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Taira clan
Terms Definitions
Taira no Masakado
- involved in a family quarrel that turned into open revolt (the Kanto Rebellion)
- captured and killed the governor of Hitachi

- supported by the peasants

- self-proclaimed Emperor of Kanto

- killed by Taira no Sadamori and Fujiawara no Hidesato
- listed in first chapter of Tale of Heike, as "men who prospered after refusing to be governed by their former lords and sovereigns, but who met swift destruction because they disregarded admonitions, failed to recognize approaching turmoil, and ignored the nation’s distress"
Taira no Ason Kiyomori, Rokuhara Novice and Former Chancellor
- "villain"
- portrayed as cowardly, indecisive, buffoonish, whose arrogance & cruel arbitrary behavior led to the downfall of the Taira clan

- replaces his father, Tadamori, as chief of the Taira

Hogen Conflict

- beheads his uncle, Tadamaso, from whom he borrows money in "the Marketplace"

- sides with Emperor Goshirakawa

- flees from Tametomo

- known as Lord of Aki

- father of Shigemori, Munemori
- dies of illness that causes heat so unbearable, people could not approach him
- last name on list of evil people with whom fate had caught up
Punishments Minister Taira no Tadamori
- distinguised warrior
- denjobito: courtier w/ right of attendence upon the emperor

- coutiers mock & try to assassinate him, but he scares them off w/ a wooden sword

- father of kiyomori

- in Marketplace: portrayed as poor, silent as wife bitches
- senior retired emperor who succeeded his grand-father, Shirakawa
- disliked Shirakawa, and undid most of what Shirakawa did in his lifetime, but did not replace Taira no Tadamori

- his death started the Hogen conflict
Uji Fearsome Minister of the Left Yorinaga
- successor of Fujiwara who sided w/ former Emperor and rebel Sutoku during the Hogen conflict
- Sadaijin

- killed by a stray arrow while fleeing during the Hogen conflict

- Kiyomori was promoted to the governorship of Harima because of his services rendered at the time of Yorinaga’s disturbance
Minamoto no Tameyoshi
- chief of the Minamoto who sided w/ the Fujiwara (based on their ancestral ties) during the Hogen conflict, and by extention, sided with former emperor and rebel Sutoku
- claimed to have never fought a battle

- executed by his eldest son, Yoshitomo
- Decapitated in Hougen. Because of the Genji being exiled and killed, the Heike flourished, which unbalanced the society. The two families’ rivalry balanced the society and kept the citizens in order.
Minamoto no Yoshitomo
- eldest son & heir of Tameyoshi

Hogen Conflict

- sided with Goshirakawa

- executed his father and at least nine brothers after the conflict, to the horror of the people of the day

- Otowaka, his 13 yr old brother, predicted his death w/i 3-7 years. Dies in 3 years

- known as Lord of Shinotsuke

- accuses his younger brother, Tametomo, of being unfilial for attacking his elder brother; Tametomo retorts that he is being unfilial for attacking his father

Heiji Conflict

- disgruntled with lack of rewards from Shinzei, sides with Nijo
- after Nijo and Goshirakawa escape, branded as a rebel
- is betrayed by Yorimasa, who breaks his pledge of support
- flees to Hokuriku to gather more troops
- kills son Tomonaga to keep him from falling into enemy hands
- killed by the step-father of his faithful servant Masakiyo
- father of Yoshitsune who is allowed to live on condition that his mother become Kiyomori's concubine
- father of Yoritomo who is capture but spared because Kiyomori's stepmother thinks he looks like her dead son
- tragic hero - his political ineptitude caused his death
Retired Emperor Go-Shirakawa
- center of the Hogen conflict- had support of Kiyomori (and most of the Taira); Fujiwara no Tadamichi (regent); and Yoshitomo (heir of the Minamoto)- fears rise of Taira in the government & courts, so plots against Kiyomori- is placed under house arrect- constant thorn in Kiyomori's side
- former emperor at center of Hogen Conflict
- supported by Tadazane (patriarch of Fujiwara), Yorinaga (successor of Fujiwara), Tameyoshi (chief of Minamoto), and Tametomo (hero-loser)

- exiled at end of conflict
Retired Emperor Konoe
- Sutoku's younger brother who claimed the throne at Toba's insistence forcing Sutoku to retire- deceased husband of Senior Grand Empress- brother of GoShirakawa
Lesser Counselor-Novice Shinzei
- during Hogen conflict, said that the war plans should be left to the warriors
- during Hogen conflict, remarked that should the use of fire destroy the nearby shrines, that the emperor could just rebuild them
- tried to advance in politics by limiting Fujiwara & their Samurai, the Minamoto, so heavely rewarded Kiyomori, but didn't reward Yoshitomo
- during Heiji conflict, beheaded by rival Nobuyori
Emperor Nijo
- in Heiji Monogatari, people who were opposed to Shinzei, and by extention his lord, former emperor Goshirakwa, sided w/ Nijo.
- Nobuyori (arch-rival of Shinzei)
- disgruntled Yoshitomo

- married his aunt, the Senior Grand Empress

- Became ill and abdicated in favor of his two year old son. Died at 23 years old.

