ESWS Study Guide CG 47 Specific Flashcards

Terms Definitions
What is a Hawser?
A heavy line greater than 5" in circumference.
How are lines measured?
By circumference.
What is a P&D line?
Phone and Distance line used to measure distance between ships and provide communications.
How many people can a RHIB support?
18 people.
There are 13 UNREP stations onboard, what are they?
FAS(fueling at sea)- Stations 3,4,7,and 8.
RAS(replinishment at sea)- Stations 1,2,5,6,9,and 10.
VERTREP #11(flight deck)#12(foc'sle)#13(fantail)
What is the mission of a SH-60B.
ASW and SAR.
What do the following flight deck colors mean?
Red-No rotor engagement
Green-rotor enagement and take off
Amber-Rotor engagement
What methods can the Helo refuel?
Hot pump-refueling while helo is on deck with rotor movement.
Cold-Helo on deck/no rotor
HIFR-refueling in air
What is the size of our anchor chain in diameter?
1 7/8 inches.
How many shots of chain are on the centerline and starboard anchor chain?
12 and 9.
How many feet are in a fathom?
6 feet
How many fathoms are in a shot?
How many feet are in one shot?
What markings will you see on the 3rd shot on deck?
A blue detatchable link with three white links painted on each side.
Explain SPY 1b.
SPY-1B is the primary air and surface search 3D phased array radar that can automatically track targets.
Explain the SPS-49.
SPS-49 is a back up 2D long range air search radar. Capable of detecting targets up to 256 nm.
Explain the SPS-55.
The SPS-55 is a surface search radar with a range of 55 nm.
Explain the SPQ-9.
SPQ-9 is surface gunfire control radar that provides to the MK 86 system that in turn controld the MK 45 5" gun weapon system. It has a range of 20 nm.
What radar systems does a SPA-25G display?
SPS-49, SPQ-9, and SPS-55.
What is LINK-4A?
A synchronous,digital, UHF communication link providing 1 or 2 way comms between TDS and LINK 4A equipped aircraft.
What is GCCS-M?
Displays a comprehensive battle force picture. Provides the ability to conduct real time or non real time time data analysis.
State the characteristics of a CG-47 class cruiser.
Length-567 feet 3 13/16 inches
Beam-55 feet
Draft-33 feet
Displacement-9600 tons
Speed-30 knots(+)
Max range at 20 knots.6000nm
What is DSMAC?
Digital Scene Matching Area Coordination. A camera compares photos of the area compared to what it is seeing. 2D maps
What is TERCOM?
Terrain Contour Matching. Maps out terrain height.
3D maps
What does GPS do for Tomahawk?
Highly accurate navigation for the missile. Sent to weapon computer.
Name the ways that a tomahawk is guided to its target.
How many missiles can each VLS launcher hold?
61 missiles.
What type of missiles can we support?
SM-2, Tomahawk, and VLA's.
Explain TLAM-C/E.
conventiaonal warhead, used on hard targets. TLAM-E can be redirected in flight. Range of 1000+nm
Explain TLAM-D.
Uses Submunitions. Used for soft targets. 700+nm
What is INDIGO?
a tasking message given to authorize the CO to select and launch TLAM missiles.
What are toxic gas dampers?
Provide protection from harmful gasses produced from missiles fired from the VLS. They shut down and seal the ships supply ventillation.
What is F-76 fuel used for and how many gallons can we hold on board?
Used for LM2500 GTMs and GTGs. We hold up to 660,000 gallons.
What is JP-5 used for and how many gallons can we hold on board?
JP-5 is used in helos and our small boats, and in emergency situations used in the GTMs and GTGs. We hold 20,000 gallons.
How many Fuel Oil Service Pumps do we have on board and where are they located?
We have 4. 2 in MER1 lower level and 2 in MER 2 lower level.
What temperature do the F/O heaters heat the F-76 up to?
Above 80 degrees
What is the purpose of the seawater compensating system?
Maintain stability of the ship. Fuel goes out, sea water goes in.
How many AC plants do we have on board and where are they located?
We have four. 2 in AUX 1 and 2 in the JP-5 pump room.
How many LPACs do we have on board?
