speed at which the hub can transmit data?
Bandwidth Sharing
What are likely indicator lights on a hub?
A. CRC error
B. Link Status
C. Connection Speed
D. Activity
E. Signal Strength
What describes how devices connected to a switch use the speed at which the switch can transmit data?
Dedicated Bandwidth
What does a switch use to create its switching table?
Source MAC addresses
What purpose does the timestamp serve in a switching table?
Tells the switch when to delete an entry.
What feature of a switch allows devices to effectively communicate at 200 Mbps on a 100 Mbps switch?
Full-duplex mode
Which device is a wireless access point most similar in how it operates?




What's the purpose of an RTS signal in wireless networking?
It allows a client to notify the AP that it's ready to send data.
What is a common operational speed of a wireless network?

10 Kbps

110 Gbpa

600 Kbps

11 Mbps
11 Mbps
What tasks are performed by a NIC and it's Driver?
Provides connection to the network medium
Receives packets from the network protocol and creates frames
Adds error-checking data to the frame
Which of the following best describes a MAC address?
A 24-bit number expressed as 12 decimal digits
Two 24-bit numbers, in which one is the OUI
A 48-bit number composed of 12 octal digits
A dotted decimal number burned into the NIC
Two 24-bit numbers, in which one is the OUI
Under which circumstances does a NIC allow inbound communications to pass through the interface?

The source MAC address is the broadcast address.

The destination MAC address matches the built-in MAC address.

The destination MAC address is all
How does the protocol analyzer capture all frames?
It configures the NIC to operate in promiscuous mode.
In Windows 7, what displays information about currently installed NICs?
Network Connections
What is the purpose of an SSID?
Identifies a wireless network.
Which of the following decribe the function of routers?
Forward frames from one network to another
Connect LANS
Attach cpu's to the internetwork
Work with packets and IP addresses
What information is found in a routing table?
Network address and interfaces
If a router receives a packet with a destination network address unknown to the router, what will the router do?
Discard the packet.
Which of the following is true about routers?

