CDC 3D051 Self Test Questions Volume II Flashcards

Air Force Portal
Terms Definitions
What are the Four classes of information in the cognitive hierarchy?
Data, Information, Knowledge, Understanding.
What must you do to data for it to become meaningful to the end user?
It must be processed & organized
How is Metadata used?
Used to describe how the data is structured using a prescribed Syntax & to describe the data with Semantics.
What is Cognition?
The act of learning of Intergrating from various pieces of information.
What is the objective of Transparency?
To Ensure that the process or Transforming data into information used for decision making is traceable, auditable & demonstably Proven & making it authorative.
Content delivery Services Deliver Inromation assest to END users. These Services can be of Two types, what are they?
(1) Core data Services
(2)Aggregation Services
What does Service Oriented Enterprise Provide?
It Provides a means of achieving IT agility & flexibility to support rapidly evolving mission processes & changing goals & objectives.
How are data elements obtained?
From data models & represent DoD data requirements.
What is a Standard
Something that is measurable & repeatable.
What is a data structure?
A Specialized format for Organizing & Storing data.
How are data structures organized?
They are Organized with the capability to request or query only the information necessary to fulfill a requiremnet.
What is a Schema?
The Structure description of the records is known as a Schema.
What are Physical data strucures concerned with?
How data resides in a database.
Explain the difference between using Linked and Sequential lists.
(1) Linked Lists use Pointers to identify the Order of Items.
(2) Sequential lists use the Natural Order of Items.
What do Logical Data Structures allow users to do?
View Stored Data in the database.
How do Tables and View Differ?
(1) Database Table- a Set of data Elements that is Organized using a model of Horizontal Rows & Vertical Columns.
(2) Views- Are also relational tables, but their data is calculated at query time.
Define the Following Parts of a Hierarchial Data Structure:
Parent Node:
Child Node:
Root Node:
Parent Node: The Node on the TOP END of the branch.
Child Node: The Node on the BOTTOM of the Branch.
Root Node: A Special type of Parent node, the TOP of the hierarchial Tree.
What is Special about having a network data structure?
The relationship from Child-to-Parent
The Relationship from Parent-to-child
Can be 1 too many..
What must you ensure before installing any software product on an operational Air Force Computer?
That local Security Officials have Certified that appropriate actions have been taken to ensure the security of the system will not be degrated by adding new software programs.
what Security Features should Security Software Implement?
To detect & Respond to Unauthorized attempts to change, circumvent, or otherwise violate security features. The system should also abort/Suspend the unathorized activity & record the incdent in the audit log.
What Restriction applies to maintenance activities?
Restrict Software maintenance Personnel with the appropriate Security clearance.
Why Should You perform Security audit Trail?
To determine if the security features on your system are working.
What Events are Auditable?
(1)Use of identification & autherntication,
(2)user actions to create, modify, or delete programs/files,
(3)Actions taken by computer opertors,
System security administrators,
(4)any event that attempts to change the security profile of the system,
(5)any events that attempt to violate the security policy of the systems.
What information should be recorded during the audit?
Type of event, date & time of the event, the unique identifier of the user or device generating the event success or failure of the event.
How can you protect critical data against tampering?
Provides proection by installing keyboard locks or other files & security mechanisms on the computer, or establishes procedures requiring removal & secure storage or critical data from an unattended AIS.
List one Important guideline for enhancing data security.
Backup critical files and software & store apart from the immediate work area, establish contingency & recovery procedures,establish procedures for obtaining equipment maintenance when necessary and for confirming the clearance & identity of maintenance personnel, train all computer users in COMPUSEC awareness & local instructions,establish software configuration control porcedures for critical systems.
What access controls can you apply to a database?
files, segments, need-to-know, can use the system & data resources.
What is the main purpose of a database?
To make data independent of the programs that uses it.
Define data denormalization:
The process of deliberatly violating data normalization techniques.
Who is responsible for the technical implementation & maintenance of the database?
Database Administrator
What Permissions can the DBA grant?
Access, insert, delete, and modify existing data.
Define Normalization:
The process of organizing data into tables in shuch a way that the results of using the database are unambigous.
Name four functions a DBA performs
 Managing the datbase structure and the DBMs; the dara activity, and mainiting the data repository.
What is the dBA's final responsibility when managing the database structure.
Updating the system documentation is the DBA's final responsibility when managing the database.
List 3 Steps of Reorganization:
Copy current records to another media,
initialize database,
reload database.
In an effort to Combat sistuations we have little control over (i.e. Power failures,fires, or flood) what should a DBA consider using?
Uniterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
To Minimize database destruction how often should the database be back up?
daily,weekly,or monthly.
What is the Purpose of a portal?
Be a major point for users when the connect to the web.
What is a key enabler for the information technology task force?
Air Force Portal
What does the Air Force Portal provide as a key element in the Air Force Enterprise Architecture?
Common virtual platform for access and sharing accurate information, a catalyst for reducing overlap and duplication among cross-function information systems, and a means for doing self-service functions.
The Air Force Portal covers the spectrum of the Air Force Missions and Processes to include what?
Business, Combat support, and command and control processes.
What is the most important part of the Air Force Portal intiative?
The User
What does single-sign-on enable with the Air Force Portal?
To enter their passwords once and gain access to all their applications with no further log-in.
Who works in collaboration with the content publisher to ensure information on the Air Force Portal is accuration and applicable with AFIs and the Air Force Portal guidance?
