Admin 301 Certification Test Flashcards

Terms Definitions
An administrator notices there are too many duplicate records, numerous sharing rules, and a large number of manually shared records. This situation may be a symptom of…A. a role hierarchy that has too few rolesB. a sharing model that is too public.C. a
C. a sharing model that is too private.
In Salesforce Territory Management, a territory hierarchy is different from a role hierarchy in that it…A. grants login access to all users in a territory.B. supports assigning users to multiple territories.C. automatically assigns users to sales teams
B. supports assigning users to multiple territories.
An administrator wrote a field update action for a workflow rule on a field that is hidden via Field-Level Security. When the workflow rule triggers, what happens to the data in the hidden field?A. The field will fail to update and remain in its original
B. The field is updated, even though it is hidden.
A developer wants to create a mashup to display a contact’s location using Google Maps.  Which of the following is not a necessary step in developing this mashup?A. Deciding on the parameters needed for submission.B. Creating an S-control to pass the U
D. Coding the HTML/JavaScript in an S-control to retrieve the results.
A company called Universal Containers would like to track bugs within Salesforce.  The company needs to track the bug’s severity and type as well as its status and description.  Bugs should be related to Cases, but the bug’s owner will be different
C. Create a custom object for bugs and relate it to cases
A company currently uses the standard Salesforce product and pricebook objects. Is it possible for this company to publish product and pricebook information to its corporate Web site so customers in different regions see the correct product catalog with p
C. Yes, by building a custom integration following the X-to-Web design pattern.
Understand the "hooks" and "targets" regarding s-controls
SControls are targets (code that can execute) for Hooks – objects that fire events
-Std or Custom Buttons
Custom Links
In-line SControls
Web Tabs
Describe the use cases for Delegated Administration
Delegated admins can:- Create /edit users and reset passwords- create default sales teams- create personal groups for users- assign users to specified profiles- login as a user who has granted login access- manage custom objects They help to assign routine admin tasks to othersTake the weight off of other Application
What are the two keys to setting up Territory Management?
List the order in which automation features trigger when a user saves a record
-All Apex BEFORE Triggers-System Validation Rules-Custom Validation Rules-All Apex AFTER triggers-Assignment Rules (leads/cases)-Auto-Response (leads/cases)-Workflow -Escalation Rules (cases)-Parent Roll-up Summary fields (triggers all of the above on the parent object)
List the commonly used API calls
Can a Salesforce object exist independent of an application?
Yes - you do not have to create a custom tab
There is not a 1 to 1 relationship to objects and tabs
Are validation rules executed for fields that are stored in the object but not part of the displayed page layout?
What is the maximum number of objects that can be associated in a custom report type?
What are the limitations of a Developer org?
A Developer org has:
20 MB of file and 20 MB of data
5000 API call/24 hours
Partner & Customer Portal
Mobile & Platform Licenses
Is the Excel Connector a supported product?
What happens to the record you specify as the loser during a merge?  What happens to any records related to the losing record?
Will go to the recycle bin for 30 days. They will be added to the winning record.
What skill sets are required to implement Apex triggers?
Object-oriented programmer, HTML
Is it possible to use the Data Loader to extract attachments?
No – only delete
How many personal tags can you have?
Can admins add tags to users' data?
Only public tags
Can admins limit tag sets for users?
If they enable public tags only
What do you need to be aware of when overriding a standard button?
May disable some features (in-line editing)
How many letters do you have to enter for the auto-complete to work?
What objects will auto-complete?
Account, contact, user, and custom object lookups
Which features do not package?
Standard Objects
When is it appropriate to use packaging vs the metadata API?
Moving an entire app from one environment to another
If you have made changes to an AppExchange App
Share an app in a more casual setting
Where can you find the IDE tool?A. Setup | Create | AppsB. Setup | Create | PackagesC. Setup | Develop | ToolsD. Setup | Develop | API
C. Setup | Develop | Tools
When creating a report based on a Report Type that is a custom object, what happens if you later delete the custom object?A. The report type remainsB. The report type is deletedC. The report type and all related reports are deletedD. The report type is de
C. The report type and all related reports are deleted
Where do I add IP addresses to the trusted set?
Setup --> Administration Setup --> Security Controls --> Network Access
What's the difference between a lookup and a master-detail relationship?
lookup - Creates a relationship that links this object to another object. The relationship field allows users to click on a lookup icon to select a value from a popup list. The other object is the source of the values in the list.
Master -detail - Creates a special type of parent-child relationship between this object (the child, or "detail") and another object (the parent, or "master") where:
The relationship field is required on all detail records.
Once the value of the relationship field has been saved, it cannot be changed.
