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Fedora Core 4
Terms Definitions
You must edit the /etc/sudoers configuration file using the ____ command.`
____ is referred to as a lightweight desktop; it has minimal desktop facilities and therefore requires less hardware.
Windows-based operating systems support file-sharing traffic across a network by using the ____ communications protocol.
Server Message Block (SMB)
New operating systems like Windows XP and Fedora Core 4 were designed to allow multiple programs to run at the same time on a single processor, a process called ____________________.
Kernel ____ can be dynamically linked to the kernel when needed, and they can be unlinked from the kernel and removed when they are no longer needed.
____________________ devices can be accessed as streams of characters; examples include the standard input device (the keyboard) and the standard output device (the screen, or monitor).
Each crystal in a(n) ____ display is like a shutter, either allowing light to pass through or blocking the light.
LCD panel
____ creates the root of the directory structure and the file system for use.
The ____ option in the Quota tab of the Local Disk Properties dialog box may create a log entry when a user exceeds the limits, but it does not limit usage.
Do not limit disk usage
Using the ____ option in the mount command enables you to add ext2 and ext3 labels in the mount output.
Using ATA technology in Fedora Core 4, you can attach up to ____ drives.
Using basic storage in Windows XP, you can allocate up to ____ logical drives within an extended partition.
The fsck command is syntactically similar to the ____ command
To remove files and directories in the Fedora Core 4 directory tree, use the ____ command.
To control the order in which items appear in a list, you pipe the output of the ls command to a ____ command.
Every operating system has a general logic, or ____________________, for entering commands.
Each executed command in Fedora Core 4 produces ____ data streams.
In Fedora Core 4, each directory contains a(n) “____” entry that points to the parent directory.
To include filenames in the structure shown by the TREE command, you can add the ____ switch.
Before using a disk in Fedora Core 4, you must ____________________ and format it.
To copy files or directories in the Fedora Core 4 CLI, use the ____ command.
Windows has two consoles called command-line ____________________ that accept commands and perform the tasks you specify.
In Fedora Core 4, as well as Windows XP, you can change your current directory in the directory structure using either the ____________________ path method or the relative path method.
When using the FORMAT command in Windows XP to format a disk, you can specify a volume label of up to ____ characters by adding the /V the switch.
To page through a listing of the directories and files on a disk (or any listing too long for a one-screen display), use the ____ command.
To open a console in Windows XP, click Start, click Run, type ____ and press Enter.
____________________ prohibits other users from viewing the contents of files.
You cannot modify a directory or file in Fedora Core 4 that has the ____ attribute.
The____________________ command searches the directory tree by evaluating a search expression from left to right, according to the rules of precedence, and then lists the files that match the test expression.
Unlike Windows XP, when you are saving a file in Fedora Core 4, the application stores file and directory attributes in a(n) ____
When you use the /M switch with the XCOPY command, the system will perform a(n) ____ backup.
When you use the ____ switch with the XCOPY command, the system copies only those files with the archive attribute set, but does not change the attribute.
The FIND command is case sensitive unless used with the ____ switch.
To execute the Save and Save As options in Vim, you can use the ____ command.
You can only access help in Vim by way of the main screen. TRUE OR FALSE
To cut text and append to the text you already moved to the Clipboard from TextPad, use the ____ option in the Edit Menu.
Cut other
To copy, rename, delete,or update the timestamps of files in TextPad, use the ____ option in the File menu.
manage files
You can record one unnamed (scratch) macro in TextPad, and up to ____ named ones, which are added to the Macros menu.
To set or clear a bookmark on the current line in a TextPad file, use the ____ option in the Search menu.
Toggle Bookmark
If you are not sure which file you are using in Vim, type ____ to place brackets around the active file.
The ____ option in the TextPad Find dialog box enables you to find the next instance of a search pattern in all open documents simultaneously.
In all documents
In Vim, the term used for search and replace is ____________________.
If you repeatedly work with the same set of files in TextPad, you should use a(n) ____________________.
In Fedora Core 4, a(n) ____ provides both a script’s development and its run-time environment.
used in DOS to speed the entry of commands.
Function Keys
used in Fedora Core 4 to move forward and backward through a file.
Less Command
take input from a file, change the input in some way, and send the output to a file or the standard output device.
Filter Commands
used in Fedora Core 4 to extract fields from a file line (record).
Cut Command
used in DOS to change the position of batch parameters in a batch file.
Shift command
used in Fedora Core 4 to execute a number of instructions based on a maximum count you specify.
for in command
By default, the Fedora Core 4 head command prints the first ____ lines from a file to standard output.
You can type DOS commands in a text file and use it for input to the command processor by passing the file through the ____.
If a DOS command produces errors when processed, the error message is passed through the _________________________ for display on your monitor.
Standard error
In Fedora Core 4, you can use the ____ command to search a file and then print all the lines that match your search.
To echo a blank line on the screen, type the DOS command ECHO followed by a(n) ____.
The DOS MORE filter displays one screen (____ lines) of information at a time followed by -- More --.
Use the ____ command in DOS to display the contents of a text file on the standard output device.
If you suspect that a batch program is “running away” because of an infinite loop, press Ctrl + ____ to stop the program.
In Fedora Core 4, the ____ command modifies the permissions on a file.
In the Fedora Core 4 Control Center, you should select the ____ option to modify the desktop’s behavior, Panel settings, or taskbar.
In Windows XP, ____ displays shortcuts to shared computers, printers, and other resources on the network.
My Network Places
To configure the Fedora Core 4 Panel, right-click an empty area of it and then click ____ Panel.
used in Fedora Core 4 to modify the icons and titles associated with the Application menu.
Menu Editor
the central location for making changes on any portion of your Fedora Core 4 system.
Control Center
The items that appear on the Fedora Core 4 Panel are grouped as ____ (small, single-function utilities), applications, panels, or special buttons.
In Fedora Core 4, use the features in the ____ menu to configure the behavior of Konqueror’s active file window.
If you want to change the preferred order of applications from the Edit menu of Konqueror, select the ____ option.
Edit File Type
The Help menu in the Konqueror is like many other GUI help menus but is called a(n) ____.
By default, all ratings in the Internet Explorer Content Advisor are set to Level ____.
You can set up security ____ from the Security tab of the Internet Options dialog box.
The Squeak application ’s desktop is called a(n) ____ object.
The Squeak installation file for Windows XP is actually a group of files that are compressed and stored together in the ____ file format.
A(n) ____ is a piece of software that automatically follows hyperlinks from one document to the next around the Web.
A(n) ____________________ acts as a protective boundary between the internal networks and the outside world.
A(n) ____________________ is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another program
To verify identities on the Web, Internet Explorer uses industry-standard digital ____________________.
The ____ options in Firefox refer to navigation and security features.
The /proc file system is known as a(n) ____-file system, which directly interfaces with the kernel and is stored in memory
If the Pages/sec counter in the System Monitor exceeds ____, you need to analyze paging activity.
Three sets of three bits are shown on the left side of the ls command output: Owner, Group, and ____.
Passwords in Fedora Core 4 can contain up to ____ characters.
Three types of permissions are possible for the file or directory owner in Fedora Core 4: Read, Write, and ____.
If the value of the % Disk Time counter in the System Monitor exceeds 90 percent, check the ____ counter.
Current Disk Queue Length
Setting the ____________________ bit ensures that only the owner (and root, of course) who created a file in his directory can delete the file and prevent malicious or accidental deletion by others.
The kill command that sends a signal to “hang up” a process and clean up associated processes has the form: kill ____.
A sustained processor queue of less than ____ threads per processor is normally acceptable.
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