CMPE 3 Chapters 4-6 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
o's and 1's
a computer system only recognizes
a program
A set of computer instructions designed to solve a specific problem is referred to as
memory or RAM
When in use, software is temporarily stored in
____________ is what allows a computer to function as a word processor, then a browser, then a calculator.
Compilers and translators are one form of
Errors in a software program are referred to as:
A set of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n)
When a programmer checks to see if a program functions correctly and then corrects errors, it is known as:
memory or Random Access Memory(RAM)
For a program to be read by the CPU, it must be loaded into:
fetches and executes
When reading a program, the CPU ____________ instructions from the program
numeric code
Machine language uses
machine language
Typical computer programming languages used today include all of the following EXCEPT:
high-level language
Java is referred to as a(n):
the most common type of translator program.
A compiler is
natural language
Programs now resemble ____________ much more than in the past
online help
___________, common in today’s software, supplement(s) the help files that are available at the user’s request.
The process of eliminating problems and errors and improving the software is known as:
whole numbers
Minor revisions in software are reflected in the use of
end-user license agreement
An EULA stands for
a license to use the software
When a user purchases software, ____________ is actually purchased
volume licenses
A campus or a mid-size company may purchase ____________ so all users have legal access to the software
Nearly all commercial software is
public domain software
Software that is free to everyone is known as:
Which software is free to use for a trial period, but requires some minimal payment after the trial period?
vertical-market application
An applications designed for a particular business is called a:
system software.
Operating systems and utility programs are in a class of software known as:
operating system
Every general-purpose computer must have a(n)
operating system
If the computer is on and the computer is running properly, the ____________ must be active and running
When the operating systems concurrently executes many programs, it is called
Virtual Memory
____________ is having more memory addresses than are physically available.
operating system
On multi-user systems the ____________ is responsible for authentication
When a computer is off, what is in RAM?
from ROM
When a computer is turned on, where does it get the first instructions that it loads into RAM?
The operating system
What handles communication between the CPU and the disk drive(s)?
writing a letter
Utility programs make it easier to complete all of the following EXCEPT:
device driver
The program that allows I/O devices to communicate with the computer is known as a(n):
____________ is when the operating system is loaded into RAM
user interface
The ___________is the front-end of a program and how a user works with the software
graphical user interface.
GUI refers to:
The ____________ operating system has a character-based interface
Who owns the Windows operating system?
What is the name of the operating system that is rarely found on personal computers or laptop but is used in servers and high-end workstations?
windows 7
What is the most recent version of Windows?
What is the platform-neutral programming language that can run on Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX?
Electronic marks put on a disk as tracks and sectors are known as
A group of sectors is known as a:
What is the name of the music-sharing service that was shut down in 2001?
When you discover a problem or mistake within a software program, you have found a(n) ____________
high-level languages
Languages such as C# and C++ are known as ____________.
____________ refers to the usability of software based on the operating system and the computer resources.
A program that lets a user copy, move, and rename files is called a(n) ____________ utility
save as
In order to save a previously saved file to a different location or with a different name, use the ___________menu option.
vertical-market or custom applications
Specialized software such as medical billing, library cataloging, or auto parts purchasing are applications known as ____________.
System software is a type of software that includes the operating system and ____________ programs.
____________ is the process of determining that users are who they say they are
Virtual memory is broken into same-sized blocks called ____________.
Microsoft Disk Operating System
MS-DOS stands for ____________.
Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop are examples of ____________ software, which can be used on both Windows PCs and Macintoshes.
Palm OS
The operating system used by Palm devices is called ____________.
____________ law protects symbols, pictures and sounds
Windows task bar
provides one-click access to open applications
hierarchical menus
organization into compact submenus
word processing program
Entering and editing text can be done most efficiently using a:
what you see is what you get
The common term pronounced “wizzy-wig” stands for
To have a page number and chapter title appear at the bottom of every page, create a
Text formatting
What is the term for how words will appear on a page?
The alignment of text on a line is referred to as
full justification
When both margins are straight and smooth, the document contains:
Documents converted to ___________ can be published to the Web
a collection of dots.
Characters displayed on a monitor or printed on paper are simply
A new font technology that combines both True type and Post Script is called
The two primary companies developing OpenType font formats are Microsoft and
In the computer system
Where are downloadable fonts stored
What type of font looks fine on a monitor but is not smooth when printed
ROM of the printer.
Printer fonts are stored in the:
The same printer font may not be available.