We have 3. AUX1, MER1, MER2.
How many EVAPs do we have on board? Where are they located? What kind are they?
We have 2. AUX1. 2 stage flash type.
How much water do we produce a day?
12000 gallons per EVAP
24000 per day
How much water is each person onboard allotted?
30 gallons.
What is RAST and its purpose?
Recovery, Assist, Secure, and Traverse. Used to safely land, secure and move the helo on the flight deck.
`What is a MRG and its purpose?
Main Reduction Gear, changes a high speed and low torque output to a low speed high torque output. The MRG is a double input,double reduction, locked train, single output with a reduction ratio of 21.49:1.
How is the GTM connected to a MRG?
With a high speed flexible coupling off of the power turbine.
What is a SSS Clutch?
A Synchro Self Shifting clutch located on the input shaft of the MRG.
How many Line shaft bearings are there and where are they?
We have 5 on board, 4 on the port shaft, and 1 on the starboard shaft.
How many potable water tanks are on board, where are they located and what is the capacity for each?
We have 4 tanks on board. 2 tanks in the foward pump room 3000 gallon cap. 2 tanks in shaft alley with a 7000 gallon cap. 250 emergency gallon above medical and a 50 gallon above foward battle dressing.
What are the modes for the LPACS?
Lead(125)Lag(120) and standby(115)
What are the GTGs rated at?
4009 AMPS, 450 volts, 2500 K watts, 60 Hz, 3 phase, .8 power factor.
What is the purpose of the Lube Oil system?
To provide lubricant to the MRG and cool the synthetic 23699 L/O to the GTGs.
How many load centers are on board, what are they, and where are they located?
5 load centers,LC 11 is by FWD VLS, LC 12 is in foward IC, LC 41 is starboard side fwd of CMCs office, LC 42 is port side by midships quarterdeck, LC 31 is in aft IC.
Which Switchboard do each Load Center feed from?
LC 11 and 41 feed from SB No. 1. 12 and 31 feed from SB No. 2. LC 42 feeds from SB No. 3.
What are the deguassing coils?
M Coil, A Coil, FP-QP Coil, FI-QI Coil.
What is SQR-19?
Known as TACTAS, it is a passive towed array which provides narrowband detection of threat submarines.
What is SQQ-28?
A sonar processing system. Shipboard element of the Lamps Mk III weapon system. Uses passive and active sonobouys to detect submarines.
What components make up the ITASS system?
SQR-19 and SQQ-28
What is the SQS-53D?
A multi mode hull mounted active/passive sonar system. Provides long range search, detection, track, and classification in the SD, BB, and CZ sound paths.
What are the different Sonobouys?
What is LAMPS MK I/III helecopter?
Primary mission ASW, secondary is ASST. Operates in helo control for ASST or Ship control for ASW.
What is the MK 32 SVTT?
A tri-mounted torpedo barrel system that is used for launching over the side torpedoes.
How many sonobouys can the SH-60B hold?
25 bouys
Explain the MK 46 torpedo.
Active/passive homng, uses OTTO II fuel Search speed is 36 knots attack speed is 43.5 knots. Has a 98 pound bulk charge.
Explain the MK 50 torpedo.
Advanced lightweight. Uses OTTO II fuel, has a shaped charge of 64 pounds.
Explain the WQC-2/2A.
A two way communications between two platforms. Operating modes are voice and cw.
What is the WQC-6?
Probe alert, provides one way secure acoustic communications to a submarine. Intergrated in the SQS-53D.
Explain XBT/SIMAS.
Expendable Bathythermograph (XBT) and Sonar In-situ Mode Assessment System (SIMAS)
XBTs provide temperature VS. Depth info down to 1500 ft.From this the SIMAS recommends equipment settings for the SQS-53
What are the parameters of the SQR-19(TACTAS)?
800 ft long, set of 20 modules that displays 43 beams of narrowband information. The array has a 5600 ft tow cable.
250 KWTS
1A.1B-AUX 1, 2A,2B-AFT 400HZ
6/ C&D, SPY, WCS, N+1, UWS, GWS
What is the maximum TRACK range of SPY Radar?