The ownership and sharing of a detail record are determined by the master record.
When a user deletes the master record, all detail records are deleted.
You can create rollup summary fields on the master record to summarize the detail records.
If a new validation rule is created and there is data already stored that violates the rule, at what time will Salesforce catch the problem?
When the record is edited and the user goes to save the record.
What are the two questions that you should ask yourself when trying to decide how to set Organization Wide Default permissions for an object?
-Who is the most restricted user?
-Is there ever going to be an instance of this object when the user shouldn’t see and/or edit?
Who are the three types of users that can grant sharing privileges on a given record?
Owner, anyone higher in the hierarchy, sys admin
*** if you have been granted access to a record through manual sharing or sharing rules, you CANNOT share the record to someone else
Anyone with the System Administrator profile can view and modify all data.  However, you want to restrict anyone with that profile from reading compensation data for a particular position.  Is this possible?
No - the system admin has view all data and modify all data
How can you create a separate dashboard for each user and have it only visible to that user?
Clone the dashboard and put it in a separate folder that only that user has access to.
Or show users how to clone, create group of dashboard reports with "MY" criteria and have them save into their personal dashboard folder "My Dashboards"
What are the four pillars of Salesforce success?
Apps, Platform, Community, AppExchange
Name some Salesforce applications.
SFA, PRM, Call Center, Analytics, Marketing
List "clicks" and "code" options at the User Interface level.
Clicks: Apps, Tabs, Page Layouts, Record Types.Code: S-Controls, Web Controls, Visualforce
List "clicks" and "code" options at the Business Logic level.
Clicks: Workflow, Validation Rules, Assignment Rules.Code: S-Controls, Web Controls, Apex, Web Services API
List "clicks" and "code" options at the Data Model level.
Clicks: Objects, Fields, Relationships.Code: Web Services API
Where are web services capabilities defined?
In the WSDL (Web Services Definition Language)
API documentation on the Developer site
Describe some features within  web services.
30+ operations (methods) supported, numerous entities (objects) supported, SOQL (Sforce Object Query Language), SOSL (Sforce Object Search Language)
List some of the most commonly used API calls
query, retrieve, create, update, upsert, delete, undelete
Where would you go to see the list of all of the API calls?
API Developers Guide
True or False: The API fully respects the security and access protocols configured through builder.
What is an S-Control?
a single custom web page hosted by Salesforce
True or False: S-Controls are only triggered through the user interface.
What are the three types of S-Controls?
HTML, Snippet, URL
When would you use S-Controls?
If you want to streamline a common user process to reduce mouse clicks,
know that your process flow is a closed loop that only involves Web Services enabled integrations (URL accessible),
have a small number of records to update or display,
have no means to host a custom ASP.NET or JSP web control
What are some drawbacks to S-Controls?
S-controls are client-side code, so can slow-down the UI,
not always cross-browser compatible
SFDC does not support the code
Is it possible to incorporate Web Services API calls into s-controls?
Yes - you would do so by referencing the AJAX toolkit.
What are the two major pieces to most s-controls?
HTML (visual presentation) and JavaScript (function/code)
Are S-controls targets or hooks?
S-Controls are the targets (code that can execute) for various hooks (objects that fire events) in the system, such as standard or custom buttons, custom links, inline s-controls, and web tabs.
Inline s-controls aren't really s-controls at all, they are hooks for s-controls (and only appear on detail pages, not edit pages).
What are some characteristics of web applications or web controls?
Runs on a customer-hosted web server
 has a custom UI (generally ASP.NET or JSP),
uses the API to read or modify SFDC data,
 are generally used for highly customized UI or business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by s-controls.
What are some examples of web applications or web controls?
When would you use a a web application or web control?
Generally used for highly customized UI or business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by s-controls.
What is Apex?
It is a procedural scripting language that is written in discrete pieces, uses a syntax that looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures, and are executed entirely on the platform.
What are the benefits of Apex versus other approaches?
Runs natively on SFDC servers, so faster than non-server code, and is supported by SFDC.
Where can you go for Apex support?
Extensive documentation on the Apex Developer Network site, an Eclipse IDE plugin, a variety of deployment tools, and mandatory creation of test scripts that can be run in a development environment, in the UI, or by Salesforce support personnel.
When would you use Apex?
If you want to attach business logic to a data event (insert, update, delete),
have this logic execute regardless of whether the event originates in the user interface/s-control/web services API,
want to process multiple records at the same time,
Use classes when coding Apex that will be used by other developers.
When wouldn't I use Apex?
Adding visual elements to the UI (use Visualforce),

