Unit 12: Human capital management Flashcards

Terms Definitions
List the 4 organizational elements used by human capital management
- Client
- Company code
- Personnel area
- Personnel subarea
List 3 functions of the personnel area
- Facilitates data entry
- Facilitates reporting
- Check authorization
List 6 functions of the personnel subarea
- Specify the country grouping
- To assign a legal person (i.e. company)
- To set up time management groupings
- Default pay scale
- Public holiday calendars
- Subarea-specific wage types
List and describe the 3 elements of the personnel structure
- Employee groups, e.g. active, retirees, contractors
- Employee subgroup. Defines payroll procedures, e.g. hourly, salaried
- Payroll area. Payroll frequency
What 2 hierarchies are stored in the organizational plan?
- Hierarchy between organizational units
- Hierarchy between positions (chain of command)
Jobs are used by 3 application components. What are they?
- Shift planning
- Personnel cost planning
- Personnel development
What is the difference between jobs, persons, and positions?
- Jobs are general classifications, e.g. "buyer" or "manager"
- A person is an employee.
- A position is a mapping of job to person, i.e. a job that is occupied by a person.

Jobs may be only partially occupied, occupied by more than one person, etc.
List a position's 5 relationships with other organizational elements
- Is assigned to an enterprise structure
- Is described by a job
- Belongs to an organizational unit
- Is assigned to a cost center
- Is assigned to a personnel structure
In human resources, data fields are grouped together into informational units called _____.
List the 3 methods for updating infotypes
- Single screen. Maintain a single infotype)
- Personnel action. Perform a complex maintenance task via a wizard.
- Fast entry. Update infotypes for multiple personnel simultaneously.
The _____ lists all of the infotypes for which records have been created for a given personnel number
personnel file
After you save the Personal Data infotype, the system automatically displays the _____ infotype.
Organizational Assignment
List 6 fields in an organizational assignment
- Company code
- Personnel area
- Personnel subarea
- Business area
- Employee group
- Employee subgroup
List 9 human capital management processes
- Hiring
- Course credit
- Training and development
- Managing work time
- Compensation and benefits
- Payroll administration
- Travel planning
- Cost planning and reporting
- Recruitment
In HR, you can group qualifying actions (such as training courses or job rotation) into _____.
development plans
In HR, all qualifications and requirements are stored centrally in a _____.
If Personnel Development is integrated with Training and Event Management, you can generate _____.
training proposals
List and explain the 4 Training and Event Management processes
1. Business event preparation. Prep the system for the business event catalog.
2. Create business event catalog.
3. Day-to-day activities. Book and cancel attendees.
4. Recurring activities. Booking and canceling events.

List the 2 goals of Career and Succession Planning
- encourage professional development
- ensure sufficient headcount

List the 3 phases of continuous performance feedback (HR)
1. Planning
2. Reviews
3. Appraisal
List 5 options for recording working time
- Time Manager's workplace
- a central time sheet
- online menus
- time recording systems
- employee self-service (ESS)
Working time can be used for activity allocation in _____.
In Logistics, information from Time Management is used for _____.
capacity requirements planning
List 5 types of time data (Time Management)
- Work schedule
- Attendances (seminars, business trips)
- Absences (leave, illness)
- Substitutions (changes to planned working time)
- Availability (in addition to planned working time)
CATS stands for _____.
Cross-Application Time Sheet
List the 4 steps of the CATS business process
1. Record times
2. Release times
3. Approve times
4. Follow-on processes
List the 4 areas of compensation management
- job pricing
- budgeting
- compensation administration
- long-term incentives
List 5 types of long-term incentives supported by the Compensation Management component
- Incentive stock options
- Nonqualified stock options
- Performance shares
- Performance units
- Restricted stock
Vis-a-vis long term incentives, _____ are reasons to change subscribed options.
change events
Vis-a-vis long term incentives, _____ usually change the vesting schedule
life events
List the 6 international plan categories defined in the Benefits system
- health
- insurance
- savings
- stock purchase
- credit
- miscellaneous
List 2 uses for data generated by Personnel Cost Planning and Simulation
- generate salary budgets
- generate training budgets
List 3 activities subsequent to payroll accounting
- transfer of payroll to FI
- evaluations
- transfer of payments to third parties, including taxes
List 7 renumeration elements
- Basic pay
- Gratuities
- Illness
- Bonuses
- Leave
- Overtime
- Shift work bonuses
Changes to _____ and _____ infotypes during a payroll run are not allowed
- master data
- time data
List the 5 functions in the payroll function menu
1. Release payroll
2. Start payroll
3. Check results
4. Corrections (if necessary)
5. Exit payroll
In Travel Management, list $ outputs of trip planning and settlement
- statement for the employee
- HR payroll (reimbursements)
- Data exchange with crediting institutions
In HR, you can simulate the effect of certain planning assumptions with a personnel _____.
cost planning run

List 8 Employee Self-Service (ESS) components
- Office
- Time management
- Payment
- Benefits
- Personal information
- Training and event management
- Qualifications
- Appraisals
List and describe 9 other SAP application components that integrate with Training and Event Management
- Sales and distribution. Billing of attendance fees.
- Material management. Use of materials during business events
- Personnel development. Qualifications and appraisals
- Time management. Recording and checking attendance
- Organizational management. Use organizational units as attendees or organizers of events
- Personnel administration. use of _persons_ from HR master data as attendees/instructors
- Appointment calendar. Auto-generate calendar items for events
- SAP knowledge warehouse. Display of training material
- Cost accounting. Posting event cost
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