512 n. miles
How many UYK-43 Computers does Hue City have? Name them.
6, SPY, C&D, WCS, N+1, UWS, GWS
What is N+1 configuration?
In the event of a casualty to a primary tactical UYK-43, the affected program gets loaded into the ACTS computer.
What does NGP stand for and what is it used for?
Next Generation Peripheral, used for data recording of SPY, C&D and ADS on an optical disk.
What does ORTS stand for? What does it do?
Operational Readiness Test System, Monitors the AEGIS Weapons System
What is the difference between a 2-D and a 3-D radar?
2-D gives bearing and range, while 3-D gives bearing, range, AND ELEVATION.
What is the Max range of the SPS-49 Radar in 6 RPM Mode? 12 RPM Mode?
256 N. miles; 128 N. Miles
Define Misfire?
Failure to fire
What is the max range of the 5”/54?
30,000 yds (15 mi)
What is hot gun for the 5”/54?
50 rds/4 hours
What is the max range of the M16?
1296 yds
What other major caliber gun system does the navy maintain?
Mk 75 76mm Otto Milleara (FFG)
What are the two modes of operation for the 5”/54?
What three signals are required to fire the 5”/54?
60HZ, 400HZ, HP air
What is deluge?
Hose connected to each canister for instant cooling of missile in the event of restrained firing. Fresh water tank source followed by sea water
What are the four components which make up a weapon system?
Detection, Direction, Delivery, and Destruction
What is a “heat sensing device”?
Unit mounted in overhead; fusible link melts at 158 degrees; send blast of air to PRP
When was the battle of the HUE?
What country is the HUE the capitol of?
Maximum range of VLA is
18,800 yards
What is the purpose of ACTS “aegis combat trainer system mk 29”
ACTS facilitates shipboard training either at sea or in port. ACTS provides both offline console sub-mode- operation experience for individual trainees and online integrated tactical training for CIC teams – Computer Aided Sub-mode Training (CAST)
What two purposes does the ACTS computer serve?
The first is to host the ACTS program for training, the second is to host CnD, WCS, ASWCS, SPY, or C2P computer programs during a UYK-43 computer casualty “N+1”
Name three modes of operation of the WCS computer
Tactical, Test, Training
For WCS, what are the 2 modes of tactical?
Normal and Command All the Way (CAW)
What is the function of the 400 Hz converters?
Convert 60 Hz to 400 Hz for finer control of fire control equipment
What is the function of the ON-201?
Interface for the LS-653, LS-654, provides radio circuits, interphone, IVCS, and NET access.
What is the function of CEC?
provides cooperative engagement capability with other CEC/AEGIS based ships
What is the PITSWORD used for and where is it located?
Provides speed signal to the indicator transmitters in FWD IC to give ships speed info. It is located in the FWD Pump room. There is also a bulkhead mounted spare in FWD pump room.
What are the cut in pressure of each mode of the LPACS?
What kind of ac plants are on board?
200 ton York centrifugal
What are some of the purposes of the Chill water expansion tank?
Storage tank, provides head pressure for CW pump and expansion.
How many refers are there onboard?
What kind of refers do we have on board?
1.5 York reciprocating
What type of brominators do we have on board?Where are they?
Recirc and inline,Inline- evaps, recirc-pot tanks
What is the difference between Feedwater and Potable Water?
Feedwater is pure distilled water/Potable water is chemically treated
How many ways are there to steer the ship? What are they?
4, Helm, ASCU, trick wheels, emergency hand pumps
How many steering pumps are there?
What type of pumps are in aft steering?
Variable Displacement/ Axial Piston
What is HP Air used for?
Start Air, Firing Torpedo’s, 5 in Guns, VLS, Helo Tire air, LP air back up, SCOTT air packs,
How many fire-pumps are on-board
What is the Damage Control Net that the DCA Talks to all repair lockers on?
NET 80
What is the ships emergency phone number?
During a CBR attack and Zebra is set through out the ship, what other fitting will need to be closed?
Circle W
Where are the 3 places that you can refill your SCBA?
: Rep 2 area, Ships store P-way, and the General Wrk Shop
Where are the CO2 flooding systems located at on the ship?