 Add business logic that ONLY applies when accessing data through the user interface (use s-controls),

 When you want to: augment SFDC behavior without investing in Apex (and use the web services API )

Add functionality to an s-control or composite app to process one record at a time,

If you want to integrate with a third-party system that does not support Web Services.
Is Apex client-side or server-side code?
Server-side code
What is the major difference between Apex and other programming languages?
Runs natively on the sf servers, so it is more powerful and much faster
What are governor limits? Why do we have them?
Because Apex runs in a multitenant environment, the Apex runtime engine strictly enforces a number of limits (called governor limits) to ensure that runaway scripts do not monopolize shared resources
For security & efficiency
When should you use Apex to solve a business problem? When would other solutions be more appropriate?
Use Apex
To attach business logic to a data event
Process multiple records
When Not to use Apex:
Add a visual element to UI
Add business logic that only applies when accessing data through the UI
What does Visualforce do?
Allows developers to completely replace the standard page layouts within the Salesforce UI with completely custom pages.  Uses Apex for advanced business logic functionality.
Describe the benefits of Visualforce over S-controls for each of the following: technology, flexibility, reuse, logic model, control, development model.
Technology (faster, more scalable, better performance),
Flexibility (complete control over entire UI),
Reuse (uses common UI elements without having to recreate them from scratch),
 logic model (full power of Apex available to create UI behaviors), control (replace only the parts you need (i.e. just an edit page) and use standard UI for the rest,
development model (code is much easier to create and is much more manageable)
Will there ever be a reason to use s-controls once Visualforce is released?
Define each of the following: Data migration, Data management, Data enrichment, Data cleansing, Data de-duplication.
Data mig: the process of transferring data from one repository to another.Data mgmt: systematic collection, organization, and analysis of data.Data enrichment: improving existing data by linking additional data sources.Data cleansing: creating format consistency, removing bad data, and consolidating sources.Data de-duplication: identifying and merging duplicate records (usually accounts and contacts).
List several ways to retrieve data out of SFDC.
Reports, Weekly Data Exports, Data Loader and other API-based applications, Community tools such as the Excel Connector.
Can all editions use Data Loader?
No, only UE, EE, and DE orgs.
Is the Data Loader fully supported by SFDC?
Can you select a set of specific objects to pull the Weekly Data Export for?
Can you select a subset of data using criteria to pull the Weekly Data Export for?
How often can Weekly Data Export requests be made?
Once every 6 days
Can you schedule data exports?
List 3 ways you can get a record ID.
URL, Report, API
Why is there a need for a discovery stage in a data management process?
You need to retrieve and analyze it to figure out what needs to be cleaned up
What data retrieval method does not require administrators to have a deep understanding of database concepts?
Reports, Weekly Export
Give some examples of dirty data.
Duplicate records, spelling and punctuation errors, incomplete or outdated records, free text entries with spelling errors (versus data obtained from a picklist)
Describe some strategies in identifying duplicate records.
Scrubbing (remove formatting)
Export and analyze in Excel
Check for dups (leads only)
What are some criteria used to determine and identify duplicate records.
Account Numbers, IDs, Phone Numbers, Addresses, email addresses
What are the primary steps in a typical de-duplication process?
Establish what qualifies as a duplicate,
find a common identifier
 determine which other fields and methods can be used to de-dupe,
merge the losing records into a winning record.
What happens to the non-surviving records in a merge?
They get moved to the SFDC Recycle Bin.
Describe ways you might make it easier for users to reach merging tools.
build a custom link to the Merge Wizard.
Merge using the Excel Connector
Must have delete priveledges to merge
Why is it helpful to rename records before merging?
To be able to tell which one's the winner
Describe some ways you can proactively make sure quality data is entered into the system.
Validation rules,
custom lookup fields
 and workflow field updates,
record types and page layouts,
build reports to monitor data entry (and use ones from AppExchange),
leverage s-controls to override standard functionality.
What are some criteria when setting up a data quality scoring system?
Key or primary fields
What are some implications for data duplication in a private sharing model?
Users can’t see records to know if they are already in there
How many records can be deleted at once using the Mass Delete tool?
What objects can the Mass Delete tool be used with?
Accounts, Leads, Activities, Contacts, Cases, Solutions, and Products.
***Key here is no Custom Objects
Other than the Mass Delete tool, name another possible approach for mass deleting records.
Data Loader
Excel Connector
What is a best practice prior to taking actions that could cause irreversible changes to data?
Back up the data.
Can you delete attachments through the Data Loader?
What are some ways to back up your data?