His burial caused a disagreement among the monks. The Enryakuji flauted precedent and placed their tablet out of order.
Fujiwara no Nobuyori of Heiji
- in Heiji Monogatari, portrayed as a villain who seeks to gain power not through courtly or warrior prowess, but by destroying rivals (Shinzei)- doesn't listen to military advice- sides with Nijo in Heiji conflict- stages a coup w/ Yoshitomo while Kiyomori was on pilgrimage- beheads Shinzei, and burns down his house- after Shinzei and Goshirakawa escape, begs Goshirakawa for leniency, but is beheaded- listed in first chapter of Tale of Heike as "men who prospered after refusing to be governed by their former lords and sovereigns, but who met swift destruction because they disregarded admonitions, failed to recognize approaching turmoil, and ignored the nation’s distress"
Palace Protector Minamoto no Yorimasa of Third Rank
- breaks pledge of support to Yoshitomo during Heiji conflict- conviced the Enryakuji monks to fight Shigemori's army @ the east gate- convinces Mochihito to revolt in response to his son, Nakatsune's, humiliation regarding his favorite horse- kills himself after taking an arrow in the knee- a favorite of Emp. Konoe (he killed thrush monsters for Konoe), would have lived in luxury had he not revolted
Taira no Shigemori
- 1st born of Kiyomori- conscience of Kiyomori- skilled warrior, but in Heike always portrayed in courtly robes- after receiving a sign from God of Kumano shrine stating that the Taira will be finished within one generation, allows himself to become sick and die
Taira no Munemori
- Second son of Kiyomori- takes over Taira forces after Kiyomori's death (Shigemori had already died)- a weak leader- plunges country into chaos for appropriating a Nakatsune's horse (Yorimasa, in response, causes a number of rebellions)
Lesser Captain Koremori
- Grandson of Kiyomori- 1st son of Shigemori- fled w/o fighting at Fuji River when startled by a flock of birds as Yoritomo's forces attempted to surround him- most coutier like and least warrior like of Taira- nostalgic for wife and kids in capital, commits suicide- son-in-law of Narichika
Taira Major Counselor Tokitada (The Taira Regent)
- Brother of Kenshumon'in and Kiyomori's Principle Wife- His wife, Sotsu-no-Suke was wet-nurse to Emp. Antoku- said, "all who do not belong to the Taira clan must be less than men
Taira no Tomomori
- 3rd son of Kiyomori- middle captain
- Wife of Emp Takakura- Daughter of Kiyomori- Mother of Emp Antoku- possessed by spirits angered by Narichika's demise
- Shirabyoshi dancer- Kiyomori's mistress- replaced by Hotoke- became a nun- Shirabyoushi (means white rhythm because of white male shirts that they wear) dancer, sister’s name was Ginyo, daughters of dancer Toji. Kiyomori took a fancy to Giou and had her installed in his household, the sister became famous by default and the mother was given gifts. Pushed out of favor by Hotoke.
- Shirabyoshi dancer- Kiyomori's mistress- name means Buddha- replaced Gio- became a nun after witnessing Gio's treatment
Senior Grand Empress
- consort of Emp. Konoe- forced to marry Konoe's nephew, Emp. Nijo
Left Gate Guards Novice Saiko
- monk who claimed Heaven is punishing the Taira- heart of the Shunkan rebellion- slandered Meiun claiming he started the monk rebellion- executed, along with his 3 children after Shunkan rebellion discovered
Lady of the East Kenshunmon'in
- Mother of Emperor Takakura- lover of Go-shirakawa- Kiyomori's principle-wife's sister
Emperor Rokujo
- son of Nijo- two years old when on throne- stepped down at age 5- first to become retired emperor before coming of age ceremony- replaced by Emp Takakura
New Middle Captain of Third Rank Taira no Sukemori
- second son of Shigemori- 13 yr old- did not dismount upon seeing the regent, and forced off his mount- in retaliation, Kiyomori had his soldiers humiliate the regent- Taira's "first evil deed"
Nanba no Jiro Tsuneto
- escorted Narichika to exile- one of Kiyomori's henchmen
Seno no Taro Kaneyasu
- escorted Naritsune to exile- executed Narichika- shared vision w/ shigemori- one of Kiyomori's henchmen
Emperor Takakura
- son of Kenshunmon'in & Goshirakawa- uncle of Emp Rokujo- distraught over Go-shirakawa's exile, threatens to abdicate and take buddhist vows- Kiyomori forced him to abdicate throne to Antoku
New Major Counselor Naka-no-Mikado Narichika
- upset that Munemori was chosen for a position over him- ignored signs and omens- w/ Goshirakawa's support, planned coup- put revolt on hold while monks ran amuck- brother-in-law to shigemori- father of Naritsune- father-in-law of Koremori- exiled- executed by Seno no Taro Kaneyasu
Hosshoji Administrator Bishop Shunkan
- hosted rebellion at his villa- exiled along w/ Naritsune and Yasuyori- not religious- never pardoned- karma for abusing religion to gain money- after hearing fate of family, starves himself to death
Taira Police Lieutenant Yasuyori
- exiled to Kikai-ga-shima for role in Shunkan rebellion- became a monk and sent stupas in ocean- created shrines to pray for return to cap- pardoned
Tada no Kurando Yukitsuna of the Settsu Genji
- conspirator- after monk debacle, began to regret involvement- betrays rebellion and tells kiyomori everything
Major Archbishop and Tendai Abbhot Meiun
- head of Tendai sect
- declared ineligible for future invitation to Buddhist assemblies sponsored by the court

- Saiko and his sons blamed him for the monk rebellion (which actually happened in response to a debacle involving Nijo's death tablets)

- banished

- rescued by his monks (kidnapped)

- returned to office after Goshirakawa's banishment
Tanba Lesser Captain Naka-no-Mikado Naritsune
- son of Narichika- son-in-law of Norimori- exiled to Kikai-ga-shima- became a monk, built shrines, prayed for return to capital- pardoned
Chikugo Governor Taira no Sadayoshi
- confidant of Kiyomori
Kadowaki Consultant Taira no Norimori
- Kiyomori's younger brother- Naritsune's father-in-law- was willing to take religious vows to save naritsune's life
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