MER1 and 2 for the GTM’s and GTG’s, 3GTG, Flam 1 and 3 Paint issue, Aviation Strm.
Name all the spaces that have HALON installed
MER1 and 2, 3GTG, JP-5, AUX1 and 2, RAST, TAC TAZ
How many Active Halon bottles are in the Halon Cylinder Store room
At what temperature does HALON become toxic
900 degrees
: What is the maximum effective range of an AFFF bottle
15 ft and decreasing
What is the effective range of an 18lb PKP bottle and how long will it last?
19ft 10 seconds
What is the effective range of the 27lb PKP bottle and how long does it last?
21 ft 11seconds
How long will a portable Co2 bottle last?
40-45 secs
What are the 2 sizes of steel type shoring?
3-5 ft, 6-11 ft
: What is the capacity of the 3-5 foot steel shore when fully extended and fully closed
12,000 open, 20,000 closed
: What is the capacity of the 6-11 steel shore foot when fully extended and fully closed?
6,000 open, 20,000 closed
Name all the pipe patches and their rated capacity?
Soft patch, EWARP, Banding Patch, Jubilee Patch all are rated at 150 PSI except the Jubilee Patch which is rated at 100 PSI
What are the modes of operation for IFF?
Mode 1 Special tactical assignment codes
Mode 2 Selective identification codes for friendly aircraft.
Mode 3/A Air traffic control codes.
Mode C Altitude (-1000 to +126,000 feet)
Mode 4 Secure encrypted reply
Name two warfare areas that utilize guns?
Surface and Air
How many UYK-44s are there in the computer room and what do they do?
6. Spy, C+D, N+1, WCS (aegis) UWS, and GWS (non-aegis)
What controls the Aegis display system? (ADS)
3 EPS (embedded Processor Cabinets) controlled by NGP (next generation periphrials)
What is the bell book?
A hardrive located in CCS that records all alarms and indicators.
What type of engine are the GTM's?
What type of engines are the GTGs?
Where does 3 GTG get its fuel?
From main 2.
How many service and storage tanks are there on board?
30, 4 service, 24 storage.
How do the GTMs and GTGs detect fires?
With UV sensors and heat sensors when heat reaches temps of over 400 degrees.
What is the purpose of the main thrust bearing?
To absorb thrust and drive shaft.
What is the purpose of the CRP head tank?
Provide head pressure to the system.
What is a HOPM?
Hydraulic Oil Porportion Module
What does the HOPM distribute oil to?
Control oil to conrtol power oil to OD box and power oil down shaft to screw.
What is the purpose of the OD box?
Emergency pitch control.
What is the cooling medium for lube oil?
sea water.
take an air molecule through the intake to the exhaust.
Goes in through louvers, through demister pads and then through chevrons to filter out water. Then through the anti icing assembly and then through silencers. From there it goes into the FOD screen and splits off the bullet nose into the bell mouth. then through the compressor,into the cumbustor, through the High pressure turbine, into the low pressure turbine, and out into the exhaust stack where it is mixed with ambient air to reduce heat, a process called bliss.
What is jacking the shaft?
While in port the shaft must be rotated 6 revolutions per hour once a week to prevent sagging in the shaft.
What is an ACR?
Allowance change request, changes quanity per application.
What is a 4790.CK?
A COSAL feedback report..
What is a 1371 form?
Fleet COSAL feedback report.
What is frequent part ordering?
A minimum of ordering an item 2 times in a 6 month period. This lets supply know that it needs to be carried on board.
What is a MOV?
Monthly obligation validation. report on current parts on order. Needs update codes, N for need, C for cancel, and R for recieved.
What is DLR and what are the item codes?
Depot level return, a one for one exchange. 5G is a one for one exchange, 5S is where teh part needs to stay (write a RIP chit) and 5A requires a DD200 form because part is missing and requires a survey
what is BAMS?
Battlegroup Assesment Material system. Navy wide stock check.
What is OPTAR?
operational target, its the ships budget. EMRM is for equipment maintenance related materials (parts. And other is for consumables.
what is UMIPS?
Uniform material issue priority system. Priority codes for ordering parts.