Use Data Loader, store attachments locally (to provide access to docs within SFDC without quickly using all of your document storage)
Weekly Data Export
True or False: File attachments count toward complimentary documents data storage.
False - they count towards file storage
(attachments, documents tab, content)
What are some ways you can increase user adoption?
Measure user adoption (including using the User Adoption dashboard), motivate users, use SFDC in meetings, use SFDC as a Sales Portal, train end users.
What is the definition of adoption?
Getting someone to do something in a different way than they did before.
How can you measure adoption beyond just logins?
Track how often users are using new features after training sessions, run spot checks on data, track usage with regards to the financial calendar (last minute entries versus consistent usage), examine data freshness, track training sessions in SFDC.
What are the types of items measured by the Salesforce Labs Adoption Dashboards?
User logins, call activity, and data quality
What are some techniques for motivating users?
Get executive sponsorship (including having them use it in meetings), win over sales personnel, and identify power users and evangelists.  Create motivations everywhere, both inside and outside the system.  Use both marketing messages and the app itself as drivers.
What are some techniques for winning over sales teams?
Know the audience and realize that the driver for sales users is making their numbers.Ask to see planners, notes, etc, and notice what is different between high and low performers. Examine what they want to track. Encourage a vision of the left hand knowing what the right is doing. First step is usually to make information tracking easy by consolidating all in one place.
What motto should executives make sure sales people adhere to from an SFDC perspective?
"If it's not in Salesforce, it doesn't exist"
Describe some feedback mechanisms that can drive "relentless incrementalism".
Send out user surverys; use blind surveys; create a user group or committee; tap into exec committees for recommendations, use face-to-face interviews, use Salesforce (Ideas, Pollzter, ClickTools).
What are some ways to customize for adoption?
Find Word/Excel processes that deserve to be custom objects, incorporate outside apps via web tabs, use AppExchange integrations, single sign-on (SSO)
What Salesforce Labs dashboards are available for free on the AppExchange?
Leads and Opportunity Dashboards, Sales Activity Dashboards, PRM Channel Sales, Services and Support, Marketing Target Dashboards, Marketing Metrics Dashboards, Sales KPI Dashboards
What are some of the training options available to Salesforce implementers?
Standard web training, custom training, Education Services, certification
What are some of the parameters that should be taken into account when thinking of training?
"What's in it for me", use the app, ongoing trainings, tracking trainings
What are some of the offerings of the Salesforce Education department?
Education Architects, certifications
What are some ways of tracking training information within Salesforce?
Pollzter/ClickTools, use SFDC app to track trainings
What are some ways to enhance productivity?
Minimize clicks - override buttons, inline editing, tagging, shortcuts, roll-up summaries, cross-object formulas, HotKeys, auto-complete lookups, etc.
What is the difference between an email template and a mail merge template (Setup | Communication Templates)?
Mail Merge - done in outside application, paper-driven
Email Template - sent from the application via email
What is a mobile configuration?
Sets of parameters that determine the data sf transfers to the mobile device
When testing a data set, why is it important to check the data size?
To make sure that performance on the mobile device won't be severly impacted
To ensure the data will not be over the max limit set by administrator
What are some ways to increase Administrator productivity?
Schema Extract Tool, Explorer, Data Loader
Is the Schema Extract Tool a supported product?
What's the best way to manage Lockout Periods for maintenance etc?
Use the Login Hours section and set a profile that way to lock users out (never assign this to Sys Admin profile), use Data Loader to switch everyone back when done.
***Key here is to make sure that the SysAdmin Profile is excluded from the Lock-Out period
Can you assign record ownership to inactive users using the Data Loader?
How can administrators examine what configuration changes have been made?
Through the audit trail (at Setup | Security Controls).  It will show the 20 most recent setup changes, you can download a complete history for the last 180 days, and there are over three dozen items tracked. (see "Monitoring Setup Changes" in help)  Alternatively, you might use Dreamfactory's Snapshot or other Metadata API-based tools.
What can the Schema Extract Tool provide the administrator prior to loading data into Salesforce?
All fields on a given object
Field data types
determine order of data load
What are some metadata attributes that are provided by the Explorer regarding fields?
Whether a field is: creatable, updateable, null-able
What is incredibly important to remember when locking out users during a maintenance period?
Don't lock out sys admins.
What can you do with Workflow? (assuming non-PE edition)
alerting, tasking, routing/assigning/escalation, updating, integrating, mass communication
When should you consider Opportunity Update Reminders?
When on PE (no workflow), or fits these criteria:

