Section 1: Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nursing Practice Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What milestones for cancer treatment occurred in- 1940, 1950/60, 1970s?
1940s - remission w/folic acid antagonists
1950/60s - single chemo used
1970s - combination therapy & CNS prophy/tx
What 2 national cooperative studies were establised in 1955 to improve Childhood Cancer Treatment?
CCG - Children's Cancer Group
POG- Pediatric Oncology Group
What unified group was formed in 1998 between CCG, POG, Ntn'l Wilms tumor study group and Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma?
COG - Children's Oncology Group
When and where was 1st academic course for oncology nursing initially established?
1947, Teacher's College at Columbia Univ.
Discovered in 1974, what nursing group was formed that identified that Pedi Onc nursing required specific knowlegde/expertise in care of children who have cancer?
What philosophy is central to pediatric oncology nursing practice?
Family-Centered care
Standards of Care Pedi Onc Nurse- ADOPICHE
Assessment, Diagnosis, Outcomes Identify, Planning, Implementation, Coordination of Care, Health Ed/Promo, Evaluation
Standards of Professional Performance - Pedi Onc Nurse - QEPCCERRL
Quality of practice, Education, Self Eval, Collegiality, Collaboration, Ethics, Research, Resource Utilize, Leadership
SOC - RN vs APN: Standard #1 - ASSESSMENT. What is the difference between RN & APN standards?
RN = Data collection (G&D, PE, psychosocial) at points in treatment process.
APN = Data & assessment to determine needs (physical, emotional, cultural, social) & general well being
SOC: #2 DIAGNOSIS. What is difference between RN vs APN?
RN: Determination of diagnosis using assess data from nrsg & other disciplines.
APN: Analyze assess data to determine actual & potential diagnosis
SOC #3 OUTCOMES IDENTIFICATION. What is difference between RN vs APN?
RN: ID outcome to aid RN, child & family to work toward mutual goals of care.
APN: Develope individualized expected outcomes in collaboration with multi-disciplinary team.
SOC #4 PLANNING. What is difference between RN vs APN?
RN: Prescription of interventions that will acheive outcomes.
APN: Formulate & implement plan of care, includes interventions based on diagnosis to acheive desired outcomes
SOC #5 IMPLEMENTATION. What is difference between RN vs APN
RN: Implement POC to meet expected outcome of child & family.
APN:Implement POC using APRN role (coordinating, health teaching & promotion, consultation, prescriptive auth, & treatment, and referral)
SOC #5 RN - Implementation.
What are 5a and 5b sub- standard specifics for RN role.
5a = Coordination of care - maintain communication to ensure safe & appropriate care
5b = Health Teaching & promotion provide ongoing education for optimal health & prevention of illness.
SOC #5 - IMPLEMENTATION. APN Substandards of 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d specifics.
APN 5a: Coordinate care (develop, implement, & facilitate) using POC to promote optimal pt. outcomes
5b: Health teaching & promotion - continue to restore & maintain health.
5c:Consult w/authoritative sources to manage complex pt. care
5d:Script Authority & Tx - accurately & independently prescribe med & peform procedures to promote continuity of care
SOC #6- EVALUATION: What is difference in SOC between RN & APN?
RN: measure child & family progress toward outcomes
APN:Eval response to plan & interventions, & monitor progress towards acheiving outcomes
SOPP #7 - QUALITY OF PRACTICE: What is difference between RN vs APN?
RN: actively participate in improving quality, safety and effectiveness of nursing care.
APN: Eval quality of care in terms of outcomes, effectiveness of RN & APN practice.
SOPP #8- EDUCATION: What is difference between RN vs APN?
RN: demonstrate competancy in Pedi Onc nursing practice & maintain knowledge.
APN: Acquire & maintain knowledge & skills in Pedi Onc nursing & related disciplines.
SOPP #9- PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE EVAL: What is difference between RN vs APN?
RN: self-eval in relation to practice standards & legal statues.
APN: Accountability to oneself, public & profession to provide competant & culturally sensitive care
SOPP #10- COLLEGIALITY: What is the difference btwn RN vs APN?
RN: contribute to professional development of peers, colleagues, & others.
APN: develop collegial relationships w/many disciplines to ensure quality care for Onc pt's & families.
SOPP #11 - COLLABORATION: What is difference btwn RN vs APN?
RN: Collaborate with kids, families & multidisciplinary team to provide care
APN:Promote collaboration w/multi disciplinary team to care for kid & family.
SOPP #12- ETHICS: What is difference btwn RN vs APN?
RN: Recognize rights of kids & families & make decision according to ethical principles.
APN:Respect rights of kids & families; conform to ethical principles when making decisions & interventions
SOPP #13- RESEARCH: What is difference btwn RN vs APN?
RN: participate, review, & integrate research to develop knowlegde used in clinical practice & decision making.
APN:Contribute to nrsg knowledge by utilizing research findings & maintain evidence-based practice.
SOPP #14 - RESOURCE: What is difference btwn RN vs APN?
RN:Manage care environment, ensure safe,effective, & cost-effective.
APN:Identify & implement strategies to utilize healthcare resources for kids n families with cancer.
SOPP #15 - LEADERSHIP: What is difference btwn RN vs APN?
RN: Serve as leader, role model & mentor of collegues & students in clinical setting
APN:Serve as leader, role model, & mentor for profess development of peers, collegues, staff, and students.
When and where was APHON was established?
Established 1973
St. Jude's, Memphis, TN - 4 nurses
Encorporated 1976
APHON Vision
"Children & adolescents with cancer and blood disorders & their families will receive the highest quality of care"
APHON Mission Statement
"is the professional organization for Pedi Heme/Onc nurses and other Pedi Heme/Onc healthcare professionals. Member are dedicated to promoting optimal nursing care for children, adolescents, and young adults w/cancer & blood disorders, and their families.
APHON Mission Statement, part 2
"Provides leadership and expertise to Pedi Heme/Onc nurses by defining and promoting the highest standard of practice & care to pedi, adolescent, and young adult communities".
APHON Provides what for nurses?
Educational conferences, patient education materials, publications, and certifications
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