What can we take on at the fuel stations?
F-76, JP5, and potable water.
What is a detatchable link comprised of?
2 coupling plates, hair pin, sea link, taper pin, and a lead plug.
What are the colors in order on a P+D line?
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White...repeat.
What is the max capacity of a liferaft?
25 people.
How many liferafts are there on board?
18, 6 port, 12 starboard.
What are the 6 areas that comprise the naval doctrine?
warfare, logistics, planning, operations, intelligence, command and control.
What are the 7 areas of naval logistics?
Flexibility, Responsivness, Economy, Attainability, Simplicity, Sustainability, Survivability.(FREASSS)
Name the 3 classes of ships at the inception of the navy.
Sloops of war(10-15 guns) Frigates(28-44 guns) ships of the line (64-100 guns)
name the 3 levels of war.
Strategic, operational, tactical.
name the fleets and their responsibility.
2nd fleet-atlantic
3rd and 7th fleet-pacific
5th fleet- bahrain/gulf
6th fleet-naval forces europe
how many types of CASREPs are there and what are they?
4. Initial, update, CASCOR, CASCAN.
How many LINKs do we have and what are they?
6. Link4a, unsecure net "dolly"
Link 11 fixed wing "aligator"
Link 16 fixed wing "timber"
Sat 11 "black digital"
Sat 16 "black timber"
HAWKLINK-helo ship communications, FLIR data.
What is the purpose of CIC?
Gather, evaluate, display, disseminate, process.
What are the modes of IFF?
Mode2-military ID
Mode4-Friend or Foe
Name the antennas on the main mast.
Lightning rod, TACAN, JTIS, CEC, SQR-4, IFF, ROS, SPS-49
what type of radar does the helo have/
What is the purpose of the OL-267?
HMI(human machine interface) manipulates computer programs.
What does the victor 5 do?
puts video on consoles in combat.
what does the RD-358 do?
Data extraction, data recording.
What does a UYH-3 do?
Loads programs via giant disk.
what does the OL-201 do?
interface with xcoms and IVCS circuits
What does the MK 40 Duplexer cabinet do?
Allows multiple things to be run at once.
What does the USH 26 do?
Loads programs for UYK-44s
What does theTIP cabinet do?
Clutter reducer for SPY
What is the frequency ranger for HF?
3-30 MHz
What are the transmitters for HF? How many are there
AN/URT 23D, there are 10.
What are the receivers for HF?How many are there?
R-2368, there are 14.
Name some common uses for HF?
Link date, ADC C&R, SCC S&R
What is the frequency range for VHF?
30-300 MHz
What is VHF used for?
IAD (international air distress)
MAD (military air distress)
Bridge to bridge communications
What is the frequency range for UHF?
What kind of tranceivers does UHF use? How many are they?
AN/WSC-3. There are 22, 16 Line of site and 6 Sat
What are some UHF citcuits?
CUDIX(common user digital information exchange) NAVMACS(naval modular automated communication system
What is the frequency range for SHF?
3-30 GHz
What is the tranceiver used for SHF?
What are the uses for SHF?
Email, Internet, phones, VTC(video teleconference. ADNS(automated digital networking system)
What is the frequency range for EHF?
30-300 GHz
What is EHF used for?
tomahawk mission updates, and back up for ADNS.
What is SAS and BAS and what is it used for?
Single audio system and Black audio system, used for patching to crypto.
What is DAMA?
Digital assignment multiple access. it is a multiplexer which allows the use of one SAT com WSC3 to be used for four different circuits.
What does IVCS stand for?
Intergrated voice communications system.
How many IVCS switchboards are there and where are they?
4, 2 in fwd IC and 2 in aft IC
What does HYDRA stand for?
Hierarchal Yet Dynamically Reprogrammable Architecture
a back up for ADNS and phones.
How many pounds of pressure does it take to seat the fueling probe?
300 pounds.
How many pounds does it take to unseat the fueling probe?
2500 pounds.
how many fathoms are in the 3rd shot of chain?
45 fathoms
What is considered small stuff?
any line under 1 3/4 inches in cirumference
What is meant by the term Flemish?
to lay lines down in a flat coil.