 triggered on a scheduled basis only (rather than event),

limited numer of fields in the alert,

inflexible formatting is okay,

specifically for opportunities.
When should you consider Opportunity Big Deal Alerts?
When on PE (no workflow), or fits these criteria:
triggered on the Amount and Probability field thresholds,
 limited routing functionality is okay,
specific only to opportunities
When should you consider the System Debug Log? (requires View All Data profile permission)
To see behind-the-scenes details of Apex,

validation rules,

workflow rules,

approval processes,

assignment rules,

auto-response rules,

Escalation rules
What is the save order of business processes?
1. All Apex 'before' triggers2. System validation rules3. Custom validation rules4. All Apex 'after' triggers5. Assignment rules (Leads and Cases only)6. Auto-response rules (Leads and Cases only)7. Workflow rules8. Escalation rules (Cases only)9. Parent Roll-up Summary Fields (which triggers all of the above on the parent object)
What considerations are there in Workflow trigger order?
No set order, unlike assignment rules.  However, they are processed as follows:
1. field update,
2. task,
3. emails,
4. outbound messaging.
How many characters can a formula field contain?
3900.  To optimize, use CONTAINS first, then CASE, then IF.
How many levels deep can cross-object formulas go?
What are all of the ways you can solve a time-based email alert?
Task, Escalation
What is the maximum number of persistent object logs?
Is it possible to modify applications downloaded from the AppExchange?
Yes, only if they are not managed packages
What skill set is required to work with Outbound Messages?  API? Apex?
Programmatic skill set working with programming languages such as C# or Java
Is it possible to add any steps within an activated approval process?  What about actions to existing steps?
No, you cannot add any steps to an approval process after it has been activated. Yes, it is possible to add actions to existing steps within an activated Approval Process.
What's an example of X-to-Web usage?
Positions in 'Open' status automatically listed on website.
X = Anything
What's an example of Web-to-X usage?
Candidates apply to a position directly on website and their info is stored in SFDC.
What AppExchange partner allows you to easily web-enable any object without needing to use the API to develop custom web integrations?
Model Metrics Web2Anything
True or False: Roll-up Summary Fields work with Opportunity Line Items to Opportunities?
How can you take away a user's ability to run reports while allowing them to view dashboards?
Remove the "Run Reports" and "Create and Customize Reports" profile permissions.
Describe tools to assist in auditing.
Reports, Field History, Setup Audit Trail, Dreamfactory Snapshot.
How many fields can you track per object using Field History Tracking?
What can you track with the User Login Locations functionality?
Source IP address
Is from UI (not available in standard User report)
Login Date
Can you log a case with Salesforce to see if an employee exported data within a particular timeframe?
Yes – forensic investigation
How many days of setup audit history can be downloaded?
What are some symptoms of a sharing model that is too public?
There is a lot of dirty data, or data has been stolen.
What are some symptoms of a sharing model that is too private?