Forward broadcasts

Use default routes for unknown network addresses

Forward unicasts

Used primarily to connect workstations
Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are all examples of what?
Client operating systems
For any device to communicate with a cpu, either through input or output, it must have what special software installed?
Device Driver
What command would you issue from a command prompt to see a listing of the computers in your workgroup?
Net View
When data is being prepared for transmission onto the network, it is broken into small pieces and a header and trailer are added to each piece to help identify it. What is this process called?
When a cpu provides more than one processor, what is this cpu called?
Every NIC embedded with a unique address that consists of a 12-digit hexadecimal value. What is this address called?
MAC address
Which component on the motherboard carries out all the instructions provided by computer programs?
What protocol does a computer use to learn MAC addresses?
Why would a repeater be used in a network?
To strengthen the signal for networks that have long distances.
What is the purpose of the default route?
It's where the router sends all packets with destinations which it has no knowledge.
What command would you use from the command prompt to test a computers connectivity to a network?
ping IPaddress
The SSID is configured on what so it can be distinguished from other available wireless networks? 
access points
When referring to network bandwidth, what is the basic unit of measurement?
bits per second
What does the first set of 24-bit number in a MAC address represent?
The organizationally unique identifier for the manufacturer of the device.
What command issued from the command prompt will show the route a packet travels from the issuing computer to another computer?
The arrangement of cabling and how cables connect one device to another ina network is known as what? Also considered the lay of the land.
Physical Topology
The path data travels between computers on a network is considered the network's what?
Logical topology
All networks today are based on what basic physical topologies?
Point-to Point
A _______ is an electrical component called a resistor that absorbs the signal instead of allowing it to bounce back up the wire. 
Signal travel across the medium and from device to device is called what?
Signal Propagation
What topology uses a central device to connect computers?
Physical Star Topology
What are the advantages of the physical star topology?
Much faster technologies than a bus
Centralized monitoring and management of network traffic is possible
Easier network upgrades
When several hubs or switches must be connected, usually one device is used as central connecting point, this forms what topology?
Extended Star Topology (sometimes referred to as a "hierarchical star")
What topology uses a direct link between two devices, is most widely used in WANs, and can include a wireless bridge, and is used to connect two computers?
Point-to Point Topology
This topology connects each device to every other device in a network. Also found in large WANs and internetworks.
Mesh Topology
The method a NIC uses to access the medium and send data frames is referred to as what?
Network Technologies
Lan network technologies include what types?
802.11 wireless
Token Ring
WAN network technologies include what types?
Frame relay
Types of Network Media?
This band sends digital signals in which each bit of data is represented by a pulse of electricity or light.
This band uses analog techniques to encode binary 1s and 0s across a continuous range of values.
Rules that govern how and when the medium can be accessed for transmission is known as what?
Media Access Method
Ethernet uses what media access?
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)
Examples of Wi-Fi Security.
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
Wi-Fi access method.
Uses carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA)
Uses request-to-send/clear-to-send (RTS/CTS) packets and acknowledgments
Networks can be described by which topologies?
Physical and logical
What are the primary physical topologies
What are the primary logical topologies?
What defines how a network interface accesses the medium to send data frames and the structure of the frames?
Network Technology
The most common technology for LANs is what?
Wi-Fi is a wireless technology based on ________ but uses the ________ media access method.
Ethernet, CSMA/CA
What technologies are used to access the internet?
cable modem
What are some criterias for choosing network media?
Bandwidth rating
Maximum segment length
Interference and Eavesdropping
Cable Grade
Connection Hardware
Ease of installation
Total Cost
Types of Cable
Twisted-Pair Cable (Unshielded and Shielded)
Which twisted-pair cable includes shielding to reduce crosstalk and interference?
Shielded (STP)
STP and UTP uses what kind of connectors?
Registered Jack 45 (RJ-45)
What is used to terminate long runs of cable from where the computers are to wiring closets where the switches and hubs are?
Patch Panels
These hold network equipment such as routers and switches, plus patch panels and rack-mounted servers.
Distribution racks
Specifies how cabling should be organized, regardless of the media type or network architecture.
Structured Cabling
Large networks typically use which components?
Work Area
Horizontal Wiring
Telecommunication Clostes
Equipment Rooms
Backbone or Vertical Wiring
Entrance Facilities
Where workstations and other user devices are located is known as what?
Work Area
This type of wiring runs from the work area's wall jack to the telecommunication closet and is usually terminated at a patch panel.
Horizontal Wiring
This room houses servers, routers, switches, and other major network equipment and serve as a connection point for backbone cabling.
Equipment Room
This type of cabling interconnects TCs and equipment rooms.
Backbone Cabling
The location of the cabling and equipment that connects a corporate network to a third-party telecommunications provider is known as what?
Entrance Facility
What are the two standards of arrangement of wires?
568 A and 568 B
What type of cable will need to be used when connecting two like devices?
Standard patch cables are called what?
Straight-Through Cables
Single Mode Fiber (SMF)
Includes a single, small diameter fiber at the core (8 Microns)
Costs more and generally works with laser-based emitters
Spans the longest distances
Used in higher-bandwidth applications
Multimode Fiber (MMF)
Uses a considerably larger diameter fiber at the core (50 and 62.5 microns)
Costs less than SMF
Works with lower-power light emitting diodes (LEDs)
Spans shorter distances
What are some types of wireless networks?
Local area network (LAN)
Extended LANs
Internet Service
Mobile Computing
What are some types of wireless LAN components?
Network interface attaches to an antenna and an emitter rather than to a cable.
Transceiver/access point- a transmitter/receiver device that must be installed to translate between wired and wireless networks. 
What are the most commonly used frequencies for wireless data communications?
Wireless LANs make use of four primary technologies for transmitting and receiving data. What are they?
Narrowband (single-frequency) radio
Spread-spectrum radio
This is part of a wireless extended LAN technology and can connect networks up to 3 miles apart.
Wireless Bridge
These systems deliver higher transmission rates than radio-based systems.
Three main media choices for LAN are what?
Wired networking media comes in two primary categories. What are they?
Copper and fiber optic
Twisted-pair cabling comes in two types. What are they?
Unshielded and shielded
What are types of twisted-cabling components?
patch cables
patch panels
distribution racks
A structured cabling plant consists of what?
work areas
horizontal wiring
telecommunications closets
equipment rooms
backbone cabling
entrance facilities
What kind of cabling uses pulses of light to represent bits and is immune to EMI, RFI, and electronic eavesdropping.
Wireless networks can be subdivided into what type of networks?
Extended LANs
Mobile Computing
A NIC, an antenna, and a transceiver or access point are components of what?
Wireless LAN
Networks combining what have become the norm in todays standards?
Fiber-Optic, UTP, Wireless
The average amount of time platters take to spin into position is called what?
Rotational Delay or Latency
The time it takes platters to read or write data is called what?
Transfer Time
The average amount of time between the request to read or write data and the time the action is completed is referred to as what?
The access time
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