Microsoft Network Server 2008 Class Final Flashcards

Windows 2000
Terms Definitions
Which Windows installation option in Windows Server 2008 provides a stripped-down
version of the operating system when you select it?

A) Hyper-V

B) Server CoreC) EnhancedD) Basic
B) Server Core
Which role is not available in a Server Core installation?

A) Application ServerB) Print ServicesC) DNS ServerD) Streaming Media Services
A) Application Server
Which new tool provides capabilities so you can evaluate the hardware on servers as well
as workstations?

A) Microsoft Assessment and Planning Systems Accelerator (MAP)

B) Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator (MAP)C) Microsof
B) Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator (MAP)
Which role is used when performing unattended installations of Windows Server 2008 and
other operating systems on remote computers using network-based boot and installation media?

A) Server CoreB) Windows Deployment ServicesC) Preboot Execution En
B) Windows Deployment Services
What must a network adapter support on the client computer for the WDS server to work?

A) Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) 2.1B) Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)C) Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) 2.0D) Preboot Exception Enviro
B) Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)
The Add Roles Wizard enforces no other dependencies for the Windows Deployment Services role, but the role has several other prerequisites. Which of the following is not a prerequisite?

A) Active DirectoryB) DHCPC) DNSD) Exchange
D) Exchange
To which type of server do client computers on the network send their DNS queries?

A) DHCP serversB) DNS serversC) SMB serversD) domain controllers
B) DNS servers
What must at least one DNS server support when running Active Directory on your network?

A) DHCP Server serviceB) Server CoreC) Service Location (SRV) resource recordD) Active Directory Services
C) Service Location (SRV) resource record
What process is used when it is necessary for a computer to convert an IP address into a
DNS name?

A) name resolutionB) reverse name resolutionC) iterative queryingD) receiving querying
B) reverse name resolution
The DNS server receiving a name resolution request can take full responsibility for resolving the name by using what type of query?

A) recursiveB) receivingC) respondingD) resolution
A) recursive
Which method is most frequently used for providing fault tolerance to DHCP servers?

A) failover clusteringB) standby serversC) splitting scopesD) none of the above
C) splitting scopes
There are many advantages to the distributed DHCP infrastructure. Which of the following
is not an advantage?

A) Clients have ready access to their DHCP servers.B) Clients have the ability to install and configure a large number of DHCP servers.C)
B) Clients have the ability to install and configure a large number of DHCP servers.
Which type of DHCP packet is used by servers to acknowledge a client’s acceptance of an offered IP address?

(DHCP ACKnowledge)
Which of the following is not a standard DHCP address allocation method?

A) dynamicB) manualC) automaticD) instinctive
D) instinctive
By default, the DHCP Server service in Windows Server 2008 uses dynamic allocation, leasing IP addresses to clients for how many days?

A) 4 daysB) 5 daysC) 6 days D) 7 days
C) 6 days
Each individual domain name can be no more than how many characters?

A) 63B) 64C) 254D) 255
A) 63
Which of the following is not an element of DNS?

A) resolversB) name serversC) DNS namespaceD) resource record
D) resource record
Which of the following Active Directory elements provides a true security boundary?

A) organizational unitsB) domainsC) domain treesD) forests
D) forests
An Active Directory domain controller can verify a user’s identity by which of the following methods?

A) smart cardsB) passwordsC) biometricsD) all of the above
D) all of the above
Every Active Directory domain should have a minimum of __________ domain controllers.

A) oneB) twoC) threeD) four
B) two
Which of the following is not a variable that can affect the performance of an Active Directory installation?

A) length of the domain name you createB) hardware you select for your domain controllersC) capabilities of your networkD) types of WAN li
A) length of the domain name you create
When using the subzone method, you can leave the Internet DNS servers in place and use Windows Server 2008 DNS servers to host the zone for the subdomain. Which of the following is a configuration change that you must make?

A) You must use your
D) You must configure Internet DNS servers to delegate the Active Directory subdomain to the
The Read-Only Domain Controller (RODc. supports only incoming replication traffic. As a result, what is it possible to do when using a Read-Only Domain Controller?

A) create Active Directory objectsB) modify Active Directory objectsC) delete Active
D) none of the above
Where do users log in when joining an Active Directory domain?

A) applicationB) individual computerC) domainD) server
C) domain
There are two basic classes of objects in an Active Directory domain. Which of the following is one of them?