Lots of dupes, users always have to manually share records, there are a large number of sharing rules, or admins have lots of requests for more record access.
What systems prerequisites are there for Territory Management?
Customizable Forecasting enabled, and must have a Sandbox.
True or False: You can provision multiple Sandbox orgs.
True or False: If you implement Territory Management, your role hierarchy will be copied to your Territory structure.
*This is not considered a best practice
What can Delegated Administrators do?
Create and edit users, reset passwords, create default sales teams, create personal groups for users, assign users to profiles, login as a user who has granted login access.
What can't Delegated Administrators do?
Create new profiles, add fields,
When might it be better to use packaging and the AppExchange for testing and deployment?
1. If a developer has created an entire app and needs to move it into a testing or prod environment.2. If a developer has installed an application from the AppExchange and made modifications.3. If an administrator or a developer needs to share an application in a more casual setting.
What is the number one predictor of successful change management?
Executive Sponsorship
Can delegated admins login as their subordinates?
Yes - if the user has granted them login access
True or False: Salesforce should be used as a release and change management tool.
What are some common goals of localization?
Regional administration, local messaging, customization based on particular characteristics of each region.
List at least 5 pieces of functionality that Salesforce recommends deploying when implementing localization.
Advanced Currency Management,

Regional Price Books,

Delegated Administration,

Custom Profiles,

Translation Workbench,

Regional Home Page Layouts
What are the common challenges to going global?
Intl BU’s & IT operating autonomously

Mix of English & native language

Immature sales processes

No Common platform
True or False: In a global Salesforce implementation, all sales teams must use the same sales process.
Why is the "My" versus "All" reporting critical to successful global adoption?
To create as few reports as possible
Why is it important to allow regions to choose their field labels and picklist values?
To get regional buy-in, language translation
What are the recommended steps to protect Salesforce users from security concerns such as phishing?
Educate your users,

Identify your primary security contact,

Secure employee systems (including staying current on latest browsers),

Implement IP restrictions,

Strengthen password requirements,

 Require secure sessions,

Decreased session timeouts,

Consider 2factor authentication (RSA token plus username/password),

Contact SFDC for help
What are some URLs to stay current with SFDC?
Official SFDC blog,

SFDC community,


Release overview pages,

Feature detail pages,

Detailed release notes,

Admin preview doc,

Discover button in app
How many releases a year does Salesforce typically deliver?
What is the one-stop-shop for information about a new release? community
If you could only give one release document to your IT department, which would it be?
Detailed Release Notes
What is the fastest way to communicate new release information to your end users?
"Discover" button in UI
What are the two primary components of the Visualforce framework?
Components and Controllers
What kind of content can be included in a Visualforce page?
VF Tags merge tags