What is a hawser used for?
towing or mooring
What are the 3 types of chocks?
Open, closed, roller.
What personnel make up a boat crew?
Coxswain, engineer, bow hook, boat officer, SAR swimmer
What is the SGSI?
Stabilized Glide Scope Indicator. Stays even with the horrizon when the ship is moving.
What type of anchor do we have on board?
Standard Navy Stockless
How many stoppers are there on each chain and what are they?
2, hawseing stopper and riding stopper.
How long are the RHIBs on board?
24 ft.
What are 3 ways to release a life raft?
Sea painter, Hnad crank,and hydrostatic release.
What does STREAM stand for?
Standard tension replenishment alongside method.
What is the purpose of a pelican hook?
A quick release for the anchor chain.
How many stoppers are there on each chain and what are they?
2, hawseing stopper and riding stopper.
How long are the RHIBs on board?
24 ft.
What are 3 ways to release a life raft?
Sea painter, Hnad crank,and hydrostatic release.
What does STREAM stand for?
Standard tension replenishment alongside method.
What is the purpose of a pelican hook?
A quick release for the anchor chain.
What is the Lima flag?
What is Code Alpha flag?
Divers over the side
What is bravo flag?
Ammunition/fuel/explosives handling
What is Hotel flag?
Helo Ops
What is Kilo flag?
Men working aloft/over the side
What is a ESP?
Electrical submerisible pump
What cannot be pumped through an ESP?
Oily water, Fuels, warm liquids
What is a P-100 pump? What is it rated at?
A dewatering and substitute fire main pump. Rated at 100 GPM at 83 PSI.
What types of portable eductors do we have on board?
S-Type and Peri-jet.
What are the supply and discharge sizes for our portable eductors.
S-type: 1 1/2 supply, 2 1/2 discharge
peri-jet: 2 1/2 supply 4 discharge
what is the supply and discharge size of an ESP?
2 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches
what is the mixture for AFFF?
94% water to 4% AFFF
What is the AFFF pump rated at?
65 GPM
What type of gas masks do we use?
MCU-2P mask and C2 canister
What is MOPP level and how many are there?
Mission oriented Protective Posture. Sets levels of readiness for a CBR attack.
What is the purpose of the M8 paper? What colors will it turn?
Detect G and V nerve agents in liquid form, and blister agents. Turns yellor for G agents, green for V nerves, and Red for blistering agents.
What is the purpose of the M9 paper and what color will it turn?
Same as M8 paper only it turns red for all agents, only thing is that it worlks faster with less concentration of chemicals.
What is the tell tale panel?
Controls running lights, behind the QM on watch on the bridge.
What is the tasking panle?
Controls inport/anchor lights. Next to tell tale panel on bridge.
what is a barometer?
atmospheric pressure.
What is a psychrometer
dew point/air temp
What is a stadimeter?
angular distance to known height.
What is a sextant?
Measures angular distance to celstial bodies.
What are 4 ways to determine ships position?
GPS, celestial navigation, radar ranging, visual bearing.
What is a swing circle?
Amount of chain out plus ships movement.
What is drag circle.
length of chain to navigational aid.
What are 10 types of 5" rounds?
HE-VT, HE-CVT, HE-MT, HE-ET, HE-IR, KE-ET, Illumination, BL+P, White Phosphorus, HE-PD
how long is the 5"barrel?
270 inches
What is the rate of fire for 5"?
16-20 rounds.
How many rounds can be held in the loader drum?
20 rounds
What is ASI and RADWEB?
Automated shore interface. Updates COSAL. RADWEB provides ASI.
What is MOV and what are the 2 types?
Material Obligation Validation. Internal/External. internal validates jobs to supply. external validates the jobs supply has to big navy.
What identifies a DLR?
7 cog
What is does RAM do for us? What about DRMO?
RAM is free NEW parts as DRMO is free used parts/tools/HAZMAT.
Describe OPTAR.What does it do for supply?
Departmental budget, estimate on spending for the next fiscal year. The estimate give supply a Annual financial management plan, estimates money needed for future parts and materials.
Where does the credit from eroneous parts ordered go to?
Credit goes to TYCOM.