A) logicalB) leafC) treeD) attribute
B) leaf
Note: the other is "container" object
The second generation of SATA standard increased the maximum transmission speed to __________ MB/sec.

A) 200B) 225C) 275D) 300
D) 300
You must add the __________ role to use a Windows Server 2008 computer as a fax server.

A) Fax ServerB) Fax ServiceC) Print ServicesD) Windows Fax and Scan
C) Print Services
To whom should you always assign security permissions?

A) individualsB) groupsC) domainsD) forests
B) groups
Shadow copies can utilize up to __________ percent of a volume by default.

A) 2B) 5C) 10D) 20
C) 10
When creating a GPO software installation, which option causes the client computer to automatically install the application the next time the computer starts or the user logs on?

A) PublishedB) AssignedC) DeployD) Advanced
B) Assigned
What converts the print jobs generated by applications into an appropriate string of commands for a specific print device?

A) printer spoolerB) print serverC) printerD) print device
A) printer spooler
Which console can be used to create multiple shares and exercise more granular control over their properties?

A) Computer ManagementB) Share and Storage ManagementC) Active Directory Domains and TrustsD) System Management
B) Share and Storage Management
Which of the following enables communication between the terminal server and the client?

A) Terminal ServicesB) Remote Desktop ConnectionC) Remote Desktop ProtocolD) thin client connection
C) Remote Desktop Protocol
Which product is designed for large enterprises and can be used to deploy applications as well as perform a wide variety of other network management tasks?

A) Microsoft Server Update ServicesB) System Management ServerC) Microsoft System Center
C) Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007
A collection of settings in a quota template defines all of the following except __________.

A) what actions FSRM should take when a user reaches a thresholdB) the user credentials under which FSRM operatesC) what thresholds FSRM should apply to th
B) the user credentials under which FSRM operates
The number of roles that a server can perform is dependent on all of the following factors except the __________.

A) computer’s hardware configurationB) size and scope of the enterpriseC) hardware requirements of the roleD) functional level of th
D) functional level of the domain
After you install the Terminal Services role, you can install the applications that the terminal server will deploy to your clients. What command do you key in first?

A) user/installB) change user/installC) /installD) /execute
B) change user/install
A computer communicates with a print device through which software interface?

A) printer driverB) print serverC) printerD) print spooler
C) printer
In Windows Server 2008, which Session ID is always dedicated to the system services running on the computer, which isolates them from applications for security reasons?

A) 0B) 1C) 99D) 999
A) 0
Which fault tolerance solution uses duplicate host adapters as well as duplicate hard drives?

A) disk mirroringB) disk duplicationC) disk duplexingD) disk striping
C) disk duplexing
To send email messages, what service does a Windows Server 2008 computer need to be running?

A) SMBB) POPC) Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolD) File Sharing and Transfer
C) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Which command prompt utility can be used to perform disk management tasks?

A) DiskPart.exeB) CheckDisk.exeC) MsConfig.exeD) FDisk.exe
A) DiskPart.exe
The most common use of a file screen is to __________.

A) prevent users from storing unauthorized file types on the serverB) protect unauthorized access to filesC) prevent users from consuming too much storage space on network server drivesD) repor
A) prevent users from storing unauthorized file types on the server
The GPT disk partitioning style supports volumes up to __________ exabytes.

A) 14B) 16C) 18D) 20
C) 18
A well-designed sharing strategy provides each user with three resources. Which of the following is not a provided resource?

A) private storage space, such as a home folder, to which the user has exclusive accessB) public storage space where each u
D) access to a thawspace for temporary storage
What is the maximum dynamic volume size for a RAID-5 volume in Windows Server 2008?

A) 232 (4,294,967,296) terabytesB) 2 terabytesC) 64 terabytesD) 62 terabytes
D) 62 terabytes
For applications that use large data files, such as databases and email stores, which access is preferable?

A) block I/OB) file-based I/OC) server to storageD) server to server
A) block I/O
By default, the paging file on a Windows Server 2008 computer is __________ time(s) the amount of memory installed in the computer.

A) 1B) 1.5C) 5D) 5.5
B) 1.5
The Fax Service Manager application enables administrators to do all of the following except __________.

