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Terms Definitions
If you hired an employee the one of two facts must be true. What are these facts?
1. You made a terrible financial decision and you did not need the employee.

2. You needed someone to fulfill a certain task for you
Explain the purpose of a Human Resource Manager.
1. (Recruiting)Analyze work and design jobs, attract potential employees
2.(selection) Choose employees
3. (Training and development)teaching employees how to perform their jobs and preparing them for the future
4.(Performance management) evaluating their performance
5. (Compensation) rewarding employees
6. (employee relations) creating a positive work environment
7.(HR planning) supporting the organizations strategy
Explain how employees can positively effect your market situation.
Employees are valuable assets because they provide quality and uniqueness to your business. This could lead to a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.
Treat People Like Machines...
Research, maintain and troubleshoot your investments.
How does investing in proper recruiting and selection of employees pay off in the long run?
Good employees are rare. Investment in proper recruiting and selection alows you to accurately match the right people to the work you need done. This saves money as you will not be constantly hiring and firing employees to do this.
Human Capital
The skills and Knowledge sets that are used to perform labor to produce economic benefit.
What skills are necessary to be a HRM professional?
1 Proficiency in Human relations
2 Decision making
3 Leadership
4 Technical Knowledge
Basic rights of employees as related to ethics
Privacy-right to personal and confidential information about themselves, and their opinions

Speech- right to make truthful statement and not be reprimanded

Consent- right to be treated as they agree to be

Conscience- right to refuse work violating their beliefs

Due Process- right to defend and explain themselves
Whenn is ok for an employer to break these right in your opinion?
In cases where the employees rights are infringing upon the welfare of the entire organization, some of these rights must be limited and monitored.
How does an aging workforce put stress on the HR Dept?
There is for people with experience. There's issues preparing younger workers for the workforce, and there will be huge decline in knowledge workers.
What is knowledge worker and how do they affect recruitment and selection decisions?
Knowledge workers are those with unique problem-solving and innovative ideas. While they may not seem as productive on the regular basis the issues and problems they solve are just as or if not more valuable.
What activities can an employer do to manage the four cultural diversity perspectives?
1 Hire the most qualified candidate regardless of race, religion, creed, etc.
2 Design workplace so all employees can be productive
3 Train employees to be tolerant of others
4 Pay everyone equally
Why should HR and employees be involved in acquisition of capital for production?
New technology and equipment will be useless unless employees know how to use it and are comfortable using it.
Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using teamwork in a high performance work system.
Teamwork will increase productivity with certain personalities. The problem with teamwork is that some employees will become freeloaders, as they fear accountability.
Define Expatriate.
Employees assigned to other countries.
Why is asking paid employees to volunteer to leave to avoid upsetting people when downsizing?
This is a bad idea because quality employees may elect to leave and those without any marketable qualities.
What are some implications of (e-HRM)?
Employees use the web to get initial contact with potential employees. They are able to build relationships set up meetings stay connected.
How has the psychological employment contract changed over the years? What does it mean for HRM?
The old contract was an agreement between the employer and the employee, whereby as long as the employee showed up for work and did their job they would be compensated and have job security. The new contract involves the employer giving the employee skills that are transferable to other employers, in turn the employee will stay to gain these skills.
What was a welfare secretary and what were their tasks?
A welfare secretary was the original and crude form of the modern HRM. Their primary duty was to prevent unions form the forming.
What were two main civil rights acts passes in the 1800s and how do they affect us today?
1866- granted all persons same rights as white citizens to enter the workforce and enforce work contracts.
1871- all citizens have the right to sue and recover in court for punitive damages and compensatory for violations of civil rights.
With regards to the 1938 labor law, why would it be important to have employees at a business report their tips.
To ensure they are being paid the legal minimum wage. This wat the employer is protected from the employee.
Describe the 4 minimum age ranges for a child working in agriculture?
>0 can perform non-hazardous duty with parents
>12 non hazardous duties with parents
>14 non hazardous duties not during school on any farm
>16 hazardous duty
1935 National Labor Relations Act
Actively supported collective bargaining (unions)
1938 Fair Labor Standards Act
Minimum Wage, overtime, and child labor laws.
1947 Taft-Harley Act
1959 Landrum-Griffin Act
Established restrictions on union practices that were unfair to employees and employers
1963 The Equal Pay Act
req'd women to be paid as much as men. Act allowed for seniority, merit, and quality differences.
1964 The Civil Rights Act
prohibited discrimination against race, color, religion, gender, or national origin.
1967 Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Law prohibits hiring, firing, setting compensation rates or any other employment decisions based on a person being 40 years old
1970 OSHA
Provides for worker protection
1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act
discrimination based on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions to be a form of gender discrimination.
1986 Immigration Reform Act
req'd checking of docs for work authorization
1990 American with Disabilities
Prohibits discrimination based on disability.
1993 Family and Medical Leave Act
Requires employers to give up to 12 weeks of leave for adoption, child birth, and illness of parent, spouse or child. Employee must have worked for a year.
1994 Uniformed Services Act
Employers must reemploy workers who left jobs to fulfill military duties for up to 5 years
2008 National Defense Authorization Act
Spouse, parent, child of injured service member receiving treatment can extend the FMLA for up to 26 weeks.
Why can't friends of employees help them work for free?
You must actively prevent or pay anyone performing duties for you.
Can an employee change their minds about garnishing their wages?
They have agreed that they are allowed to do this and if they opt out of having their wages garnished, they can be billed for any damage they've caused.
Do you have to pay employees for a 19 minute break?
yes the law requires that any break under 20 minutes be paid because 20 minutes is no adequate time for an employee to rest.
Do you have to pay people for riding a company bus form a meeting point to the job?
It depends, if they are or can be asked to perform duties, or if they gain an occupational advantage form riding the bus they must be compensated.
Equal Opportunity 9 classes
1. Race
2. Nationality
3. Gender
4. Age
5. Veteran Status
6. Disability
7. Religion
8. Pregnancy
9. Color
Disparate Impact
When practices seem equal but they are disproportionately excluding a certain group
Bona fide Occupational Qualification
case where it is permissable to discriminate
I9 From 1986
Requires employer to check for ID
Independent Contractor
1 behavioral test- told what to do, not how to do it
2 Financial Control Ind cont must be invested in the job
3 relationship test short job length
Define both “reasonable” and “accommodation” as related to employment
Make positions to go over BFOQs
From an economical/business stand point, what competitive advantage do
Equal opportunity employers have over basic law abiding companies?
Employers who go the extra mile to diversify their pool of applicants are able to hire the most qualified applicants and are able to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage.
What are a 4 of the common mistakes we discussed that people make when
completing the I9 form?
Dont forget the date
Fill out the minimum information
Cannor erase mistakes
cannot take photocopies
must accept authentic documents
Cannot pick docs for employee
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