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United States Navy
Terms Definitions
where are unrep stations 3 & 5 and what are they used for?
- Stations 3&5 located on stbd smoke deck; for DFM (diesel fuel marine) and cargo
Station 7? location and use?
- Station 7 located under 60 ton crane; used for spaghetti rig, with the 60-ton crane (closed-in rig), used to refuel small crafts.
Stations 8&9 LOCATION and USE
-Stations 8&9 located aft of port and stbd quarterdecks; for JP5 & DFM
Stations 1&2 location and use
- Stations 1&2 located on stbd and port side of the foc’sle; for cargo and personnel.
Stations 4&6 location and use
- Stations 4&6 located on port smoke deck; for DFM and cargo.
who drives the small boat
boat coxwain
Who Hooks up sea painter; assists the coxswain; lookout.
Bow Hook
Responsible for the safety of the boat crew.
boat officer
what is the Max occupancy of both small boats during normal and heavy wheather conditions?
11M..26/13 7M...18/9
what is the AN/SLQ-25
nixie is used for torpedo countermeasure
what does C4I stand for
command, control communications, computers and inteligence
what is NSFS
naval ship fie support, provides bombardment against shore targets in support for ground forces
what is the difference between 2d and 3d radars.
2D is bearing and range 3D is bearing range and elevation
what is a hot gun.
gun whose barral temp has been raised to a tempature a cook-off of a round is possible
what does hero stand for
hazardous of elctromagnetic radiation to ordnance
why is gyro important to a weapons system
how many missles can be stowed in one ram launcher
how many ram launchers do we have onboard
effective range of the 25mm
2700 yrds
what does CIWS stand for
close in weapons system
what constitutes a hot gun for a 50. cal
200 rounds in 2 min
what size round does CIWS fire
what are HEI-T rounds
high explosive incendiary tracer
what is the rate of fire for CIWS
4500 rounds a min
what do we use to cool the main engines
sea water cools the jaket water which cools the cylinders of the main engines
what is the psi of LP air
0 to 150
what is the psi of HP air
150 to 3000
what does it mean to "trail shaft"
to allow one propeller to spin freely through the water
how many pistons do the main engines have
what was the first navy ship named after an enlisted man
uss Ingram dd-255 first man killed in WWI
what three classes of vessels existed at the inception of the navy.
sloops, frigates, and ships of the line.
battle of normandy signifigance?
largest amphibious assualt ever (1944)
signifigance of the battle of midway
turning point of WWII
what are the three levels of war
tactical, operational and strategic
where is 2nd fleet
atlantic ocean
where is 5th fleet
persian gulf
where is 6th fleet
where is 7th flt
western pacific and indian ocean
line is measured by what
how do we measure wire
define swing circle
length of the ship plus the distace of the chain payed out
define drag circle
distance from the anchor to the pylorus on the bridge
what is the sea painter
line to help small boat to stay along side lined up with the davit
what is the bull nose
a closed chock located at the end of the ship
what is a hawse pipe
pipe the anchor chain runs through
what kind of anchor do we have and how much does it weight
navy standard stockless, 30,000lbs
any line larger than 5" is called what
whats a monkey fist
a knot created at the end of a line to create weight so you can heave the line
what are circular metal shields fastend around mooring lines to prevent rats from coming aboard the ship
rat guards
what is a messenger line used for
line used to pull all other lines over
what is a p&d line used for and what is the color code
phone and distance line used for unreps, green, red, yellow, blue, white, green
how many pistons do the generators have
what is the max rpm of the main engines
what is the normal rpm of the generators
what kind of lube oil do the main engines use
what kind of fuel do the engines use
how many cylinders do the generators have
how many cylinders do the main engines have
how many HPAC's do we have
how many line shaft bearings do we have
what type of engines do we have
colt pielstick
who makes our generators
fairbanks morse
how many blades are on the ships propellor
what is the purpose of degaussing
to counter act the ships magnetic field from the earths magnetic field
how does the SSDG produce electricity
motion, magnetic field, conductor
how many conections are on the shore power riser
what is the starting psi for the SSDG's
which degaussing coils does the ships gyro control
A-coil and FI-QI coil
when is the navy's B-day
how many life rafts do we have onboard
who is the embarkation officer
what does EDVR stand for
enlisted distibution verification report
how many modes does iff have
what page in the service record is used to verify dependents
what are the three different type of distilling plants and which does comstock use
reverse osmosis, submersible and flash...we use 3 stage flash type
how many cranes do we have
what is the length of the comstock
609 ft
where is the only open chock onboard
boat deck by the boat davit
what type of fire main system do we have
double horizontal loop
what must all personel do when we are at mopp level 2
carry mask
how many decon stations are on board
what psi is the fire main rated
150 psi
how many 50. cal are onboard
what is the official nomanclature of the trash can antennas
how many phases are there in a fire main from start to finish
what color helmet does a rigger wear
how many a/c compressors do we have
how often is external MOV conducted
how many evaps do we have onboard
what are the four phases of the steam cycle
evaporation, condensation, generation,feed
what are the two legal logs in engineering
engineering log,bell log
what type of MRG do we have onboard
double helial
how many gallons of potable water can we move in one day
how many HPAC's onboard
where are the LPAC's
aux 1 and aux 2
What types of evaps do we have onboard
3 stage flash type
how many line shaft bearings do we have
what is the electrical load capacity of one shore power cable
Where is repair 5
port side 2nd deck
what is the max speed of comstock
24 knts
how many HPU's do we have onboard
how long will an eebd last
what are the degaussing coils
a coil, m coil, fi-qi coil, fp-qp coil
what does LOEP stand for
list of effective pages
what is the rate of fire for CIWS
4500 rounds a min
what does EMCON stand for
Emissions control
what is comstocks beam width
how many ballasting tanks are one the 3rd deck
how many ballasting tanks are on the 5th and 6th deck
how many boilers do we have and what type
2 (combustion engineering)
how many CHT tank do we have and how much do each hold
7,14000 gallons on the 3rd deck,2 @ 650 gallons both aft port and stbd, and 4 15 gallon tanks in each MMR and AUX space
what is H2S
hydrogen sulfide( smells like rotten eggs)
how many LPAC do we have on board and where are they?
3 1 in aux1 and 2&3 in AUX2
how many ways can you steer the ship
5,helm,trick wheel,hand crang,tie rod,and engines
where is the degaussing switchboard
how many line shaft bearing does ech shaft have
3 on port and 6 on starbord
State the six areas that comprise Naval Doctrine
-Command and Control
-Naval Warfare
Battle of Coral Sea
battle fought entirely with aircrafts
launched from carriers against Japan (May 1942).
Battle of Normandy
Largest amphibious assault ever (Jun 1944).
turning point of WWII. Japanese had concentrated on the pacific (central) with the intention of occupying Midway (Oct 1944).
State the three levels of war.
Tactical – order, arrangement of maneuvering.
Operational – series of acts aimed at producing a desired result.
Strategic – overall planning of large scale combat operations
Flash (Z)
ASAP 10 minutes.
Immediate (O
30 minutes
Priority (P):
three hours
Routine (R)
six hours
Discuss the components of a weapon system
Detection: Sensors look at it
Direction: Point at it
Delivery: Fire at it
Destruction: Kill it
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