A) monitor fax devicesB) create optional role servicesC) create fax rules and policiesD) manage all of the faxes for the organization
B) create optional role services
When installing the Terminal Services role using Server Manager, the Add Roles Wizard enables you to select from a variety of role services. Which role service balances the client load among multiple terminal servers and saves session state informati
C) TS Session Broker
Which of the following is not a required permission that must be granted to the same user or group for the autoenrollment certificate template permission to function correctly?

A) Allow EnrollB) Allow WriteC) Allow AutoenrollD) Allow Read
B) Allow Write
What is the most commonly used high-availability solution for data storage, primarily because it is far more scalable than disk mirroring and enables you realize more storage space from your hard disks?

A) parity-based RAIDB) network load balanc
A) parity-based RAID
Which of the following is not a default configuration of Windows Firewall?

A) Incoming traffic is blocked unless it matches a rule.B) The firewall is turned off.C) Outgoing traffic is allowed unless it matches a rule.D) The firewall is turned on.
B) The firewall is turned off.
What is the term for the ability of entire servers to be redundant so that if anything goes wrong with one computer, another one can take its place almost immediately?

A) NSCAB) NLBC) failoverD) serve
C) failover
Which role service maintains a database of client sessions and enables a disconnected client to reconnect to the same terminal server?

A) Server BrokerB) Session BrokerC) Server FarmD) Terminal Services
B) Session Broker
In the Kerberos Policy Settings, what is the default value for Maximum Lifetime for User Ticket?

A) 8 hoursB) 10 hoursC) 7 hoursD) 5 hours
B) 10 hours
What type of list does SAM enable computers to maintain?

A) authenticated user requests for access to domain resourcesB) authentication informationC) network credentialsD) local users and groups that function as a decentralized authentication syste
D) local users and groups that function as a decentralized authentication system
Which network profile is not supported by Windows Server 2008?

A) privateB) domainC) serverD) public
C) server
An ACL is a collection of individual permissions presented in what form?

A) security principalsB) access control entriesC) special permissionsD) access control principals
B) access control entries
Which of the following is the only technology included in Windows Server 2008 that can protect data while it is in transit?

A) IPsecB) Windows FirewallC) Encrypting File System (EFS)D) BitLocker
A) IPsec
For authentication, PPTP supports all of the following authentication protocols except __________.

A) Extensible Authentication ProtocolB) Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE)C) Microsoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol version 2D
B) Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE)
Which of the following holds the failover cluster configuration database?

A) none of the aboveB) failover diskC) witness diskD) mirrored disk
C) witness disk
Which of the following is not a factor that administrators should consider when choosing the length for a certificate’s lifetime?

A) provider of the certificateB) standard practices in the industryC) type of certificateD) government regulations
A) provider of the certificate
How many consecutive heartbeats must fail before convergence occurs?

A) 6B) 5C) 4D) 3
B) 5
Which of the following is the strongest authentication protocol supported by Windows Server 2008?

A) Microsoft Encrypted Authentication Version 2B) Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)C) Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)D) Challenge Handsh
B) Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
Regardless of how much space you allocate to the storage area, Windows Server 2008 supports a maximum of __________ shadow copies for each volume.

A) 128B) 32C) 64
D) 96
C) 64
In Windows Server 2008, a root CA’s self-generated certificate defaults to a validity period of __________.

A) 5 yearsB) 6 monthsC) 3 yearsD) 1 year
A) 5 years
Which of the following is part of the recommended hardware environment for a failover cluster?

A) redundant network connectionsB) all items listedC) duplicate serversD) shared storage
B) all items listed
Which technique creates multiple resource records using the same name, with a different server IP address in each record?

A) routing token redirectionB) network load balancingC) terminal server farmD) DNS round robin
Which of the following is the default maximum password age?

A) 30 daysB) 22 daysC) 42 daysD) 40 days
C) 42 days
Which of the following is not a reason code for revoking a certificate?

A) supersededB) user password resetC) key compromiseD) CA compromise
B) user password reset
Which of the following steps is not part of the certificate enrollment process?

A) sending or posting the certificateB) generating keysC) requesting the certificateD) verifying the certificate
D) verifying the certificate
Which version of Windows Server 2008 must computers be running to create a failover cluster?

A) WebB) BasicC) StandardD) Enterprise
D) Enterprise
Which of the following specifies a value assigned by the CA that uniquely identifies the certificate?

A) subjectB) versionC) serial numberD) signature algorithm
C) serial number
Which of the following is not an operation mode in BitLocker?

