Terms Definitions
What does RADAR stand for
Radio Detection and Ranging
What 2 warefare areas utilize Naval Guns Systems
Surface warfare
Air warfare
What is the purpose for Fire Control
To put warheads on foreheads
What is a hang fire
a delay in the firing process
What is a hot gun?
When the barrel of a weapon is so hot it could cause inadvertant firing
"cook off"
Does the MK 75 have hot gun situations?
Only if not barrel cooling
What is the acromym HERO
Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordinance
What color is training ammunition or Dummy Rounds?
What does BL&P stand for?
Blind Loaded and Plugged
What does CAS stand for?
Combined Antenna System
What is the range of CAS?
25 Nautical Miles
Where is the CAS Located on FFG?
On the O-3 level
What makes up CAS?
Track and search Radars?
What console is the CAS controlled from?
How many fire control Channels are there?
What can FC1, FC4, and FC5 Track?
FC1=Surface and Air
FC4 & FC5 Surface Only
What is the proper name for the MK75 76MM gun system?
Otto Malara
What country originally made the 76 MM gun system?
What is the MK 27?
The back up Gyro
Whar are the ranges for the MK 75?
3 Nautical Miles for Air Targets
6 Nautical Miles for Surface targets
What does the GYRO do for the gun system?
It allows the weapon to adjust for pitch and roll of the ship
How many rounds per minute can the MK 75 fire?
What does CIWS Stand for?
Close in Weapons System
What is EMCON?
Emissions Control
What are the ranges for CIWS?
10K Yards for Detection
5K yards for tracking
2K Yards to engage targets
What size round does the CIWS fire?
20 MM
What is the rate of fire for CIWS?
4500 Rounds per min Air
3000 Rounds per Min Surface
How many rounds does the drum for the CIWS hold?
1500 Rounds
What 2 areas can the CWIS be fired from?
Local Control Station (LCS)
Under the gun
Remote Control Station (RCS)
Located in CIC
What are the rates of fire for the MK 75?
10,20,40,60, Max is 80 Rounds per minute
Is CWIS IFF Capable?
What are the safety precautions for entering magazines?
No spark producing items
Safety shoes
2 man integrity
What is the purpose of 2 man integrity?
Safety of High pressure Water system and Safety of the ammunition
What is the Train Warning Circle?
The Red circle around the gun with Danger area in white to keep personnel outside the training arc of the weapon
How far from the barrel is the Train warning circle?
18 inches
What are the small arms we carry onboard?
12 Guage
Mk 18
What are the safety rules for carrying weapons?
Treat every weapon as if it is loaded

Never point at anything you don't intend to shoot

keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire

Keep your weapon on safe until you are ready to fire
What kind of safety is utilized by the 9mm?
ambidextrious safety
How many rounds can the 9MM Mag hold?
15 rounds and 1 in the chamber
What is the max effective range of the 9mm?
50 Meters
What is the difference between Max range and Max effective range?
Max range is how far a round can travel under perfect conditions

Max effective range is how far a round can go and cause the intended damage
How many rounds can the 12 gauge shot gun hold?
5 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber
Which rifles are automatic?
MK 18
Where can the M240 B be mounted?
Anywhere the .50 caliber Machine gun is mounted and the RHIB
How many M203's are onboard?
What type of rounds can the M203 fire?
High explosive Point detonating (HE-PD)

White Star Parachute
What is the rate of firefor the M240 B?
625 rounds per minute
What would make the M240B a hot gun?
200 rounds in less than 2 minutes
Where are are the .50 cal mounts located?
2 on the Forecastle,
2 on the O-3 Level
2 on the O-2 level
2 on the flight deck
1 on the fantail
What is the Max Effective range of the .50 cal?
2000 yds
How many Rounds per minute can the .50 cal fire?
450-550 per min
What is the Max efective range for the MK38 25mm gun?
4.1 nautical miles
How many round can the MK38 hold?
110 rounds
What is the rate of fire for the MK38 MODI?
175 rounds per min
How is the MK38 MODI powered?
24 V DC Battery
Where can the MK38 MODI be mounted?
Port and Starboard Midships
Who makes the M242 25mm
Hughes Helicopters
Where can the MK75 be fired from
How many rounds of 76mm Rounds can the ship carry?
610 rounds
What is pained on the Revolving Magazine?
Red and Blue Dragon
How many rounds can the inner and outer rings of the revolving magazine hold?
35 in each
From the revolving Magazine where do the rounds go next?
Screw Feeder
How many rounds does the screw feeder hold?
6 rounds
What moves the rounds from the screw feeder to the loader drum?
the Rocking Arms
How many rounds can the Loader Drum hold?
4 Rounds
What does HE-PD Stand for?
High explosive Point Detonating
What does VT NONFRAG Stand for?
Variable Time Non Fragmenting
What does HE-IR stand for?
High Explosive Infra Red
What does HE-VT stand for?
High Explosive Variable time
What is the Primary use of the MK 75?
What Color Brand is High explosive?
What kind of fire does a White phosphorous round cause?
Class Delta
What is the purpose of Electronic Cooling?
To Keep electronic equipment from overheating
Which if any of the weapons systems Have electronic Cooling?
CWIS Gun System
What is the MK15 Phalynx?
How many barrels does the MK 15 Phanlanx have?
6 Barrels
How is the battery for the MK38 MODI 21 mm chain gun recharged?
115 V AC 60 htz 3 phase Ship's power
What is the MK 92?
How many modes of Operation does CWIS have?
Where is the kill button for CWIS located?
on the RCP (remote Control Panel)
What is the nitrogen bottle for on the CIWS
It is to pressurize the PTI and for the shock mounts
What are the modes of operation for CIWS?
Battery Off
Stand By
Air Ready
Anti air Warefare (AAW)
AAW Auto
Where is the mount safety switch located on the CIWS?
On the Mount located on the Starboard Side
How many Torpedos can the ship hold?
20 and 1 Recovery Exercise (REXTORP)
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