What may happen if a font resides in a printer and you take your document to another computer system?
detailed architectural drawings
Advanced word processing features include all EXCEPT creation of:
If you type “recieve” instead of “receive,” ____________ will automatically change it
To find a word to replace “happiness,” use the:
Digital References include all EXCEPT:
grammar and style checker
The errors in the sentence “Their is a read house on this block” would be caught by the
Mail merge
When someone receives a letter that appears to be personally addressed with customized paragraphs, yet you know it was not generated individually, it was probably created with what technique?
Software designed to be used by several people simultaneously is known as:
Sophisticated software
What is essential for a computer to recognize handwriting?
people with physical limitations.
Speech-recognition software is most popular for:
desktop publishing software
The most professional software for publishing a book is
database folders.
Potential source documents for desktop publishing include all of the following EXCEPT:
Popular page-layout software includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A ____________ is a professionally designed “empty” document that can be adapted to the user’s needs.
Most professional typesetters use a minimum of ____________ dpi for printing top-quality work.
Adobe’s PDF
All types of documents can be stored, viewed, and modified on a Mac or PC using:
Web pages are saved in ____________ format
access is still somewhat limited
Common problems with Web publishing include all of the following EXCEPT:
A form of digital paper that looks and feels somewhat like real paper is known as
spreadsheet program.
A budget for a business could best be created in a:
What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called?
worksheet addresses.
A1, C23, and BB20 are examples of:
=((C10+C11)/12)+D18 is an example of a
=SUM(B1:B8) is an example of a:
A reusable set of commands or steps saved by a user is called a:
Types of charts that can be created in a spreadsheet program include all EXCEPT a ____________ chart.
A popular accounting software program is:
abstract models.
In general, computer modeling is the use of computers to create:
a computer simulation
Learning how to fly a jet through the use of a computer system is known as:
Computer simulations allow ____________, so a student can see and understand potential relationships that are otherwise difficult or impossible to see.
A realistic term that captures the idea that the information that comes out of a computer system is only as good, accurate, and valid as the data that goes into it is known as:
ask questions
A computer agent is designed to ____________, as well as to respond to commands and notice user patterns
A wizard
What is probably being used when a user is guided through installing new software?
affective computers.
A potentially new development of a computer that is able to sense the emotional state of the user and respond accordingly is known as:
Tim Berners-Lee
____________ created the World Wide Web, the URL scheme, HTML and HTTP
dots on a computer screen arranged in rows.
When a program assigns 8 bits to a pixel, that pixel can display one of up to ____________ different shades of gray.
The density of pixels on a screen is known as:
bit depth
The number of bits devoted to each pixel is called:
A(n) ____________ graphic is composed of a grid of dots
A bitmap graphic is also called a(n) ____________ graphic.
vector graphics software
Software that stores lines and shapes rather than individual pixels is known as:
____________ is a standard page-description language built into many high-end output devices
3-D modeling
An artist can use ____________ software to draw, rotate, stretch and combine model objects inside a complex “walk through” environment.
CAD software is primarily used in
computer-aided design.
CAD stands for
computer-aided manufacturing.
CAM stands for:
use a large variety and quantity of sounds, animation, and fonts
Guidelines for creating a first-rate PowerPoint presentation include all of the following EXCEPT:
presentation graphics software.
PowerPoint is an example of:
presentation graphics software.
The creation of a presentation of slides is done using
The free add-on program for PowerPoint called ____________ lets users publish video presentations to the Web or CD/DVD.
multimedia-presentation tools
Programs such as PowerPoint are also known as
The creation of motion from still pictures is called:
describe images in terms of objects and locations.
In comparison to animated GIFs, vector-graphics animations
Hardware used to convert analog signals into digital data is called a(n)
When you use a digital camera, your photo is stored as a ____________ image.
real time
When something is displayed at the same time as it is created, accessed, or imported, it is known as:
A video project usually starts with an outline and a ____________ that describes the action.
video editing
Adobe Premiere, Apple iMovie, and Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2 are examples of ____________ software
Data compression
What is the process that condenses files so they can be stored in less space and transmitted over the Internet at a faster rate?
Before condensed files can be opened and used, they must be:
Computer sounds can be synthesized or:
The process of copying files to a CD is known as:
All EXCEPT ____________ can squeeze music files into a fraction of their original size.
Music played on a computer but never downloaded is known as:
stops playing when the user disconnects from the Internet.
Streaming audio
The following are all used to compress music files EXCEPT:
____________ commands can be interpreted by a variety of music synthesizers.
Musical Instrument Digital Interface.
MIDI stands for:
A standard interface used to send commands between computers and musical instruments is:
Hypertext was developed to allow textual information to be linked in a ____________ manner
The term ____________ refers to a combination of text, graphics, animation, video, music, voice, and sound effects used to communicate a message
The ____________ world creates the illusion of immersion
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