Any other code that can execute w/in a HTML page
What do {!expressions} refer to when used in Visualforce components?
What are the ways that Visualpages can be incorporated into the rest of your user interface?
Embedded into page layouts
Is it always necessary to know Apex to create Visualforce pages?  When does it become necessary?
No, only if you need to create a custom controller
True or False: the Excel Connector can retrieve data from multiple objects (e.g., Accounts, Contacts) in a single query.
How do the Excel connector and SFDC reports differ in their support for filter criteria?
Excel Connector Query is one object per query, using the API
Reports offer multiple objects, and/or criteria
How can you use Excel Connector in conjunction with custom reports to get the data you want?
Run the report from Excel using Connect for Office, then use the Excel Connector to manipulate and update data
Why might it be necessary to override buttons that you remove from the page layout?
So that users can't get to them with hotkeys or keystroke shortcuts
In the context of the Data Quality Dashboard, what does it mean to have all key fields populated?
100% score
What are some recommended optional installs from the AppExchange for general implementations?
User Adoption Dashboard, Hotkeys, Mass Delete
Is Account ID required on the Opportunity object via the API etc?
Referring to other formulas may reduce the 1300 character limit, but is it possible to continue chaining multiple formula fields together indefinitely? Why not?
No - the character limits still apply
When would a Case function be more appropriate than an If function?
–Case - Checks a given expression against a series of values. If the expression is equal to a value, returns the corresponding result. If it is not equal to any values, it returns the else_result
–IF - Determines if expressions are true or false. Returns a given value if true and another value if false
What is the difference between locking an opportunity using approvals versus changing the record type to a page layout with all read only fields?
When an oppty is locked, the lock symbol appears on the oppty and the edit button is disabled.
What may be the impact of selecting the next value in the picklist during a workflow field update?
If you sort values alphabetically, the values above or below may be different for users in other languages.
Why is it that the ISCHANGED() formula cannot be used with the time trigger workflow alert?
if the trigger type is set to Every time a record is created or edited is the only w/f is changed can be used with.
What are the potential reasons why different people may have different numbers when they create and run reports?
They used different criteria:
Time frames
My vs all
advanced filters
Can Ideas be used in the Self-Service Portal?
only Customer and Partner Portals
What triggers the Big Deal alert?
Oppty Amount, Probability thresholds
Understand the differences between S-Controls and visualforce
Scontrol - AJAX, run on client
VF - HTML &  Apex, run on Server
S-Control - extends standard UI
VF - Extend or completely replace UI
S-Control - None
VF - full component model, no hard coding
Logic Model
S-Control - Limited to what is possible in AJAX
VF - Complete - everything possible in Apex
S-Control - use alone or in page
VF - selectively replace parts of UI
Development Model
S-Control - logic + presentation mixed
VF - logic + presentation separated
What is Apex?
procedural scripting language executed by
Java-like syntax, acts like database stored procedures
runs natively on salesforce servers, more powerful and faster than non-server code
adds business logic to most system events - button clicks, related record updates, s-control displays, data loads
True or False:  Apex offers optional creation of test scripts that can be run in a dev environment, in the UI or by salesforce support personnel.
False - The test scripts are mandatory, not optional
What causes irreversible changes to data via UI? Via API?
What does not?
Changing field data type
Using the import wixard
mass transfer
mass delete
mass reassign Account or OpptyTeams
mass update addresses
mass delete
What does not cause irreversible changes?
Changes to the sharing model or sharing rules
How would an administrator quickly check field accessibility?
Field Accesibility Grid
View by:  fields, profiles, record type
Pick two hooks:
Apex Trigger
Custom Link
Web Tabs
Custom Links and Web Tabs
 Other hooks are:  Inline S-Controls and Custom Buttons
What can be turned on in Sandbox? (pick 2)

Approval processes

Case escalation rules

Case assignment rules

Oppty reminders

Approval processes and Case assignment rules
What is the best way to transfer configurations from Sandbox to Production?
Metadata API
What is scrubbing used for?
to help identify dirty data
Srubbing is the process of removing formatting (like in a phone number) to line up data to check for duplicates or bad data
Which would you not find under Setup/Develop?


Apex Classes


Apex classes
Email Services
What is DaaS? metadata API IDE Sandbox code share
Which cannot be customized in Ideas?

Search layouts

Half Life

Page layout

Page layouts cannot be customized
What can be customized in content? (pick 2)

Content type

Validation rules

Page layouts

Content Value
Content type and validation rules
What user permissions are needed to add content?
Manage Workspace or add content
Once activities are archived, where is the only place you can access them?
Activity History - View All
As an end user what are two things you can do in content?




Read and subscribe
What is sent back to the admin after a request for forensic research (salesforce log for user, for a set period of time)?
Password protected file, they are called with the password
Where are custom buttons NOT available?
Web to Lead
Web to Case
User Object
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