A) user authentication modeB) transparent operation modeC) USB key modeD) volume encryption mode
D) volume encryption mode
Which window presents a consolidated view of the post-installation tasks that, in previous Windows Server versions, you had to perform using various interfaces presented during and after the OS setup process?

A) Customize This ServerB) Initial C
B) Initial Configuration Tasks
The Events page in Server Manager Events displays a subset of the computer’s System log containing all events related to the role for __________ hours.

A) 12B) 24C) 36D) 48
B) 24
In an MMC snap-in, which of the following panes contains a hierarchical list of the snap-ins installed in the console and any subheadings that the snap-ins provide?

A) console paneB) actions paneC) detail paneD) scope pane
D) scope pane
What Terminal Services key combination toggles the client session between a full screen and a window?

Which of the following is not a permission rule when allowing or denying permissions to security principals? (Which statement is false.)

A) Explicit permissions take precedence over inherited permissions.B) Allow permissions are cumulative.C) Ownershi
C) Ownershipoverrides Deny permissions.
A single WSUS server can support as many as __________ clients.

A) 15,000B) 20,000C) 25,000D) 30,000
C) 25,000
What must you download and install before using WSUS?

A) Microsoft Report Viewer 2005B) SQL Server 2005 SP1C) Windows Internal DatabaseD) DNS
A) Microsoft Report Viewer 2005
Which of the following is the default mode when you create a new MMC console?

A) User Mode-Full AccessB) User Mode-Limited Access, Multiple WindowsC) User Mode-Limited Access, Single WindowD) Author Mode
D) Author Mode
The Summary of Administrative Events displays the total number of events recorded in all of the following time increments except for the last __________.

A) hourB) dayC) weekD) month
D) month
Which type of event is triggered when there is service degradation or an occurrence that can potentially cause service degradation in the near future?

A) InformationB) ErrorC) WarningD) Critical
C) Warning
The number of counters that you can display effectively depends on the __________.

A) available hard drive spaceB) The speed of your computerC) size of your monitor and resolution of your video displayD) server caching abilities
C) size of your monitor and resolution of your video display
The optimal value for the Server Work Queues: Queue Length should be less than __________.

A) 3B) 4C) 5D) 6
A) 3
Which of the following logs contains information about events generated by the operating system components, such as services and device drivers?

A) ApplicationB) SecurityC) SetupD) System
D) System
Which type of event warns of a problem that is not likely to affect the performance of the component or process where the problem occurred, but could affect the performance of other components or processes on the system?

A) InformationB) ErrorC)
B) Error
Which type of log contains events that signify a change in the application or service, such as the addition or removal of a printer?

A) AdminB) OperationalC) AnalyticD) Debug
B) Operational
Performance objects, performance counters, and instances that appear in the Add Counters dialog box depend on all of the following except the __________.

A) computer’s hardware configurationB) software installed on the computerC) number of serv
C) number of servers on the network
Which of the following has become the primary backup medium for home users and small networks in recent years?

A) optical diskB) hard disk driveC) magnetic tapeD) tape library
B) hard disk drive
What is the ratio at which executables and other program files typically compress?

A) 1 to 1B) 2 to 1C) 3 to 1D) 4 to 1
B) 2 to 1
Which type of backup job backs up only the files that have changed since the last full backup and does not reset their archive bits?

A) fullB) differentialC) incrementalD) partial
B) differential
Which of the following is the most basic type of backup job and copies the entire set of selected targets to the backup medium?

A) fullB) differentialC) incrementalD) partial
A) full
When files are written to a computer’s hard disk for the first time, their archive bits are activated and set to a value of __________.

A) 0B) 1C) 0xDD) 0110
B) 1
Which backup is faster to restore?

A) fullB) partialC) incrementalD) differential
D) differential
When using Windows Server Backup for scheduled backup jobs, which type of drives can you use as a backup?

A) optical disksB) external hard diskC) network sharesD) all options listed
B) external hard disk
To perform a full server restore, you must boot the system using a Windows Server 2008 installation disk and access the backup disk using which interface?

A) PATAB) wbadmin.exeC) Windows RED) ntbackup.exe
C) Windows RE
note: RE = Recovery Environment
When you open a Command Prompt window in a standard Windows session and restore the system state, you are performing a(n) __________ restore.

A) Group PolicyB) authoritativeC) non-authoritativeD) full
C) non-authoritative
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