Content Manager.
Who is considered the "owner" of some of the amount of content on the Air Force Portal?
Content Publisher
Which form provides the ability to upload an individual's  biography with apicture or to manually type in all components to the form iself?
Which form provides the ability to create contact lists?
Point Of Contact
Which form is used for uploading photos, clipart, and videos?
Which Form is used for all types of content?
Which form is used for compiling a list or links?
What are 2 main environments used to publish to the Air Force Portal?
Development & Publishing
What is the Publishing Center Portal environment used for?
To enter data into inline publishing forms.
What is the Primary purpose of the Aif Force Portal Production enviornment?
Production. It is the "Live" production environment.
   How many sections are on a landing page and what are the sections called?
8 page tools, header, feature portlet, search, block area, left navigational pane, contact the content manager, and right navigational pane
      What is the process of making content visible on the production environment on the Air Force Portal?
   Where must content be entered before it can be deployed?
         What option do content publishers use to keep users from clicking on channels and programs that contains no content?
   What must you do to use images from the Air Force Portal directory?
Images must have been uploaded prior to creating the document
    What form is used to include links on the Air Force Portal?
Editorial Form
      What is Hypertext Markup Language?
The set of markup symbols or codes inserted in a file intended for display on a web browser page
   What are tags?
Markups that define the structure of the Web page
     Home page files should be saved with what file extension?
.htm file extension
What are the three parts of the tables?
A row, a header to describe the data in the row or column & the data cell is a division of a row & contains table
     When may you pos personal information on publicly accessible DOD websites?
Unless clearly authorized by law & implementing regulation & policy
     What must privacy and security notices clearly explain?
Where the collection or sharing of certain information is voluntary & notify users how to provide consent
    What is a Privacy Advisory?
It informs the individual why the information is solicited & how it will be used
    Describe knowledge management?
Managing an organization’s knowledge-level information in a way that allows easy, unable access by members for use in decision-making
What are the phases of knowledge management?
Knowledge creation; knowledge capture and transfer; and knowledge delivery
What are the two parts of Phase 1 Knowledge Creation?
Data & information & knowledge
 What is the result when information is organized and abstracted to produce something that is useful, predictive and expository to the decision-maker?
   What are the two characterizations of knowledge management capabilities?
Technical and organizational
What is a Technical Knowledge capability?
Common collaborative capabilities and knowledge engines
   Communities of interest are a collaborative group of users that must exchange information in pursuit of what?
Their shared goals, interests, missions or business process
      What does KBO provide?
Integrated process engineering & control & managing disciplines
     What are the goals of Knowledge Based Operations?
Provide, air, sea, and land forces, engaged in combat, immediate access to updated, tailored, and correlated data ensuring total battlespace awareness. Manage all data, information, and knowledge as an Air Force enterprise-level asset. Ensure the ability to discover, access, store, share, and exploit mission-critical information regardless of its physical location, media, source, owner, or other defining characteristics. Implement automated life cycle management mechanisms for information. Minimize the effort required by personnel and applications to conduct IM activities. Reduce or eliminate the creation of official Air Force information assets on paper; and reduce existing repositories of paper records
      What does enterprise information management directly support?
Knowledge Based Operations
     What is a critical to building Air Force information superiority?
Accurate, timely, & relevant information
      What principle describes business processes and logic to govern Air Force information?
Enterprise Information Management
What does a community of practice workspace provide?
Web based collaborative
    What area on the Air Force Portal does it describe the COP and its capabilities?
Help area
   What are the three community security practices?
(1)   Open (2) restricted (3) closed community
     What should be created first before creating any links?
Link Class
   What is the role of the change agent?
Educating COP users & recognizing COP contributors
   What are the two techniques talked about to help maintain interest in a COP?
To e-mail a link to a document that may interest a specific COP member or group or encourage COP
   What can an implementation plan help with?
Assist the knowledge owner in the cultural change effort required to implement a COP
   What is the first step if do not have a graphic or image uploaded to a picture library?
Click site actions menu & then click create link
    When copying the URL, what part of the URL do you need?
Relative URL
     A library with a default document template of “none” can only store documents of what particular file type?
.jpg, .doc, .ppt, etc.
   What are the four categories of lists and/or libraries?
(1)   Libraries (2) tracking (3) communications (4) custom list
    After you create a new page what is your next step?
Type a name & description for the list or library
     In a library, what is the “default document template for the library” used for?
The template is used to create a new document when the user clicks the new button in the library
    Who will set up all workflow settings?
Central Administrators
  SharePoint helps establish a collaborative site to enable what?
Manage content across their organizations
  When a site is created, users can be added into what groups?
Owners; members; approvers
    What are the three templates used most often and the most useful?
(1)   Team site (2) blank site (3) Wiki site
How do you modify a Web part?
Go to the page that the Web part is on and select site actions, edit page, click edit on the Web part you wish to edit and then select modify shared Web part
  Who is responsible for managing the permission, rights, and access to the site?
Central Administrator
   What is the difference between “Everyone” and “Authenticated Users” group?
Authenticated Users group contains only members who have actually logged on, using an ordinary user account
      What are some capabilities of the search functions?
Search everywhere in SharePoint; search almost any content source outside SharePoint; search all MS office file types by default; and  the user profile properties will be indexed
    What level is indexing and search features activated by default for all information stored in SharePoint?
Central Administration
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