What are the 2 parts that make up UMIPS?
FAD, and UND (Urgency of Need)
What is a fleet freight cargo message? What about MAIN?
fleet freight cargo message tells where to send us things. MAIN is mail routing instruction, tells where to send mail.
What is BDFA?
Basic daily food allowance. $8.27 for each person on board. This gives the galley its budget on how much to spend on food.
name 3 types of food rations?
Cold Weather rations
Box lunch
Who do we notify for a HAZMAT spill in port?
Harbor Ops, SOPA, Base HAZMAT
Name some PPE for HAZMAT handling.
Gloves, goggles, protective foot where, HAZMAT suit, disposable coveralls, hard hats (for crane operations)
What and how far do we have to be out to dump?
Food contaminated plastics-50nm and negatively bouyant
What is the purpose of the emergency hand pumps in aft steering?
To replinish the storage tank sump.
What does the steering switchboard do?
Transfer contol from bridge to aft steering, give options on sterring control, hydraulic pumps, trick wheels, and the ASCU.
What is the TCP and the HTP?
Test control Panel, and Hydraulic Test Panel. Both are one panel.
What is the max tension on the tail guide?
5000 PSI
What type of coolant do the AC plants use?How about the reefers?
236 Freon, 134 refrigerant
What do the reefers do for us?
Cools the 2 freeze boxes to 0 degrees or below and the 1 chill box to 32-40 degrees.
What is the other use for our reefers?
To store cadavers
How much water can we produce a day?
12000 gpm
What is the BPM for potable water?
.2 to 2.0 content for safe drinking.
What happens if the water isnt treated correctly before it hits the storage tanks?
It is recirculated by the recirc brominators.
What do the sea water pumps do and what are they rated at?
Provide cooling water to the ship to INDIRECTLY cool equipment. They are rated at 3000 gpm and 60 psi
How many shore power cables can we connect and what is the amperage of each?
10 cables and 400 amps each.
In terms of message precedence, what is ZOPR? and what are the time limits for each?
Z is flash-10 minutes or less
O is immediate- 30 minutes
P is priority-3 hours
R is routine-6 hours
What is the SVTT?
MK 38 Survace vessel Torpedo Tube
What is the firts naval ship named after an enlisted man and what did he do?
Osmand Ingram DD255. First enlisted man killed in action during WW1, his ship was torpedoed by a german sub.
What is MSC?
Military Sealift Command- global responsibility.
Where does 4th fleet operat?
Carribean, Central and south America
What is EDVR?
Enlisted Distribution Validation Report. Gives a list of NEC's, prospective loss and gain. Updated monthly.
What is your Page 2?
Family/Emergency Data
What is your page 4?
Qualification Report
What is your page 7?
Court memorandum, NJP, court marshal
What is your page 13?
Administrative remarks
What is the responsibilty of the CO?
Overall responsible for the saftey and operation of the ship.
What is the responsibility of the XO?
Second in command, reports to CO.
What is the responsibility of the CMC?
Senior enlisted advisor, implements policies on welfare, morale, discipline, and conducts training.
What is the responsibility of the 3MC?
Overall in charge of the 3M system.
What is the responsibility of the Department Head?
Reports to CO on things concerning the department.
What is the responsibilty of the DIVO?
Divisional officer under department head tasked to make sure divisional tasks are carried out.
What is the responsibilty of the LCPO?
Leading chief petty officer helps DIVO carry out duties of division.
What is the responsibilty of the LPO?
Same as the LCPO.
Briefly describe the battle for Coral Sea.
First battle fought entirely by aircraft carriers, neither fleet saw eac other. The USS Lexington and Yorktown were lost.
Briefly describe the battle of Midway.
Turning point for efforts in the pacific. Japanese lost 258 aircraft and 4 carriers.
Briefly describe the battle of Normandy.
Largest recorded amphibious assault in history. Turning point for WW2.
Describe the Great White Fleet.
16 US battleships sent to circumnavigate the world to show US military power.
Briefly describe quadalcanal.
after 3 days of fighting, japanese retreated alowwing marines to secure the island.
Briefly describe the battle of Leyte Gulf.
in a last attempt to retake the philippenes, japanese attacked and was soundly defeated, severing the japanese nation.
What is SORMS?
Ships orginizational Regulations Manual. Sources on information concerning duties and responsibilites for shipboard personnel.
What are the duties of the President?
Commander in chief, commands US armed forces
What are the duties of the secretary of defense?
Second in command of the armed forces.
What are the duties of the secretary of the Navy?
Civillian secretary of the navy.
What are the duties of the CNO?
Senior miltary officer in charge of the navy.
What are the duties of the Fleet commander?
Responsible and in charge of assigned fleets.
What are the duties of TYCOM?
Administrative authority over specific platform.
What are the duties of the MCPON?
Senior enlisted member in the navy, advisor to CNO.
What are the duties of a fleet master chief?
enlisted advisor to unit commanders/CO's with responsibilty to a fleet.
What are the duties of a Force master Chief?
Enliste advisor to unit commanders/CO's with responsibility to a specific command.
Describe the battle of Hue?
january 31, 1968, 2500 US marines fought 10,000 north korean soilders to take the citadel of Hue City. The battle ended March 3,1968
When was the Hue City commisioned?
14 September 1991
What is the Purpose of CIC?
GPDED. Gather, process, Display, Evaluate, Disseminate
How are HALON protected spaces activated?
With 5lb CO2 bottles, pull pin and lift operatin arm until stright up and down.
How long of a delay is there before HALON lights off?
60 seconds for manned spaces and 3o seconds for unmanned spaces.
How are CO2 protected spaces activated?
By breaking open the glass, and pulling the handle until you see red on the cable.
Where are the 3 firemain Zebra valves located?
Foward by MT51, Midships in CCS ladderwell, and Aft in aft pallet staging.
Where are the group ventilation conrol valves located?
Rep 2, Rep 3, and Rep 5 area.
What are the areas of responsibility for each repair locker?
Rep 2 0-174 , Rep 5 all main spaces, repair 3, 175-aft.
Where do you enter a main space when there is a fire?
Through the escape hatches.
What is the secondary means of fighting a deep fat fryer fire?
Indirect AFFF spray.
What is a PECU and where is it located?
Potable Exothermic Cutting Unit, located in each repair locker.
What is the light off source for a PECU and what is its fuel source?
A 12 volt battery and uses oxygen for fuel.
What is FARS?
The Jaws of life.
Where are the SCBA refilling stations?
Fwd by the Post office, Mid ships by LC 41, and in the General Workshop.
What and where are the secondary means of SCBA refilling?
Compressors located in the Foward port break and in the aft starboard break.
Name 6 pieces of equipment used for pollution abatement.
* Oil Content Monitor
* Oily water seperators
* Oil waste transfer pumps
* 2 pulpers( PWP and by Radio Head)
* oily waste holding tank
* waste oil tank
What are the 4 parts of the SSGTG?
2. Reduction Gear
3. Generator
4. Module
What kind of MRGs do the GTGs have?
Single Input, Single Reduction, Single Helical.
What is power factor?
The relationship between true and expected power.
What do switchboards provide?
Control and operation of GTGs
measurement/ protective regulating equipment
What are Load Centers?
Minimize supply and weight of cables, and a extension of a switchboard.
What do the red breakers provide?
Casualty power.
What do MBTs provide?
normal to alternate power or emergency power for loads that draw a larger starting current.
What do ABTs provide?
sources of power that must be energized as soon as possible.
Describe casualty power?
Provides power to vital equipment using 450vac, 60 hz, 3 phase. Keeps ship afloat, fight fires, provides power to vital equipment.
When the ship is being built, what are 4 things that effect the ships permanent magnetic field?
Direction of ship when being built
What is the M-Coil?
Single horizontal loop around ship, counteracts permanent magnetism.
What does degaussing do?
Counteracts ships permanent and induced magnetism.
What is the FP-QP coil?
Foc'sle permanent and Quarterdeck permanent. Counteracts ships permanent magnetism.
What is the FI-QI coil?
Same as FP-QP only counteracts induced.
What is the A-coil?
Counteracts ships induced magnetism using vertical coils running forward to aft.
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